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(This story is set on GAIA2 earth’s twin, 800 years younger and evolving.)

“Are you coming tonight?” asked Ruma wife of Zip who jointly ran a liquor outlet on Rubi Isle. She had put the question to Aruma the leader of a dance group whom she had run into on the street. It was the king’s birthday and many had been invited for the party in the palace grounds.

Aruma said “Of course I’ll be there with my dance team to entertain the guests. However some girls of my group want to stay away after what happened last year.” The party had been invaded by someone named Superman who had come from another world and was a royal guest. He was very tall and handsome and was clothed from top to bottom. Considering his size and masculinity women had their eyes on him. Just before the dinner he had lifted beautiful Princess Lyra, the king’s daughter, and had carried her away elsewhere. However after a while he had brought her back. Everyone believed he had had a good time with her.

Ruma said “Superman could come again this year. They say he has been allowed to choose anyone he wants."

“If he came he could even choose you or me or someone else from here this time.”

“None of us will grudge giving him a good time as we all would like to have children like him. I saw he was an extrovert and made friends very easily. Nice having spoken to you. I’m on my way elsewhere.”

Within herself she thought “Let Superman come. If he wants me I don’t mind going with him. Zip does his best no doubt but he hasn’t succeeded in producing a child through me.”

Ruma made her way to the next street where her friend Krishma lived. She was let in by a maid who said Krishma was having a massage. Ruma entered and found Krishma stretched out nude enjoying the massage.

Krishma said “You’re right in time. My massage is over. This woman can give you a massage as well.”

Ruma threw her dress off and her massage was started. Her mind was on Krishma. She was much younger and more attractive. If she came to the party and Superman saw them both, he would go for her. She consoled herself saying aging can’t be avoided.

Ruma said “Krishma, I suppose you’re preparing for the party.”

“Of course I’m going to the party. I’m not married and if Superman seeks me I’m ready and willing.”

She turned to the masseuse and said “My friend has put on a little flesh around her hip. Give her a pounding back and front.”

Ruma was angry at Krishma’s words which meant she was out of shape. Will Superman take me? She asked herself. She whispered “I heard Beq’s wife Sigma has been preparing since a week for the party.” She laughed and added “It seems she said a second Superman will be coming this time and she wants to be ready for him. Of course I was told Beq doesn’t approve of such moves with Superman but you can’t avoid women aiming for a Superman baby.”

Krishma laughed and said “I’m sure the party is going to be very interesting this time.” Of course she said within herself “I’m hoping Superman will carry me away and.....” She controlled her lascivious thoughts.

Ruma finished her massage and thanking Krishma left. She said within herself “I’m sure I now look radiant. If Superman sees and wants me...” She curtailed her thinking! Ruma contacted a few other women and found them all eager to attend the party though some men folk didn’t approve of what could happen if two Supermen happened to visit and had a chance with the women.

At home that evening Zip looked at Ruma who had beautified herself very elaborately and said “I’ll prevent Superman from carrying you away if he attempts it.”

She said “He won’t seek your permission. And I won’t offer any resistance. I want a baby like him. You have failed in that aspect. So don’t demur.”

There was a big gathering in the palace grounds where dinner was to be served. Performers of the king’s orchestra were playing music to entertain the guests. Large flares had been lit after sunset to illuminate the palace and the grounds. Zip who entered with Ruma saw Aruma’s troupe getting ready to dance.

Most of the men were apprehensive about Superman who could consort with their wives. They all looked for him but there was no sign of his arrival. Ruma was greatly dejected that Nature had its way to stray women’s moves: She cursed the curse which had come on suddenly stifling all her hopes. She thought may be Krishma would triumph and felt very, very unhappy. Knowing the real reason for her unhappiness, Zip was very happy.

A committee of hosts had been set up and dinner was about to be served. The men were dreading the arrival of Superman while the women were anxious that he shouldn’t be absent. A speech was made wishing the king a happy birthday and many years of rule and the guests picked up dinner. Suddenly Superman descended as all watched. He wasn’t alone. He had in his arms a woman! He wished the king and introduced the woman as his associate Wonder Woman. He said “I’m late as her make- up was delayed. She wanted to beat all the women here as it were! Your Majesty I’ve brought a present for you.” He pulled out a jewel box containing a diamond ring and a necklace set with precious stones for the queen and handed them to the king.

The royal couple thanked him and the king said “Join us in the dinner.”

The arrival of Wonder Woman was watched with great interest as she was covered from neck to knee in her dress. Ruma said “Zip, she looks swell though she has covered so much.”

There was tremendous disappointment among women at the party as only one Superman had come and that too with a woman. Suddenly Krishma was missing. There was a search but she wasn’t found. The participants were however satisfied to see Superman was around with Wonder Woman. As the party was ending and Superman and Wonder Woman were about to leave, Krishma reappeared.

Ruma rushed to her when Krishma said “Invisible Man took me away.” The news quickly spread.

Superman said “Invisible Man is a threat. I must find a way to eliminate him.”

In privacy Ruma asked “Krishma, what happened with Invisible Man? Did he give you a good time?”

“He asked me not to speak of it.”

Ruma was very angry and disappointed.

Later at home, Ruma was with her husband Zip. He said with a laugh “You women have dirty minds. Lyra had wanted to show Superman the new wing of the palace and the portraits there. As the place was crowded he had lifted her to get a move on. And his motive was misinterpreted.”

“Who told you this?”

“The Chief Minister. Lyra told her father and he kept CM informed.”

Ruma said “Zip, Invisible Man is still around. Suppose he takes a chance with me and you look to me at the same time what will happen?”

“Simple! I’ll expect you to get him out! Let it not happen.”


NOTE: I have used cartoon characters Superman and Wonder Woman besides Invisible Man created by H.G.Wells. Superman is nearly 2 metres tall and weighs 100 kilos, flies faster than light and being from another planet could be on GAIA2 with Wonder Woman having matching powers in his arms. He is the cynosure of female eyes. Invisible Man probably lives on as his creator couldn’t reverse his transformation!


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