The Boy with the Golden Tattoo

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Fiction Thriller Mystery


By Professor Alan Dale Dickinson


Charles Warner Kennedy “Charlie” O’Brien, was the “Boy with the Golden Tattoo.” His Tat was that of an American Bald Eagle, with its wings spread full length, its claws sticking out and looking very menacing, and its golden beak appearing to be razor sharp!

           It covered almost his entire back, and it was also in color, unlike most tattoos. Charlie is not a boy any longer, albeit, he as a boy of age eighteen years old when he got it at a very famous Tattoo Parlor located in Hollywood, California.

           The gracious looking Bird, had protected him from a lot of harm over the past twelve years. When bad guys, and/or gangbangers, attempted to intimidate or threaten him, the first thing he would do is take off his shirt, and the T-shirt underneath, and expose his vicarious Golden Eagle tattoo.

           Charlie used to be a Robbery/Homicide LT. Detective for the LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] in California. That was after he served a two-year, tour of duty in Afghanistan, for the United States Marine Corp.

He was one of their best ever Detective and it was he who brought-down the gangbanger criminals purporting to be Police Officers in the infamous ‘Rampart’ Division located close to MacArthur Park at 6th and Alvarado.

           ‘MacArthur Park’ was named after General Douglas MacArthur, the hero from World War II. It was quite lovely little park and man-made lake, located almost right downtown, L.A. in what today is called, little ‘El Salvador.’

           That was one of most crime infested areas in L.A., according to what he had been told anyway. He took early retirement from the LAPD, to start his own Private Security and Bail bondsman, Agency.

           He had a partner in his Firm, “O’Brien’s Corporate Security, Inc.” His name was J.J. Hernandez, or as Charlie calls him, ‘Sarge.’ He was a 30-year retired Sargent, from the OCSD [Orange County California Sheriff’s Department].

The OCSD was headed up by Don Barnes, the new Sheriff in town. He was a terrific guy and also was a good friend of Charlies. They had worked together on several high-profile murder criminal cases, in the O.C. over the years.

Charlie loved to play real, real loud on the big sound system in his 2022 BMW, the terrific song by the very gifted, and quite talented, “Steve Miller Band” in 1976; “Fly like an Eagle.”

           And it goes something like this after Charlie rewrote it to make it his own:

Time keeps on slippin, slipping, slippin’

Into the future

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the future;

I want to fly like a Golden Eagle

To the Pacific, sea

         Fly like a Golden Eagle

Let my holy Spirit carry me

I want to fly like an Eagle

Till I’m totally free

Oh, oh, precious Lord, through the revolution;

Please feed the babies

Who don’t have enough to eat,

Please Shoe the poor children

With no shoes on their feet

House the sad and lonely people

Livin’ down on the skid row street

Oh, oh, precious Lord, there is a solution;

I want to fly like an Eagle

To the Pacific, sea

Fly like an Eagle

Let my holy Spirit carry me

I want to fly like a Golden Eagle

Till I’m completely free

Fly through the revolution;

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future;

I want to fly like a Golden Eagle

To the Pacific, sea

Fly like a Golden Eagle

Let me holy Spirit carry me

I want to fly like a Golden Eagle

Till I’m’ completely free

Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin’

Into the distant future!

Almost, and I do mean almost, every time he was approach by gangsters, and/or just plain old, “bad guys” (As the great John Walsh of ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ calls criminals and despots), looking for trouble, and he showed them his ‘colors’ they just evaporated, poof, they were gone. Almost always anyway.

Just like John Walsh, is out there looking for the Bad Guys, and Bad Girls, Charlie and Sarge and his very trusted A-Team of investigators [Peggy P. Edwards, Don Sutz, Thomas Rose, Jim and Betty McCall, Brett and pretty Bailey Long, amongst many other Team members.

Also, included on the roster of the A-Team were; Rich and Maria White, Lee and Inga Martin, John and Jan, Bob and Lisa, Todd Spitzer the OCDA, District Attorney, and his ever-faithful right-hand person, Jan Smoker!

And after they search for the crooks, and when they find them, and they always do, then they put hands on them, hard, and then handcuff them and then hall them away to the poky (jail).

Charlie was born in a very tough E-L.A. (East Los Angeles) barrio. And he grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of southern California, in the little Latino enclaves of La Puente, and, El Monte.

El Monte’s first settlers arrived around 1849 and they were mostly immigrant’s and gold prospectors. Located in the lovely ‘San Gabriel Valley,’ which included the quaint little city of El Monte, which was one of the best gold fields in the State, outside of ground zero for gold, in Sacramento, California.

It was incorporated on November 18, 1912, but was actually officially settled around 1829. There is a small, yet very busy airport in the city. Today in 2022, it has about 116,000 inhabitants.

La Puente was originally occupied by the ‘Gabrielino Indians’ around 1769. It became a formal community in 1841 when European settlers arrived by way train, and stage coach, from the nearly New Mexico.

