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I am on standing on top of the edge of a haunted factory. I can see buildings covered in a thick cloud of dust. I looked at my phone to check if I have any missed calls before entering the next world. 

What did I expect, as if there is anyone who exists to call me? Today is March 20. Mom, I am coming to you. I don't like this world. You were correct. I can't trust anybody in this world. 


A security guard who was passing by the haunted factory got frightened when he heard a loud sound. He didn't believe in ghosts, so he rushed towards the factory when he heard the sound. He was shocked to see a girl's body laid in a reclined position surrounded by blood. He immediately called the ambulance. 

The ambulance arrived in a few minutes and admitted her to a hospital.

"Where am I?", asked Emma while she slowly nictitated her eyelids.

"Doctor....the patient has woken up.", said a nurse.

"Check her oxygen level and blood pressure. We need to give her stitches.", informed a doctor who was in charge.

Emma tried to remove the drips injected into her. "Hey kid, what are you trying to do? Who is your guardian? I checked your phone, but there were no contacts.", asked a nurse.

Emma chuckled and said, "That is the reason I am leaving this world.".

"What are the results?", asked the doctor. A nurse passed on some sheets to the doctor. The doctor said, "Ok, prepare for stitches. Where is her guardian? We need their permission.".

A nurse replied, "She says she doesn't have any guardians."

"What??", questioned the doctor.

"Excuse me. I am sorry for interrupting you all. But, I don't want any stitches or drips. First of all, I am not supposed to be here. Who in the world saved me??", asked Emma in a frustrated voice.

"Ohh.... he was a security guard. You can thank him later", replied the doctor.

"No.....I don't wanna thank him. I feel like killing him.", said Emma bluntly.

"Ohh.....do you how to kill a human?", asked the doctor while slowly injecting a Pentazocine injection into her.

"Well, after all, I am going to die.", replied Emma.

The doctor slowly started to stitch using a needle holder. Emma started to feel a little bit dizzy.

A few hours later when she opened her eyes, the doctor who was talking to her stood in front of her. "Ohh....you have woke up. The stitches are over. You are fine now. 

"Anyway, I am going to die. You wasted your precious time on me.", said Emma. She tried to wake up from the clinical bed, but she couldn't.

"Oh oh oh...you are not completely cured. You can't walk now.", answered the doctor.

"Doctor can you help me. Just bring me to the highest floor of the hospital using a wheelchair. Please.", begged Emma.

"Your name is Emma right?... if not mistaken.", asked Doctor to confirm.

"Yes....", answered Emma.

"Well, everything doesn't come for free.", said the doctor.

"Dr. Albert.....", said Emma while trying to read the nametag attached to the doctor's coat. "Look...I don't have money. But you can ask me anything else.", answered Emma.

"Stay quiet till we take an x-ray.", asked Dr.Albert

"Is that it? Well, I know you want to cure me. But let me tell you, there is no use in saving me.", said Emma.

"Is it?? But I trust you. Cause I think you will choose the right thing." said the doctor.

"What?? Trust??", laughed Emma. She then continued, "The word trust doesn't exist in my dictionary. It is dead for me.".

"Then let us just follow your way. Follow me to the X-ray room first.", said Dr.Albert.

"Ok....", nodded Emma.

The doctor then wheeled her to the X-ray room and took the X-ray. 

A few minutes later, "Doc.....are you done?", asked Emma.

"Coming.....", answered Dr.Albert.

"Huff....do you think if you delay.....it would try to change my mind.", hissed Emma. 

"No....but if you want me to.....I can grant it.", chuckled Dr.Albert.

"I have already planned this long ago. So, nothing can stop me.", replied Emma.

"We have reached.....but how about we each tell ask a question for each tile we step on?", asked Dr.Albert.

"Uhh...it is going to take forever. Uhh...this day is so long.", said Emma in a tired voice.

"Are you in?? It is only 5 steps", asked Dr.Albert.

"Okk.....sure.", replied Emma.

"First....you.", said Dr.Albert. "Sure", replied Emma.

"Why do you want to delay the time of my death?", asked Emma.

"First, are you sure you are going to die? What if you are rescued again?", asked Dr.Albert.

"Doc...I thought I was asking the questions.....", replied Emma.

"Ohh...yes.Well, the answer to your question.......I want you to think before you make any decisions. Cause, it was the same for me. Even I wanted suicide when I was your age. But a person reminded me of the purpose of life. Now let me ask you, what is the purpose of life?", asked Dr.Albert.

"I don't find any purpose in it. That is why I wanna leave it.", answered Emma.

"Well, then what about before this? Before.....like all these years you lived. If you didn't find the purpose of life in the beginning, you wouldn't have reached this point."

"Before this.....", continued Emma.

"Let me guess.....you are lacking the "feeling of being loved", answered Dr.Albert.

Emma was silent for a second and said, "Makes sense. My mother passed away when I was 15. My dad divorced my mom when I was 5. My aunt disowned me 2 weeks ago after claiming my mom's insurance money. After all, she is my mother's half-sister. I didn't expect much from her. Now I don't find any purpose.", elaborated Emma.

"Is that it?? Listen to mine. My mother passed away before I was even born. I don't even know who my dad is. I don't have any family. I was brought up in an orphanage. Well, comparing my story to yours...I feel yours is better.", replied Dr.Albert.

"Excuse me...I am just eighteen...", interrupted Emma.

"Well, I was just 5...when I acknowledged my history.", replied Dr.Albert.

He continued, "I did want to suicide....but I thought, why should I suicide for the people who don't care about me. It feels like I am suiciding for them. That's when I decided to live my life to the fullest.", elaborated Dr.Albert.

"Doc....now it is my turn to ask the question. The 3rd...Did you ever put all the fault on your family?", asked Emma.

"I did. But then I thought, it was all a part of God's plan. But I can't resent him.", answered Dr.Albert.

"Now, It is your turn.", replied Emma.

"Do you think your death is the way you answer to your family? You are a coward....", chuckled Dr.Albert.

For a second, Emma didn't reply. "Why?? Are you thinking....'Why did I not think about this?'", asked Dr.Albert.

Tears started to roll down in her cheeks from her eyes.

"I have never felt lonely in my life....even once. But, after my mom's death.....I never felt alive at all...", continued Emma.

"Well, last question.....your turn.", said Dr.Albert while patting on Emma's shoulder.

"Can I not die?", asked Emma.

"That is for you....ask yourself," replied Dr.Albert.

Emma held up her tears thinking how stupid it was of her...choosing death as the only answer.

"I....never thought. How stupid of me....", regretted Emma.

"You are just eighteen. You have a long way to go. Just, cry out loud", replied Dr.Albert.

Emma cried and replied, "This day will be marked in my calendar."

"It must have been a long day for you, isn't it?", asked Dr.Albert.

"It is. That is why I will mark this day.", replied Emma.

June 24, 2021 14:22

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Melody Frost
09:40 Jun 28, 2021

Thank you for commenting. I am glad you enjoyed it.


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M Forbes
07:54 Jun 29, 2021

Very good story. Looking forward to reading more from you


Melody Frost
16:37 Jun 29, 2021

Thank you very much.


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Shirley Medhurst
06:18 Jun 28, 2021

Interesting story here, thank you for sharing… I did notice a few typos &/or swaps in tense e.g. in 1st para, the story starts in present then flips to past (I lookED at my phone) You use dialogue well to advance the story which works well, keep up the good work


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