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Jean-Luc was a man of many fantasies.

His most persistent ones were somewhat delusional and had begun early in his life. 

He had been a quiet child, somewhat introverted and yet had a way of firmly holding stage center. 

When he was quite young, his parents began to be concerned about the slightly kinky nature of his narratives and often tried to temper his stories of murder and mayhem. 

They weren’t very successful.

Time passed and Jean-Luc gradually learned to reign in his imagination. 

The look of shock and horror on his audiences faces assisted him greatly in this task.

As puberty progressed, his fantasies often morphed into the absurd and frequently the sexual overtones became problematic.

He sensed that what felt like a normal idea to him would be perceived outlandish by most.

Wisely, he chose not to share these visions and managed to conceal from those around him the extent to which they influenced his behaviours.

When he was in twenties, he met a rather unusual woman.

Katheryn appeared to be a very prim and proper young lady.

It didn’t take much scratching to find this was a great illusion and that what lay beneath the surface was anything but “prim and proper”.

Unlike Jean-Luc, Katheryn was extremely extroverted.

This extroversion, combined with a neurodivergent brain and a tendency to impulsivity could make for some powerful experiences.

Like Jean-Luc she’d been raised Catholic.

Also like Jean-Luc, she had managed to drop the shackles of her religious indoctrination and had taken pleasure in stepping out into uncharted territory.

If possible, she was even more creative and daring in some of the plans she came up with.

Many people cringed when she began a sentence with these words, “I have an idea.”

Experience had taught those nearest and dearest to her to proceed with caution before being presented with one of her schemes.

When she and Jean-Luc first met, the attraction had been immediate and thrilling in the shock that passed between them the first time they touched.

Over the course of several months, they realized that they both desired to strengthen and cement the bond which deepened with each passing day.

They chose to honour their relationship by entering into the holy bond of matrimony.

They each agreed to make their marriage one of faithfulness and monogamy.

Within the safety of this structure, they created two children and found themselves immersed in a life that was both frantic and fruitful.

They occasionally indulged themselves in rather liberal sexual experiences. They found these practices kept a sharp edge to what might have become a monotonous live life.

And so we come to the night Jean-luc arrived home, excited to find what Katheryn had planned for their night alone with no children. She had arranged for a friend to take the children and her husband smiled knowing what his wife was capable of without their inhibiting presence.

Jean-Luc stepped out of his car and cautiously approached the house.

He peered through a window that allowed him to see the interior of his home.

He saw a flickering fireplace thru the front window and looked curiously inside, from the front porch.

What he saw shocked him and brought tears to his eyes.

The fireplace had gotten out of control and a fire had now started in the Living Room.

There was a bound and gagged body almost hidden behind the sofa. 

Jean-Luc recognized the feet and knew immediately who it was.

He now realized she was naked and he pondered what may have happened.

He knew this woman well.

He believed he knew who she was and felt bewildered as the evidence around her body seemed to describe a completely different person than the one he'd come to take for granted.

Though bound with rope, She was now moving as she sensed his presence.

She known he'd be coming and giggled as she arose from the floor. The ropes were loose and as they fell to her feet, she turned off the projector that had mimicked the illusion of fire.

She smiled mischievously as she crooked her finger and beckoned him inside.

He smiled and became aroused, as he sensed that he may be in for some real fun now.

He slid his zipper down and apprehensively opened the door. 

He was excited and fearful, both at the same time.

He looked to where she'd been standing and she was not there.

His stomach clenched and his already rampant member extended even more.

As he cautiously put one foot inside the room, a hand snaked out from behind the door and reached intuitively for the prize in the box of cracker jacks.

He knew she had experience and was well able to handle most any excited guy. 

She Loved to tease him and tell him that every guy's cock is a bit different and how much she enjoyed the variety. She loved going into detail about how magnificent his glowing appendage was and how thrilled she was to get her hands upon it.

She especially loved the colour of his glorious 7 inches…a rather startling purple with a large sack that hung beneath an even deeper shade of that colour.

She would spend time carefully examining both his cock and balls, becoming intimately familiar with all the subtle nuances of detail.

Jean-Luc knew that the fun and games about to begin would surpass those from past history.

His cock grew even harder in anticipation.

Just then the phone rang.

He tried to stop her from answering but knew it was a futile effort.

She listened carefully, her demeanour changing as the person on the other end droned on and on.

"Yah, sure, okay, no problem "

Her responses were short perfunctory and tinged with disappointment.

She hung up, wrapped the sheet around her body and said, "Honey, tuck things back in and go out to the lane. Martha had an emergency come up and has the kids waiting in the car"

He sighed, zipped himself up and knew that 'fun and games' were extinguished for this night.

As he proceeded to the waiting vehicle he could hear his children laughing and singing silly songs.

He smiled knowing that an evening of fun might still be had.

Perhaps not the one he'd planned, but one he knew would rival Kathryn’s original idea.

He laughed and to core of his being saw that life was indeed good.

December 29, 2023 15:51

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