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Waking up and looking out of the window, the roads are wet and there is dew on the leaves, Sharon decides to make a quick cuppa, to pass the morning before she starts to work. It is that time where hardly any thing is moving, she peers out one more time and see a few lights in the houses nearby still on. Walking in to the next room, she peers out again before finishing off making tea, and put slices of bread into the toaster, getting the marmalade and butter ready, the radio is on low, enough for her to hear, the smell of the toast lingers in the air just as they pop out for her to spread butter and marmalade on top, with her tea and toast on the table, Sharon turns her computer on and wait for it to load, stirring the tea and taking several bites of toast . that to her, taste delicious, the computer continues to load, buffering for a while until it stops, she quickly enters her password to log in, checks the time on the wall clock and makes a quick phone call to let them know she is ready to start.

Sharon, along with her other colleagues were told they have to work from home, so a lot of things had to change for everyone. For Sharon, it felt right, she was on the verge of changing her job until the dreaded bombshell happened which changed everyone lives. Sharon was one of the top accountants, it were was her job to provide necessary data each day. Lucky for Sharon, she had the weekend off, where she would trek outside for an hour run in the park and chill out in front the television or sometimes into a good book.

It was Monday morning again, Sharon had finished her tea and toast and put them to one side and proceeded to logging in to the computer to assess the data ready to dispatch to the Senior Management Team via email. This job would last for the whole morning until midday when she would break for lunch, where she would make a quick sandwich then relax before sitting before the computer. Sharon would spend most of the afternoon staring out of the window, looking out for people, when she spots one she would make her self available she that they could see her to chat. It is the isolation which was effecting her along with several others, not being able to go out when desired to do so.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Sharon received an email from co-worker Sean,

- Hi Shaz, sorry to bother you but could do my assessment as

I do not have access and this batch needs to be put through

before 17.00.

Sharon read the email a second time before replying back, she knew she could not refuse because it would let the team down, even though she thought the same thing could have happened to her, so she responded back with,

- Hi Sean, of course I would be more than willing to help.

Within minutes of Sharon responding back to Sean, the assessments was emailed direct to her. Sharon's scheduled working time was 17.00 but due to her finishing off her work and then had to finish off Sean's work, she didn't log off until 22.00 but she knew she would be paid extra, which was a big bonus. The evening ended with Sharon making herself a cup of cocoa and biscuits before retiring early to bed. She looked out side before drawing the curtains to see all the houses doing the same thing.

The next morning was much the same as the last, standing by the window, opening the curtains, the weather was dry and the sun was trying to shine. Sharon return to the kitchen and made cereal and milk, she set herself down and began to log in once more. Once she was in the system she had a reply email from Sean,

-Hi Shaz, thanks for doing this for me, much appreciated

Sharon responded,

-No problem Sean, anytime.

Sharon was settling to eating her cereal and decided to turn the television on, she thought she'd watch some day time television, but not for too long when she received yet another email from Sean asking her to do the same thing again, his excuse was the same his system was out of action, Sharon accepted.

The living room was silent on the slight music coming from the radio, the television was turned off, Sharon began to work harder to get her job done as well as part of Sean's work completed. She finally finished at 21.00, and got a hot bath with a cup of cocoa and went to bed with a good book. The rain was now pounding on the window and the weather was getting windier. There was Sharon could do but to fall asleep with this isolated terrain.

Sharon realised that she was getting no phone calls and only two email messages, there was no one to knock on the door, the mail service was also on deduce rate, it felt like to her like the end of the world. Sharon decided to turn the radio on for any up date on the news but found her fast asleep and when she did awake. it was morning, as she work with the sun shine seeping through the gaps of the curtains, Sharon got up and opened them, she decided that she would do something different, after drinking her tea, she got her self ready to go for a brisk walk down the road and back again. It felt relieving to her as she got home to make her self a full English breakfast. The radio was left on all night and day as she headed to the computer to log on again.

As soon as got to the end of the assignment, an email popped up at the bottom of her screen, it was Sean thanking her, she responded by saying thank you. Sharon was not really in a mood to go into detail, only to get the work finished by 17.00.

The work was finally completed, Sharon was relieved, and sat back in the armchair with a cup of cocoa and biscuits while watching the television.

March 10, 2021 14:24

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