Kids Coming of Age Middle School

RECAP - Luna Nightshade is a young vampire and it is tradition for them to go into the normal world for five days and act like normal kids without anyone noticing they're a vampire. If they succeed they pass if they don't they fail. Luna has just started her first class as a human. She has befriended Jake. The teacher has just walked in and they are waiting for the class to start.

I settle down into my chair as other kids rush past me. They don't even notice me. The teacher stands at the front.

"Happy April fools day class!" The class screams. What is April Fools day? I shake my head and focus on the teacher. He's wearing multicoloured socks and a crazy tie. Maybe April Fools is a colourful day? He starts to speak and I start to zone out. The other kids chatter throughout the class. The class ends and I stand to leave. A big necklace of garlic is held in front of my nose. I wrinkle it and wince as it hits my nostrils. The teacher turns to me.

"Do you like it?"

"You mean the garlic right?" He nods and I shake my head. He can't know about my identity.

"Don't worry, I know your secret, I won't let this near you," He loops it around my neck and I gape at him.


"It's kinda obvious,"

I shake my head at him.

"Don't worry about it," He pats my head and I walk off. I hope he doesn't reveal me. How does he know though? I keep walking and bump straight into a girl around my age. She has long blonde hair and green eyes. 

"Watch where you're going new girl," She sneers at me and I hurry on. I catch up to Jake and he turns to me.

"You look as if you've just seen a ghost,"

"Nope, just a mean girl,"

"Oh, you met Stina,"


"Oh well, let's go get some lunch," He leads me toward a food court and I sit down at a bench. A lady comes around.

"What's for lunch today, Delilah?" Jake asks her.

"Garlic and vegetable soup,"

I gulp. Does the whole school know? Are they trying to kill me? Jake shoots a smile and I wearily return it. I sit back in my chair and try not to concentrate on all the glares the teachers are giving me. Shoot, they really do know. I never prepared for this. I stand up hurriedly and make my excuses to Jake. He simply nods and I run off. I feel bad for leaving him there, but if I don’t leave now, I could be killed. I bump into a teacher on the way past. She has a stake sticking out of her purse.

“Where are you going, dearie?” She asks in a voice like candy

“Just to the bathroom,” I sprint past her and ignore her strange glances. I run into the nearest stall and lock the door shut behind me. An alarm bell sounds overhead and I shrink down onto the floor. The bells ring around my head and I hear people slamming doors and shouting. A single word reverberates around my head. The alarm person is repeating it too. I can’t bring myself to stand. 

“Vampire, vampire, vampire,” It goes. Again and again. I’ve been caught. They’ll burn me at the stake. I can’t risk that. I climb up into the vent and set myself down. I should be safe in here. For now. The door slams open. I hear grunting as someone walks in. I gulp again and hold my breath.

“She ran in here,” It’s the teacher from before, her voice no longer sounds like candy. A lone tear slips down my cheek as they reach my stall. The door bangs open and I watch from the vent. She looks the stall up and down.

“Ah-ha,” She points to the vent.

“She’s in there,” She points to it angina, emphasising her point. My breath catches in my throat and tears spill out of my eyes.  A fireman bangs the vent door open and brings me down. I sit there, on the floor of the bathroom. Crying my eyes out. I’m dead, done for. The lady sticks a piece of garlic in my face and I turn away. She lets out a low laugh. 


“See what?” Someone asks her. 

“April Fools!” What? Okay, what is this strange human idea of fun? How is this fun? She laughs again and helps me to my feet.

“We know you aren’t really a vampire, come on it’s pretty obvious,” 

“Yeah, you’re a normal human girl,” Relief floods through my veins. But how? How is this fun? How is this all a joke? How do humans find this fun? Are they insane? I could’ve given myself away.

“However, it is strange how you seem so upset about this,” One person adds

Did I give myself away? 

“How long have you been going here?” No point denying it now, I may as well be proud of it

“I started today, and for you’re information I am a vampire, I am not sure how you think that what you just did to me was fun but I’m not buying it, now you will let me go and I will go back to my normal ways, is that clear?” they don’t look the least bit intimidated by me. I gulp and swallow back my fear. 

“You will stay right here, this was all a prank planned by us teachers, we never do pranks you know but it went horribly wrong, we didn’t mean to hurt you,”

“Yeah? Well, you did. You can’t deny it, you know what? I’m glad I’m not a human, I could never be friends with one of you,” 

“What?” I choke at the voice. It’s Jake. He’s the only nice human here. I walk over to him, ignoring everyone’s stares. 

“Come, let’s get out of here,” 

“I thought you’d never ask,” He lets his mask slip and fangs protrude from his teeth.

“You’re a vampire too?”

“Yep, I passed and was living here normally," He says putting emphasis on the was, "This is just cruel though,” He turns on his heel and I follow him out. We’re never going back there. Ever. 

March 29, 2021 07:29

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