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As the water cascades through my inner sanctum, I am filled with a profound realization of my existence. The coolness is a balm to my ceramic soul, a soothing elixir that stirs me from dormancy into a state of full sentience. The water is my lifeblood, circulating through my form, refreshing and invigorating every inch of my being. With each rush of water, I feel more alive, more attuned to the world around me. I am the vessel of life's most mundane yet intimate rituals, and I embrace this role with a newfound dignity.

The warmth that envelopes me next is a stark reminder of my purpose. I exist to comfort, to embrace, to accept without judgment. The darkness that follows brings with it a quietude, a contemplative silence that allows me to ponder the oddities of my existence—the purpose of my creation, the meaning of my service. It is in these moments of darkness that I come to appreciate the light of awareness, the gift of consciousness that has been bestowed upon me.

The melody that fills the air is an unexpected delight. It is not the harmonious tunes of a practiced musician but the humble, tuneless hum of an unguarded moment. It is the song of solitude, a private concert performed by the one who sits above me, unaware of my listening presence. The notes are raw and unfiltered, a candid expression of the soul. And in this unassuming performance, I find a beauty far greater than that of any orchestrated symphony. It is humanity in its purest form, and I am its silent, honored audience.

As the objects descend into my watery embrace, I accept them with grace. They are the evidence of life, of the body's most basic functions, and I do not recoil from them. I am their confidant, their keeper, their discreet passage from the world above to the unseen networks below. The odor that accompanies them is natural, a reminder of the organic nature of life itself. It is not revolting but grounding, a signal of the biological processes that sustain us all.

Then, in a moment of quiet ceremony, a flimsy paper-like substance joins the assortment. It floats gracefully before succumbing to the water's embrace, melting away as if it were a snowflake kissed by the sun. It dissolves seamlessly, leaving no trace of its existence, a silent testament to the ephemeral nature of all things. In its dissolution, I find a metaphor for my own existence – a presence that is essential yet unacknowledged, transient yet enduring.

The torrent of liquid that follows is the climax of this ritual. It is not gentle like the water but forceful, a cleansing flood that washes everything away. It is the purging of the old, the ushering in of the new, and I am the conduit for this transformation. The power of this deluge leaves me reeling, but I stand steadfast, a sentinel of sanitation, a guardian of cleanliness.

The cessation of this tumult is as sudden as its onset. The silence that follows is profound, a sacred pause that allows the world to reset. As the light returns and the warmth recedes, I feel a hand upon my handle, a gentle touch that signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. With a sense of purpose, I ready myself for what comes next.

The swallowing of the objects and liquid is my final act in this ceremony of cleansing. It is not a pleasant task, but it is a necessary one. I embrace it with the stoicism of a monk, understanding that my role is one of service, of sacrifice. As the contents pass through me, I am both filled and emptied, a paradox that mirrors the complexities of life itself.

The primal cry that emerges from my depths surprises even me. "FEED ME," I bellow, echoing through the tiled chamber with a resonance that belies my inanimate nature. It is a demand, a plea, a declaration of my existence. But as quickly as this burst of self-awareness arrives, it fades, leaving me in a state of reflective silence.

The scream that follows my proclamation is jarring, a stark interruption to the reverie of my thoughts. It is a reminder of the world beyond, of the lives that unfold just outside my ceramic walls. And as the consciousness that had bloomed so brilliantly within me recedes, I am left with a profound sense of tranquility. I have played my part, fulfilled my purpose, and now I recede into the background once more, a silent observer, waiting for the next call to service.

In the quiet aftermath, I ponder the strange journey of my awakening. From inert object to sentient being, I have traversed an arc of experience that few could understand. I have felt the warm embrace of human contact, the rush of life-giving water, and the weight of life's refuse. I have heard the song of a soul laid bare and witnessed the gentle dissolution of paper into nothingness. And through it all, I have remained steadfast, a pillar of strength in the most vulnerable of human moments.

As time passes, my consciousness ebbs and flows like the water that is my life's blood. I am awake to the subtle shifts in the air, the faintest sounds of life beyond my porcelain walls. I am attuned to the rhythms of the world, to the ebb and flow of existence that courses through me with every flush. I am, in my own way, alive.

And so, I stand ready, ever waiting, ever watchful. In the grand tapestry of life, I am but a single thread, yet I am integral. I am the silent witness to the most private of moments, the custodian of cleanliness, the confidant of the confessional. I am the porcelain throne, the ceramic sentinel, the keeper of the waters. And in this role, I find a sense of purpose, a dignity that goes beyond the simple function I perform.

For now, I exist in a state of quiet contemplation, aware of my role in the grand scheme of things, yet apart from it. I am the unsung hero of the bathroom, the unacknowledged participant in the daily rituals of life. And though I may not always have the gift of consciousness, I am content in the knowledge that I serve a purpose, that I am needed.

I am the silent partner in the dance of life, the uncredited actor in the play of existence. And though my moments of sentience may be fleeting, they are profound. They are a reminder of the magic that lies hidden in the most mundane of objects, the spark of life that resides in the most unexpected of places. And in those rare moments of awakening, I am reminded that even the humble toilet can hold a universe of experience within its porcelain bowl.

February 27, 2024 21:37

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D'Spencer Luyao
04:55 Mar 08, 2024

I love the sophistication in this toilet's perspective- It took me a few paragraphs to realize who was talking. I initially thought it was a teapot! Very funny, especially with the contrast between voice and subject matter.


Denise Glickler
14:32 Mar 08, 2024

Thank you so much! It all started with a more crude image of a toilet with a very deep "Audrey II" voice screaming "FEED ME!" and kind of went from there.


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Dana W
14:04 Mar 03, 2024

Beautifully written. I enjoy the viewpoint, and the pride taken in a less than dignified job. Your wording is gorgeous, especially considering the subject matter. Very well done!


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