Fantasy Happy Holiday

Everything was ready for the ritual.

The crowd sought out the individuals.

For tonight, the teens three,

Explore our realm and be free.

In Spookville, its projected

A theme of darkness, demented.

Spirited demons and ghoulish hosts,

A lively bunch of passionate ghosts.

In Spookville, the ceremony would mean

A new way to cross in between.

Two worlds would be connected.

Once passed, not be rejected.

On All Hallows Eve,

Those appointed to leave

Are tasked to perceive

Something sweet to retrieve.

Upon their return,

They apprise what they learn.

And share their looted treasure.

So much mouth pleasure.

The Ones set for this night.

The Ones gird for the fright.

The Ones brace for the flight.

The Ones hope not for plight.

Three friends since youth,

Somewhat short in tooth.

Nicolas, Agatha, Bartholomew

Look of the darkest colored hue.

“Come one, come all!”

The crier cried the final call.

“Come see the teens three!

Bid good wishes before they flee!”

“Bartholomew!” Yelled his mother,

“Touch nothing and no other!

Fix thy hair and strap thy mask!

Pay attention and stay on task!”

“Nicolas!” Bellowed his father.

“Play lot of tricks and be a bother!

Mischief is thy only goal!

But don’t bring back another soul!”

“Agatha!” Cheered her brother.

“Tell me of the joy and wonder!

Tell me the amazing stories!

Show me all the tasty glories!”

The wizard waved his magic wand,

And so appeared a fiery pond.

Green-in-color, a portal created.

A joyous occasion briefly abated…

With fervor, “The clock ticks,”

“At midnight, no tricks.”

“If the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,”

“To this realm, no longer free.”

The Ones crossed the threshold,

With hands held, embrace cold.

They step into the great unknown.

Unafraid and un-alone.

The apparel dressed for The Ones,

Bartholomew, a green dragon.

Agatha, a cat with claws.

A simple sheet, for Nicolas.

In a moment, they hear a chatter.

Into the street, the children scatter.

Their lights and candles burning bright,

They’ve made it to Halloween night!

“What’s the plan?” They ask themselves.

Grab the candy! But how to delve?

Look and see how it’s done!

Watch the children, it’s begun!

They skip and hop down the street,

Their sacks are filled, it’s no big feat.

The Ones move slowly, behind a crowd.

The Ones stay quiet, they’re never loud.

“Trick-or-Treat!” Yell the horde.

They look intently for the score.

Aghast! The door’s about to open.

She gives the candy after she’s spoken.

Look how easy! The Ones murmur.

Look how easy, to be an earner.

From house to house they quickly wander

How many candies? They often ponder.

The Ones hunt and gather.

The Ones laugh and jabber.

The Ones gaze and awe.

The Ones munch and gnaw.

As the clock ticks, they collect.

Each other’s bags, they inspect.

A few tricks here-and-there,

To adjourn the whole affair.

Confections collected for their tribe,

They’ve never felt so alive!

So closing, is their time away,

Sadly ending, this ample day.

Within the crowd, they quickly move,

Agatha then finds a groove.

Bartholomew then finds a hand,

Through the portal they safely land.

“What time is it? Are we early?”

Bartholomew began to worry.

“This isn’t town square!”

“The place we need is over there!”

“But where are we?” From behind the sheet,

A foreign voice, an unknown beat.

Agatha looked on in terror,

Knowing they have made an error.

As Bartholomew began to rise,

He uncovered a surprise…

“Nicolas! Where is he?”

“Who are you and who is she?!”

A human from the other realm,

Stood underneath the towering elm. 

“Ten more minutes until it closes!”

Must act quick, “To Señor Moses!”

“It’s a good thing we’re outside the city,

Old Señor Moses will show us pity,

And help us fix this big mistake.”

“Nine more minutes ‘fore it’s too late!”

“Children, welcome!” It’s good to see-“

“Not right now, no time for thee!”

“What is wrong? What has happened?”

“THIS is wrong!” Spoke the dragon.

The human child just looked down

From the spooky faces all around.

“We need another portal open!”

“To take this back and forget this omen!”

The wizard waved his magic wand,

And so appeared a fiery pond.

Green-in-color, a portal created.

A distressed occasion quickly abated.

They step into the green ingress.

What a rout! What a mess!

With only one task on their mind,

To bring back their missing kind.

Seven more minutes. Spookville is waiting.

The candy, they still bring for the taking.

The Ones, with bounty, not mere.

For tonight’s the busiest night of the year.

Through the glowing perforation,

Six more minutes of celebration,

They look around in hopes to find

One mistakenly left behind.

Go on! Get out! Be gone from here!

To the mortal, they send their jeer.

The human child runs away,

Five more minutes for this day.

“Is that him, over yonder?”

A white ghost, they both ponder.

“Let’s move closer, we shall see.”

“Get behind that small tree!”

They squint and glare from behind the seedling,

They crawl and move, ever so creeping.

Four more minutes in this evening.

Time is moving, always fleeting.

As they moved closer, “It’s him! It’s Nick!”

“I ate too much; I’m going to be sick!

I grabbed two bags, I’m sure that’s plenty.”

“For Spookville, that’s not too many.”

Three more minutes left to go.

Awaiting them, a great expo.

Where they entered, their door awaits,

Near the grim cemetery gates.

They leap into the green, flaming portal

Away from these crazy, living mortals.

In the middle of Spookville town square,

The clock ticks, with minutes to spare. 

At first, silence, they look around.

Twice the eyes as people in town.

Except for Señor Moses, he only had one.

It didn’t matter though; he was still fun. 

A roar of cheer in the congregation!

The success was felt by their donation.

As they dumped their filled bags of riches,

The townsfolk sang with words of wishes.

The Ones have returned to us safely!

The Ones have reaped for us bravely!

The Ones should have a seat!

The Ones brought us sweet treats!

October 29, 2021 21:47

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Charlie Murphy
03:11 Nov 01, 2021

Fun poem!


Omar Alvarez
12:30 Nov 01, 2021

Hey! Thank you!


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