Friends forever

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Friendship Creative Nonfiction

Friends forever

"Is everything ready for today's meeting Marty, I have a lot and a lot of appointments today ."Norsan .

"Yes, Madam Mayor, do not forget your book signing ceremony at the National Library."Marta skrette norsan .

"In addition to the date of the Fashion Show awards ceremony ."Norsan.

"This is a lavish ceremony, you must not miss it, your presence is very important for the opening, without the mayor of the city there will be no openings."Marta.

"Is the car ready, I want you to follow all the dates in the order and time."Norsan with a wide smile.

"Well, the first date is the opening ceremony of the pastry factory at nine o'clock, followed by the signing ceremony of your first book at ten o'clock, forty-five minutes, then the lunch break, then the visit of the boarding school Anderson Jack at noon, followed by a ceremony honoring and graduating doctoral students, and then mmm ." Marta is silent after.

"I said doctoral students, you never told me about his appointment before."Norsan.

Norsan in her third decade, a mother of three, studied law at the University and earned a doctorate with honors in international criminal law, while her husband, a cardiologist, she nursan preparations and headed for the festival, got out of her luxury car, walked along the royal red carpet, gave her speech, announced the opening of the festival.

But before that some of the models were honored because of their dedication to work in fashion shows, Noddy on the first, second, third and then fourth model and it was a happy surprise for norsan that she was only her dear friend Anna, she did not recognize her at first because she changed her surname , but when she applied to receive the.

The awards were over, two Norsan headed backstage to look for her friend, hugged again to express their longing for each other, their friendship was strong, but Maria's parents ' divorce forced her mother to return to Canada because she was Canadian and from there they did not see each other.

"I can't believe we've met again after all these years, who would have imagined it ."Norsan with a bright smile.

"That is truly incredible, mayor nursan Akram."Anna with an exclamation smile.

"Mayor, now I'm your friend and only. "Norsan.

"How sorry that our friendship ended , I never found a friend who looked like you."Anna.

"How about we meet again, on vacation, for example, at my house."Norsan.

"Yes, I agree, I have a lot and a lot to tell you."Anna.

While they were talking.

"How much I missed you my dear friend nursan."Anna .

"And me too, dear Anna."Norsan.

Marta, the mayor's assistant, came by. 

"Madam mayor, you are wanted in the fashion show suite, long looking for you, Madam."Marta.

"I will immediately ban a few seconds."Norsan.

"Noor, you have to go, I also have to prepare myself for the show."Anna .

"Take her phone number Marta ."Norsan.

"Yes, Madam Mayor ."Marta .

Both Norsan went to prepare herself for the show and while 0the mayor sat in the audience.

Marta is a veteran model, now owns a fashion house, mother of two and, coincidentally, her husband is also a doctor, but he is a paediatrician .

Nursan and Anna met occasionally at the festival but could not sit and talk to each other long, introduced their husband and children to each other and decided to meet after the festival at nursan's house.

"Madam Mayor, Don't forget your date with members of Congress and the hearing for judgment against the drug dealer and gangster no ."Marta.

"You have to remind me of my most important date, my friend Anna, when her date is."Norsan.

"On Sunday, Madam Mayor."Marta .

"OK, do not forget about the menu with meals that must be prepared."Norsan .

"Yes, Mr. Mayor, everything will be ready."Marta .

"Where is your money , I called him but he does not answer."Norsan.

"Today he has an open heart operation, I have to be busy all day."Marta.

"And on Sunday does he have operations."Norsan.

"No, Mr. Mayor, he made sure that it was his day off, even though he never stopped working, until Sunday."Marta surprisingly.

"Thank God, that he was discharged on this day , I wanted him to get to know Anna, he realized how important she was to me."Norsan.

"How much I missed you my dear friend nursan."Anna . 

Anna was excited to meet her friend nursan, and tried to prepare gifts for her and her children and her husband, and also made sure that the lack of stories about them for her two children, throughout the period from the day of the end of the festival to the day that the meeting will be held, which is estimated two days Anna did not stop talking about.

"I remember one day when Noor and I were coming back from high school, it was cold and my house was far from Noor's House, and while we were walking, a speeding car splashed rainwater on us, it was unbelievable."Anna.

"What happened next mom."Pio is Anna's little son who listened attentively to her .

"We ran to nursan's house, her mother was surprised to see us, we dried ourselves, she banned rice meal with milk how much I love it when it's cold, how lucky I was that day, because I had the most wonderful day of my life, Noor's parents were very affectionate, when I was sick they were bringing me the doctor,"Anna and she smile for beautiful memories .

The day of dinner came, Anna didn't know what she was going to wear, but in the end she wore normal clothes and tied her hair like she did in the past, she decided to grunt nursan about all the things that happened to her after their separation and her parents ' divorce, and the same thing for nursan decided to tell Maria about all the things.

"Hello norsan, how wonderful you are as usual ."Anna.

"" Thank you really my friend, please come in, there's a surprise waiting for you inside ."Norsan.

The surprise is norsan's parents and Maria's mother, summoned by norsan for the reunion , the surprise was dazzling for Anna .

"Oh my god I can't believe you did it Uncle Osman, aunt Noura, mom when you came from Canada how much I miss you."Anna with a big smile as she hugs her mother and shakes hands with Noor's parents.

"I hope the surprise you liked Anna, I knew you would be happy with it."Light.

"I am my daughter, how long have you not seen me, my two grandsons come to hug you, how much I miss you" Anna's mother.

"I'm really sorry mom , but I got busy lately."Anna regrets her mother.

"And now after all this, it's time for dinner, guess who's cooking your favourite dish."Light .

"Don't tell me you cooked his favorite dish ."Anna.

"Yes, I did. you'll be very surprised today."Light.

"How much I missed you my dear friend nursan."Anna . 

"And me too, dear Anna."Norsan.

After a long absence of twenty years or more, the two friends met on a dinner night filled with joy and fond memories because their friendship would last so long, Anna decided to change her place of work and return to New York, bought lipta next to her friend and put the two children in the same school as Anna's children in the hope.

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