Hi, there.

As a teenager and because of this, I become adventurous and part of this is experienced. In this young age, where I’m curious on everything, I want to travel, to enjoy and to experienced things and to be putted here and as a souvenir, I list all the experienced at the powerful book which knows me the best. My diary, it is the thing that can describe me, the first thing that can know my true feelings. My diary, is myself.

In this modernity, I could say that there are many things to explore, to discover and to enjoy. There are things that we should experience for us to become a good living. In part of that, we’ve decided to list all the experience for us to remember it. Why do we need to use a diary? I think because that some of us will get old and maybe cannot remember on our childhood, so we list all the happy memories so even we got old, we can remember them and maybe because we want to share our memories to our sons and daughter, grandchildren because I do believe that in every experience there is a lesson that we can get and that is the thing that we want to share to our children or even on our grandchildren for them to learn. Look in this diary.

To my Diary,

Hi, how are you. it’s such a blessing to woke up and to create a new memory, in this 21st day of June, year 2019, and you know what more fun of this day, It’s my 14th birthday. I was more blessed that god add another year for me. I want to thank first, God, for giving me a good family, a blessing that came into my life and for giving me such a good friend. I want to thank also my family for their non-stop support and to my friends for giving me such a good and happy memories, and for this day, I’ve experienced a lot of things, I enjoy bonding with them because I am a person raised my family with love, even though I raised with no golden spoon on my mouth, having no such a huge party, but I always celebrate with them and as for the last year, my father cooked Pancit for my birthday. It’s very traditional on my family because if someone of my siblings got their birthday, that is the thing that you can see on our table but you know the biggest gift I’ve always have, is to be with them, because my family is my life. 

Lovingly yours, 

YEYE (Nickname) 


As you can see, on this diary, in 21st of June, Year 2019. A guy is having such a big day of his life, his birthday. They are not held such a big party where a guy dreamed on but you cannot notice it on the diary, but also according to him, he is happy having with his family. That’s the realization why an individual is having a diary, because he wants to list all the happy memories and also to share the experience with his family, and in this diary, there are many things you can learn and one of it is, MONEY IS NOT THE REAL TREASURE, ITS FAMILY. and also, IN EVERY DARKNESS, THERE WLL BE A SIMPLE LIGHT THAT GUIDE US, and that is what we’ve seen in our true friends, they are always here to protect and to hang out with you.

Do you think that’s it, why do an individual are having a diary with them? List all the happy memories? I don’t think so, that is just an introduction. Why do an individual are having a diary? Because it serves as their complainant where they expressed their true feelings where they cannot express on out. Look in this diary.

To my diary, 

Hi, I don’t have a good day today but I also thanks for god for giving me such a new day, giving me such a good meal, today, I’ve cried a lot inside but I’m not showing it by shredding on tears, I hide. The thing is that I accused on something and sentence for it, but a few seconds ago, prove my innocence and really hurt my feelings is that in every damage, I am always the one who’s suspected, even on foods such as viand, if it is gone, they always looking on me and I feel that I’m suspected. On this 6th day of March, year 2019, I’ve had a mad on my heart but after confessing on this diary, it lightens my heart and burn all the bad things and God, thanks for today and thanks for tomorrow. I’ve learned my mistakes also, I should confess that sometimes, I’ve eaten too much that I can eat the whole. Please guide me on light and clean my heart.

Sincerely yours,

Yeye (Nickname)


Yes, as you can see on this diary, a guy confessed all his mistakes and his grudge and by confessing on this small book, it’s softened his heart. It’s one of the reasons why an individual is having such thing, such as diary. It serves us their guide to light. In this thing, they can say everything he wanted to, and if its for his own good, why not. A small can big if you use it well.

Now, that you’ve heard different reasons why someone is having such thing, such as diary is because they want to share learnings, to list all the happy memories for them to remember, to learn for their mistakes, to guide them on light and to burn all the negative energy on their body. Diary is you and why do you used a diary? Its because our own diary, is just like us. They served us our memories where we do the thing to think the mistakes that we’ve done and to learns from it because as I said earlier, “IN EVERY EXPERIENCE, THERE IS A LESSON”. And thats why i started journaling.

Lovingly yours,

Norlie Rabino

April 06, 2020 03:55

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