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Aparajita , a young girl from a modern town was not aware of her powers. “What powers??” was the question often pondering her mind. Yes , on the day of her father’s demise she felt some strange sensations in her chest and pelvic region, she did feel something within her that warned her that something was not correct.

She did feel that something very bad was about to happen and unfortunately she cannot do anything about it. The spiritual world is a very mysterious world. It gives a delusion to a person who may feel spiritually on a higher plane and has a lot of wisdom and understanding, but the more one wants to unravel the mysteries the more it deepens.

Everyone is not supposed to know all things, as one needs to deserve knowledge before gaining it. Maybe that was the reason all the great saints and the sages went into deep forests and caves , gave up the material world and all its temptation for something that they may have felt very deep within their hearts that was more intriguing or fulfilling than the material world’s entire temptations kept on one hand.

Maybe that was the reason for which the richest of the princes left their kingdom renouncing all the pleasures and wealth of the kingdom and went into the search of true realization of their true selves ……

So coming back, Aparajita always felt her intuition and her body sensations whenever something was about to happen. It seemed as if the universe warned her beforehand. She also had dreams which showed her the future happenings. All this terrified her at times.

She was not willing to accept her spiritual gifts, but universe has its own ways of preparing the individuals who are meant to serve its purpose. It makes sure that individual is put through lot of tests and trials so that the attachment to the mundane things is perished and one is able to go in for spiritual pearls than settling in for cheap stones.

Her life purpose put her through a lot of pain as she was given the task of healing the pain….yes she had to become a healer. A true healer can only heal others when he/she goes through the healing and transforms themselves totally from a victim of pain to a Source of healing.

Ashish, a young boy once was brought by his parents for a consultation session as he suffered from a psychological problem. His issue was that he was suffering from stage fears. As he was a student of 8th std , he was often called upon the stage to participate in the school’s curriculum activities. He was so terrified of facing people that his face would become pale on every single occasion he was called. His hands and feet would start sweating and his head started spinning, he could feel the palpitation and the panic attack was like a merciless killer. The fear took upon him so bad that once he even became unconscious on the stage.

His parents showed him to the doctor and though he was medically normal there seemed to be no apparent reason for his abnormal behaviour. Even the psychotherapy sessions could not help him much.

As Aparajita , was quite popular with her works, she was the only hope for his parents.

“Ashish my boy why do you feel the fear of stage?” What makes you behave the way you do? Asked Aparajita.

“Mam – I am not able to make anything out of my life. I am not confident at all. I fear everything and everyone. I want to live a normal life I want to be happy, play , study, have fun with my friends, learn computers , make apps for our project but I am not able to do anything.

“We have been introduced stage exposure sessions by our schools and I am being frequently called upon the stage to deliver a speech, or do some activity and everytime I try to go on stage I become nervous and fainthearted.”

Aparajita listened very patiently to the young boy. She was also well trained on past life regression as well as hypnosis therapy. She had practiced Reiki too. She decided to go for hypnotic sessions with Ashish by taking him into trans and his previous births as she wanted to remove his fears from the root of existance. Psychotherapy would only treat him superficially as only his behaviour pattern would be observed and maybe medicines would be prescribed by some expert psychiatrists.

Often human capacity is able to understand the “HOWS”, but the “WHYS” need a good deal of preparation….

“Come tomorrow Ashish and we will start our sessions” Aparajita discussed the details with his parents and next morning appointment was decided for the meeting.

Next day Ashish reached on time, with his parents .

They were made to sit on the couch comfortably and Ashish and Aparjita went into a spacious and comfortable room. Ashish was made to sit on a comfortable chair and a light music was playing in the background. There was a sweet fragrance in the room which made the whole ambience very healing by itself.

“Close your eyes Ashish and relax” instructed Aparjita. “ We are now feeling sleepy and are going into a deep slumber, your whole body is comfortable, your breathing is very slow and you are feeling every breath in and out of your nostrils”. The session continued …. “Now Ashish, we are moving into your childhood …. Just remember your days as a child…… were you brought up in a happy family Ashish” ……? Aparajita questioned.

“Yes mam, we are a happy family, my father , my mother and siblings are very happy and understanding towards each other. “ Me being the be the youngest , I am the pampered one of the lot”.

“ Alright, good Ashish , lets move down further. “ she continued. Let’s go back much further …where are you now Ashish ?

“Ashish replied reluctantly with strange change in his voice this time- I am not Ashish ! My name is Rahul and I am a college student” ……this suddenly made her realize that Ashish had crossed this birth and had visited the previous birth and was named “Rahul” in that birth.

Well Rahul, how are you and where are you now?

There were some moments of silence and Aparajita wasn’t sure if the session had ended or was Ashish and she still on the same page. After a few moments she heard sobbing sounds. When asked it was Rahul who replied.

“ My name is Rahul and I am a college student. “ I am very unhappy with my life. My father and mother fight continuously and there is no peace at home. “

“Both of them have extramarital affairs due to which there is constant tension and stress at my home”

Aparajita felt his breaths getting heavier ……so Rahul she asked …..do you recall any incident of being insulted or mocked by the crowd publicly.

Rahul , became silent ……then suddenly broke down. “Yes, I was being mocked by my college mates at our college function” ….

“Oh ……. That’s sad Rahul, so what happened dear? Rahul continued “ I was supposed to prepare a speech for the function and I had prepared very well for it. “

“ On the day of function, as I went on the stage and was about to start my speech I realized that my pants were a bit lose. I had forgotton to adjust the belt and it was becoming lose. “ I somehow managed to finish the speech and I was going back from the stage I just tripped over and my entire pant came off and there I was in my shorts in front of everyone. “

“Death would have been better as I was being mocked and hooted by the entire college, my friends, my professors and the dean as well “ “ And let me tell you it was not funny….it was suicidal situation for me. “

On saying this, Rahul became mute again…….

The session was very interesting and Aparajita was able to handle Rahul very effectively. She learnt from Rahul that the bad family atmosphere and the insult at the farewell was so overwhelming for Rahul that he committed suicide by jumping off from the college building the following day.

The complexities of human mind, the broken relationships, the tarnished self esteem was being so deeply engrossed by Rahul’s subconscious mind that the same personality pattern was being carried forward in his present birth as Ashish. Though in this birth “Ashish” had a congenial atmosphere at home ….he had the impressions of the past agony from his previous birth.

Aparajita’s session was fruitful. She started taking regular sessions with Ashish and through hypnosis fed positive affirmations in his mind and made him forget his past gradually. Though it took time but Ashish was healed as he was no longer a prisoner of his past but he became the designer of his future.

Aparajita succeeded as a healer and she trained herself well on her subject. She took help of various disciplines of holistic healing and made people free from their past…….. their phobias, their fears, the own cage of their thoughts.

Afterall, she made new people and personalities more stronger, more confident, more happy and more free by making them forget their past…….she is doing a great job, isn’t she ? J 

January 08, 2021 11:12

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