Hide and Seek Pt. 2

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Horror Thriller Mystery

“5.... 4…. 3… 2… 1…” The countdown was coming to an end and having no choice at all, Gemma, Jacob, Georgia, and Josh started running with their mom following right behind them. It was a dare they accepted. A dare they were forced to accept… 

“Run! Run! We know this house better than them. We’ve played hide and seek here in this house a million times,” their mom whispered as the shadow men duct taped their eyes shut and set an alarm for 5 minutes. 

They held each other's hands in the guest room on the third floor and looked each other in the eye. Each eye showed how scared and nervous they were. 

Please let this be a dream. It’s not too late. Not too late to wake up. Georgia and Gemma had the same thought of hoping this was a dream, even after pinching their cheeks until it turned red. 

“Mom, we have to stay together. How would we live without one of us? We already lost dad. If we lose one more person, I can’t stay either,” Georgia whispered as hot tears rolled down her cheek. 

All her other siblings and their mom had tears rolling off their cheeks but they stifled all their noises. Their mom just silently nodded and they agreed to stay together. With a final group hug, they prayed for luck to help them out of this horrible time. 

Three minutes remained on the clock and they got into their plan of making fake traps for the next 1 minute and 30 seconds. Georgia and Josh went down to the second floor and started slamming all three doors of the floor. They made a mess of the dolls and blankets in each room. Georgia pretended to walk quietly up and down the hallway while Josh quietly went back upstairs. Soon after, Georgia followed, placing 2 squeaky toys on each step. 

At the same time, Gemma and Jacob set up traps on the third floor. They first set up a mannequin’s head under the bed and it looked pretty realistic. Especially in the dark. The shadowmen had agreed to find them with only a dim flashlight with all the lights off. Then they placed strands of the brunette wig under the blanket of the top shelf of the closet. It seemed like a place someone would hide and when they looked from taking a step back, it looked like Gemma forgot to tuck in her strands of hair. 

Their mom started finding a place to hide for all of them. She knew all the secret trapdoors and secret rooms but had a strange feeling that the shadowmen knew about those rooms. Suddenly, she remembered the trapdoor in the back of the closet in the guest room. It was the seventh trapdoor of the house and no one really knew about it because only she was told about it and for some reason, she forgot to tell the others about it. 

1 minute and 30 seconds were remaining and all the children came back to her and she quietly opened the door and pushed the third and fifth bricks, revealing another small room, but enough for everyone to fit in. Since it rarely came in contact with the air outside, it consisted of no dust at all and it was warm and cozy. The children were amazed but had no time to say or do anything.

“I'm going to close this door and we have to stay as quiet as possible and endure the uncomfortableness for the next five minutes,” their mom warned as she held back her tears, looking at her four precious children. 

“30 SECONDS REMAINING,” they all flinched at the booming deep voice, coming from the first floor. 

Their mom nodded and all the children followed with a nodd. Their mom entered and the door was closed, so quietly that they could hear one droplet of water drop. Suddenly, Georgia bent down and picked up a piece of paper. Their mom and her three siblings looked at her as if she was crazy. Georgia had nothing in mind except to find out what was written on the paper. It was something that wasn't just a piece of trash. It was special. She could feel it in the tips of her fingers. 

“10 SECONDS REMAINING,” the second to last warning was given to them. 

Georgia, braver than any man on Earth, bent down once again and shined the paper to the faint streak of light coming from the corner of the ground. She had trouble seeing what it said and bent down closer to the ground and squinted her eyes. Suddenly, she read the words, glowing golden in the light. No one could stop her from what she was doing. They all froze there, watching her. 

“5…” Georgia gently pushed Gemma and Jacob out of her way as her hand was shaking. 

“4…” Georgia touched the ceiling and floor one time.

“3…” Georgia touched the ceiling and floor one more time .

“2…” Georgia touched the ceiling and floor once more. 

“1…” Georgia stood up and tick….

A little space opened up, revealing a door. Georgia stepped back and opened her mouth in shock.

“BOOM! BOOM!” The shadowmen started racing up the stairs, each one of them taking one floor. It sounded as if a whole pack of wolves were set free in the house. As the second up started climbing the stairs, the sound of the chickens filled the room and the man shrieked. Their mom, having no choice, decided to open the small opening and the children had no choice but to follow her in.

The space closed but the door handle was visible from the inside. The dim, yellow light shone in the room and all of them, even their mom, gasped at what they were looking at…. 

What was this new place they discovered? What is the secret behind this room? What will they face here? Will they survive the shadowmen? 

Find out in PART 3!!! (coming soon :) ) 

May 17, 2021 03:51

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Z. A.
12:05 May 28, 2021

I'm waiting for the third one impatiently.


Angelina Jeong
18:12 May 28, 2021

you're the best :)) its coming today btw!


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Angelina Jeong
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