Funny High School Teens & Young Adult

As I opened my eyes this morning, I knew it was another horrible day of school.

A Monday.

A great day for others, a terrible day for me.

You see, when I try to help, it always turns out an incredible nuisance. It's horrible. As 16-year old Kassy, I just want to be invisible for some people. Of course, not to football player Josh (the hottest guy in school) Brighton. But I don't want to be ''Girl who drops groceries in the middle of the street'' again, in Tiktok. I was only trying to help someone. But it turned out to be an accident. So today, I am not going to hel´p anyone. As I grabbed my clothes and fled to the bathroom, I saw my sister Anna struggling to reach something.

¿Nothing can go wrong with this, can it?- I thought.-No Kass, don't you dare!

So, I closed my eyes and ran to the bathroom.

After brushing my teeth, I heard my mom's footsteps.

Great! Mom's gonna help Anna.-I said to myself when I hopped to the shower.

As soon as I jumped in the shower, I heard my phone ring with a text.

I hurried up in the shower to read the text.

It was Taylor, my best friend.

I'm auditioning for the school play. Romeo and Juliet. Auditioning for Juliet.-she texted.

Good luck! C u at school.- I texted back.

I put on my clothes.

As I started to put makeup, my mom yelled: Kassidy! You better be here in 5 minutes! I have to go to work.

Okay!-I said.-Jeez!

I hurried up and finished right in time.

Here! Eat this in the car!-said my mom handing me a peanut butter and banana toast and orange juice.-Anna's already in the car. You better not fight for the stupid front seat.

The front seat wasn't occupied.

I ate as fast as I could, almost choking.

Goodbye, hon.-said my mom.

Bye, mom.-I said opening my door.-Bye Anna!

Mhmhm.-said Anna on her phone.

Taylor was waiting for me in the door.

Hey!-said Taylor.

Hey!-I said.

Auditions are in 2d period instead of drama.-said Taylor checking her phone.

Hurray! Free period for me!- I said as we entered school.-Already now your lines?

Yeah.-she said.

Nervous?-I asked opening my locker.

Very.-she said.

Well, you are gonna do great! You go, girlfriend!-I whispered.

She laughed.

We grabbed our books of Pre-Calculus and went to class.

1 hour later, as the class finished, Taylor and I ran to our lockers to retouch her makeup.

Ready?- I asked.

No.-she said.

We did some breathing exercises, and the n she entered the drama salon. Or our theater.

30 minutes later I heard screams.

Then the school nurse came out with Taylor.

I broke my ankle. I didn't even audition-she said.

Oh, crap.-I said.

I gotta call my mom. Bye, Kass.-she said sadly.

I'll call you later!-I said.

I know exactly what I am gonna do.- I thought 30 minutes later.

Mr. Gutierrez?-I said walking in the theater.

Hello.-he said.

You see,my friend wanted to audition for Juliet and she didn't even get to audition. She really wanted to. She really wanted Juliet.

Oh, please, Mr. Gutierrez, have some mercy.-I said,the last sentence dramatically.

Well, no one good auditioned.-he said thoughtfully.

Yeah.-I said hopefully.

Okay, come tomorrow at 3:00 P.M.-he said.

Okay,great. Wait,what?!

Your ''friend'' is obviously you. Bye!- he said walking out.

Oh, shoot.- I said.

Why the heck did I have to help?

How will I tell Taylor?

Lunch hour, then.

Major disaster.

It was spaghetti and tomato soup.

I carried my lunch quickly. Easy-peasy.

But I see Josh Brighton struggling with his.


On one side, cutie Josh Brighton might actually notice me.

So, I went to help him.

Another major mistake.

Hey. Want any help?-I asked smiling.

Yeah.-he said.

I helped him but I accidentally tripped and dropped the tray and he tripped and his face smushes with spaghetti and tomato soup.

Here, let me help.-I said grabbing a napkin but I smushed tomato soup in his eyes.

Ow! My eyes!-he said.-Stingy!

Sorry! I'm really sorry.-I said!

No worries.-he said.

As I stalked back to my table, I was disappointed in myself.

Ugh, I promised myself I wouldn't help today.-I said.

But if you didn't help, then you wouldn't be you.-said Trisha.

Huh?-I said.

Remember that time when you helped me with my eyeliner and it was a big line?-said Chelsea.

It was only like half a centimeter.-I said.

Yeah, but everybody loved it!-said Chelsea.

And you know, Josh loves those stuff. He loves to be filmed that way. Maybe he thinks it's just a big prank.-said Emma.

And Taylor really didn't want to audition, she did it because she wanted you to audition too. She was gonna do bad on purpose.-said Trisha.

Really?-I said.

Yeah.-all the girls said.

I'll have to text Taylor.- I said wiping my tears.

Hey, Taylor.- I texted.- I got the role.

Yes! My plan worked.-she texted.

Huh?-I texted.

I knew you'd go to try to help me if something like that happened.-she texted.

So this was your plan all along?- I asked.

Yes! You love acting but you would never dare to audition.- she texted.

Love ya, bestie!-I texted.

Love ya to!-she texted back.

When I arrived home, and did my homework, I was watching TV.


I get a text,

Hey, spaghetti girl.-said the text.

Do you want to compensate the little accident we had at school?

Okay, haha! Trisha, stop these pranks!-I texted.

Who's Trisha?-said the text.

For some horrible reason, I had the feeling this wasn't Trisha.

Josh?-I texted.

Ding ding ding! You guess correctly.-he texted.

Sorry.-I texted.

It was funny what you did at school.-he texted.

Haha.-I texted.

No really, what do you call it?-he asked.

What do I call what?-I texted.

The thing you do when you try to help but it doesn't turn out the way you want it to?-he texted.

It's called...-I texted.

I thought for a few minutes.

Unhelpful help.-I texted.

April 12, 2023 19:07

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John K Adams
20:18 Apr 13, 2023

Great job at capturing the spirit of the prompt, Juliet! Nice turnabout. Kassidy is an interesting character because she isn't manipulative, but everyone thinks she plays the ditz to get her way. Well done.


Juliet. B.
20:30 Apr 13, 2023

Thank you so much! This made my day!


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Mary Bendickson
19:11 May 03, 2023

Cute story and first one for Reedsy. Welcome. Look forward to reading excerpts from your book. Just entered a couple of my own. I am a new writer, too. Just a lot more years on me:)


Juliet. B.
15:18 May 04, 2023

Thank you! I am trying to upload some excerpts from my book! Thank you for reading and for commenting! :)


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