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To the person/judge who submitted Empty Chairs for the shortlist, I didn’t respond to your note, stunned as I was. Apparently you deleted it so I can’t find your name. My sincere apology. Thank you for the honor. I hope that you see this! 💖💚💓SHORTLISTED 🤍💝💙 Contest #79 "Empty Chairs" ✨ Contest #66 "Binding" 🎀 I love the weekly challenge and collaboration on Reedsy. It keeps me going and hopefully growing. It takes at least two days for me to form a story and the rest of the week to write it. I cannot imagine how the rest of you come up with a story in a few hours. I don't have any credentials as a writer but have lots of heart, especially when it comes to the writing community. If you take the time to comment on my writing/story, I'll do the same for you! (please remind me if I forget) 😎