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Fiction Science Fiction Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

“My name is Xiyo and I am proud to be an alien.”

I proclaim. The whole room erupts into applause the second the words leave my lips. Cheers and tears fill the air. I press a button on my wrist and the illusion that had been active, which made me appear human, flickers then dissipates, revealing my natural form. This is just for dramatic effect; the humans are already aware of the existence of aliens. My real race is that of Zyigrobian -at least, that’s the closest translation in English. Our species were brought to this planet to act a caretaker of sorts. To look after humanity and help them progress down the correct evolutionary path. After millennia, the job started to get old.

Some of the more brash among us tried to hurry human evolution along by revealing advanced technologies prematurely. This ended up having the opposite of the intended effect. Their minds were still too closed off and unable to comprehend the vastness of the universe. Then along came the shrines and pyramids, in the early days. Knowledge and wisdom were taught to the era’s greatest thinkers. There were advanced civilizations that sprung up from this, but they were fragile and war prone. It didn’t take long for our supervisors back home to find out what was happening. 

The worst among us were taken off the planet, to serve out their punishments. While the rest of us were forced to conceal our true forms and told to integrate into society. Despite this, some persisted in accelerating human progress. Many of the great humans throughout history were actually aliens. Not just Zyigrobian, but several other races too. In total, nine races were sent to earth; The Alikantan, The Creshian, The Euolonduma, The Goormatian, The Jilks, The Lerfekan, The Uzaminapo, The Wagimanian, and of course The Zyigrobian.

Now, however, we no longer keep our true identities concealed. The general public believes we officially arrived a few years ago. The only reason we revealed ourselves was because our supervisors believed that humanity was far enough evolved to be open to different sentient races. What a load of nonsense that turned out to be.

Currently, I am downtown at an alien rights rally. It’s the largest gathering of aliens ever to be held. I was selected as a representative to talk on the behalf of the collective. Ever since we showed our existence to humanity, our kind have been discriminated against. From blatant “no aliens allowed” signs in shop to more discreet practices, such as the humiliating identification process all new arrivals have to go through. I don’t even want to think about what they made my own family go through. The human leadership have tried to tell us that these kinds of things take time, but we’ve reached out limit.

“I will not try to hide the fact that I am an alien anymore!”

The crowd erupts in a burst of applause. I scan the sea of bodies for anyone I know. All nine races are present, and I exchange nods and smiles with familiar faces. 

“No more will we stand idly by! While the very race we helped propel forward tries to tear us down!”

The words seem to flow out of my mouth as if I’m not the one saying it. I am aware that our supervisors don’t want us to do this, but we are exhausted by the status quo. 

“If they don’t want to accept us willingly, then we will make them accept us by force!”

I exclaim. Everyone was starting to get agitated and the shouts were becoming louder. This is what most of us have been waiting for.

“We were your loyal shepherds for thousands of years! Now the sheep have rebelled and must be dealt with!”

All nine races seemed to unite at these words. Where once they stood apart, now they look like brother and sisters brought together by a common cause. Tensions are at an all-time high and there is only one course of action left – sovereignty.

“Let us march and take back what is rightfully ours!” 

I feel the humming of their energy. As I know, I speak for the whole of alienkind. They are using me as a willing conduit. This is what most of us have wanted for a while. It’s too bad we won’t have access to the advanced technologies of our home planets when we overthrow humanity, but I don’t expect we will even need it. We have infiltrated keys positions of power all throughout the government and businesses. They all know that when I give the signal, it’s time to execute the plan. 

Yet, I am starting to have second thoughts. Is this right? Should we overthrow the human and treat them how they treated us? Wouldn’t that make us just as bad as them? My head starts to spin with these thoughts. Then, I see my family in the front of the crowd. My loving wife and all our kids. She is standing there with her tentacles waving in the air, clearly passionate about this, as our kids do the same. We have had many talks about this issue, and she was the driving force behind me accepting the position I am in now. 

“Let’s show them what it means to be discriminated against!”

If I don’t stop this soon, then it will be too late. At this point, however, it might be beyond my control. I can’t help the memories entering my thoughts of the early years of humanity. Back then, I was a young individual. I had no kids then and had just started the courting process with Yulomuk. The whole reason I took this job on Earth was to impress her in the hopes of starting a family with her. If I had any idea what this job would dissolve into, I never would have taken it.

“All those watching from around the world, take arms! Now is the time for action! Together we are strong!”

I watch as the swarm of aliens starts to act. They beckon me forward and I obey. As a mass of bodies and vitriolic spirit, we march toward the capital. Any humans that happens to get caught up in the swarm are dealt with swiftly. They are no match for our superior strength, but I don’t watch the violence as it happens. My heart can’t handle seeing the once free and curious race of humans be torn down. Even though they have changed and become something ugly, I still see them for what they used to be. My wife squeezes my hand, urging me onward and I listen.

It doesn’t take long before we are before the capital – the symbolic heart of humanity. I am at the front of the pack and every everyone is watching me. They wait for me to give the order and bring about the end of humanity's reign. The eagerness is evident on the alien's faces. I want to turn back and forget this ever happened, but I am merely a conduit for all of alienkind. My actions are no longer my own; my voice is simply an echo of thousands.

“Humanity will stand Judgement! They have forfeited their rule over the planet! We usher in a new era!”

Once I finish talking, they rush past me and into the opulent building. The looks on the human’s faces are a mixture or fear and horror. I take a small amount of solace in knowing that their suffering will be over soon. Looking over to my family, I just hope that this will all be worth it.

August 11, 2023 19:04

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1 comment

Shana Laurilla
22:08 Aug 11, 2023

For someone like me who is really not into this kind of genre, I can say this story is pretty interesting. Good job!


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