Fuzzy Dice

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Fantasy Fiction

Fuzzy Dice

The sky looks like it was touched by Claude Monet, the faint brush strokes of the colours of the sunset. His artwork of nature and executing his view point enthrals me to join a painting class every Thursday evening. 

I hope that the sight will bring inspiration during tonight’s class. The drive after work is across the city calms my nerves after a long day. I try to focus on the illusions of shadows and colour during my drive to free me of the days stressors.

After class I feel refreshed and so happy that I joined the class it never disappoints me. The class of ten people seem to be very talented. Our art teacher reminds me of a seventies hippie. She is tall and thin, always wearing a long dress with beads around her neck. She always wears a scarf in her hair and very knowledgeable and is very passionate in her teachings.

On the drive home, I feel Ike I could run a marathon. Thoughts of colours, texture, creativity heighten my senses. I really don’t feel like going home feeling so energized then I see the roadside  diner half way back to my apartment and wonder why I have never been there. It looks so cute, nostalgic, kind of tucked away behind a few trees. Today the diner looks so bright, so inviting even though it is late. Something inside of me made me turn into the diner which is out of character, I am a creature of habit, always taking the same route, eating at the same places, shop in the same mall. . When I step out of the car I take a deep breath and feel myself walking towards the door. 

Inside it looks like all of the diners I have seen on tv. The frilly café curtains, the tables by the windows, and bar stools in front of a very long counter. The counter had napkin holders, a few glass cake stands with cinnamon buns, another with cookies. The bar stools had blue leather on them that swivelled. It smelled of old grease, and a hint of old cigarette smell. There were only three people in the diner, on this humid evening. One lady on her computer at the last table in the back of the room. She looked like she was a writer. She was typing and then looking out the window and typing some more. I could hear the clicking of the keys. Perhaps she is a renowned writer here in the diner, keeping her identity hidden from the world.  A tall man with a leather jacket and jeans was sitting on the bar stools. I thought perhaps this man could be a doctor hiding his identity looking like a biker, after all his bike outside was a shiny black Harley. I couldn’t stop smiling at myself, I felt so energetic from my art class, and feeling like stepping into this diner this evening brought a creative vibe.

I pic up  the plastic covered menue, and decided a tea and a piece of pie sounded perfect. I caught myself smiling thinking about my artwork. The server approached me, she was short, red hair, chewing bubblegum. 

She said, “what can I get you sweetie?” And winked. I felt like the room was spinning for a few short minutes and when I looked at her she had braces  a poodle skirt, bobby socks and saddle oxford shoes. I looked down and I had a poodle skirt on with knee high socks. I touched my hair and I had pig tails with long flowing hair like I did in the 70’s. All of a sudden the place was packed with teenagers, outside there were old fashioned cars. The music was blaring.

“Um, Hello I didn’t have all day what can I get ya?” The young waitress asked still chewing her bubble gum. 

I said, “a soda please!” 

“Ok, I’ll be right back, oh by the way feel free to play any music you like on the jukebox over there in the corner?”

The girl that was sitting there earlier was now dancing on the tiny dance floor near the back of the diner, looking much younger . The guy at the bar, he turned and put out his hand for me to dance with him. He was very handsome, He was about six feet, dark hair, brown eyes, and all of the girls were staring at him. I got up and held his hand as he led me on he dance floor!

I didn’t know what was going on, but I loved feeling like a teenager again, the music engulfed me, and we danced to all of the hits! It was amazing! 

We finally sat back down in the booth where my watered down cola was waiting for me. He joined me and we talked and danced for hours. 

In a blink of an eye at midnight the room spun again and it was all gone, the seventies music, the old cars outside, and all of the kids were gone. The lady in the back corner got up, walked past me and smiled. The man at the counter turned around looked at me and smiled with his deep dark brown eyes. 

He said, “I hope to see you again next Thursday Rebecca.” He smiled and walked out the door. I had no time to respond except smile back. 

I felt myself watching the door after he left when I heard,  “mam, here is your bill.”

I looked at her with wide eyes, feeling confused, a little dazed, and said “what is happening?” 

She shrugged her shoulders chewing her bubble gum, took my money and said, “see you next Thursday!”

When I walked out the door, I turned to look at the diner and thought to myself was it all a dream? Did I doze off? Walking to my car I noticed a pair of fuzzy dice lying on the cement. I flashed back to my teen years and all of the cars had fuzzy dice on he review mirror. Feeling excited, I skipped back to my car and couldn’t wait for next Thursday night!

September 04, 2021 15:38

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S. Thomson
10:20 Sep 12, 2021

I loved this story! The description of the sky in the opening really helped to set up the tone for the rest of your story, and the mysterious ending was very effective.


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Cathryn V
04:07 Sep 12, 2021

oh if only we could step back in time so easily. I enjoyed your story! Good job


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