At that time, the settlers obtained title to the quite large 48,000 acre, “Rancho La Puente.” It was quite a lovely little area set right at the foot of the majestic San Gabriel, mountain range.

During the 1930’s to about the 1950’s, the little enclave of Latino people, was famous statewide for its exceptional fruits, and Walnut, groves. “Don Gaspar de Portola” the well-known Spanish soldier and explorer, moved into the area, and he renamed the beautiful little community, “Llana de la Puente,” which in Spanish meant, “The Bridge.”                  

Charlie just loves Latino and Hispanic people. He told Sarge, that that he was part Hispanic in his heart, on the inside, albeit, he looked Anglo from the outside.

Charlie finds that these people are very loyal, hardworking, and honest. Also, he finds Hispanic ladies to be very attractive. The Latino men and women are very friendly and hospitable, unlike some Americano’s that he lived around.                                                                    

Charlie is thirty years old now, and his Eagle (named Swoop) has saved his dupa (butt), many, many times. Only occasionally did some fool, dance with him, after seeing his good friend in living color, on his back.

Charlie’s lovely bride is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he affectionately calls her his ‘Philly Girl.’ She just loves and has devoted her whole life to watching the Philadelphia Eagles football team on T.V. She also loves his Golden Eagle Tat.

Also, on his front neckline, he had another quite intimidating Tat, it read, “White Fence Gang,” [kind of like saying “Soledad]” they both brought immediate fear and trembling, to anyone dumb enough to confront anyone with said ‘Tat’ on them], and he got that one in Tijuana, Baha California, Mexico.

He got that one while celebrating a resent capture, that of the evil Ghislaine Maxwell, and over a long weekend spent in T.J. with some of his close friends.

He and his partner, Sarge, as well as his A-Team investigators, captured the infamous Ghislaine Maxwell, hiding out in a flea-bag hotel in Ensenada, Mexico.

 By the way, Ensenada is a lovely little city by the sea, and has very nice and hardworking people living there, as well as lots of lovely homes, and quite nice hotels. Also, they have some of the finest leather and jewelry souvenirs.

Ghislaine was born December 25, 1961 in London, England, in one of several Castles that her father owned.

Ghislaine, had a lot of cash stashed in a numbered Swiss bank account as well as a lot more illegally gotten moola hid in an off-shore Bahama Bank; it was named IBBC [the International Business Banking Corporation]. It is now bankrupt.

The newspaper’s estimated that evil Ghislaine, the wicked witch of the west, estimated net worth, was well over twenty million in U.S. dollars, and that translates to about thirty million U.K. Pounds.

Everyone wants to know where she got all of her vast fortune as she was listed as a; British socialite and assistant and house manager, for the Demonic and universally, Hated, Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein, was compared to some of the most egregious and vitriolic men to have ‘ever lived’ on the face of this planet. He was likening to men such as, Charlie (the madman) Manson, Jack the Ripper in London, England, and to some, even the absolutely worse man to have ever lived, Hitler.

Ghislaine’s father, the Baron ‘Robert Maxwell,’ was a very well-known media mogul, and newspaper publisher, in the U.K. He committed suicide when she was very young.

She was married right before the falling from Grace of Mr. Epstein, to Mr. Scott Borgerson in 2016. People wonder if he had known then what he knew then, would he have still married her? My guess is, NOT.

 On December 21, 2021 the evil witch was convicted on five (5) counts of sex-trafficking, and transporting under minor females for sex acts.

Mr. Epstein, was allegedly murdered in 2020, while he was in a 24/7 observation cell in downtown Manhattan, New York. The majority of conspiracy theorists, feel that Epstein had a little, or big, black book with the sexual likes and preferences, and personal information about several very wealthy and influential men.

Just to name a few of these alleged Tortfeasor’s, Prince Edward of the U.K., Billy Bob Clinton, and Mick Jagger of the fabulous ‘Rolling Stones.’ And also, of all people you would expect, Bill Gates, owner of the giant tech company, Microsoft.

There were dozens and dozens of other extremely rich men on the list, whose careers and vast fortunes would be devastated should Epstein make a deal with the Feds, and tell the whole wide world who’s, who in his little high-flying world.

The guards said that all of a sudden, the cameras when down, or they fell asleep, or something else, and when they went to check on him, he was dead.

During the aftermath, of Epstein’s death, and the deep internal investigation into the guard’s lapse of attention, several of them were fired, others were transfer to different prisons, and the Warden, was given early retirement.

A good friend of Charlie’s, who works for the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation or intimidation, if you will], told him that he had seen evidence that Epstein was murdered, and that he had not in reality, committed suicide.

There were members of the State Prison System, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the FBI, and the New York city Police Department, all were involved in the murder and cover up.

He was told that there had been a ‘bounty’ of ten million US dollars to get rid of dirty old Epstein, before he could talk to the court, the judge, and/or the press, about who were his passengers on his several private jets.

Charlie was told that someone (s) destroyed most of the incriminating documents, video’s, recordings, and travel logs, right after he was killed in cold blood.

And, since Charlie had a ‘Black Belt’ in Karate, and also one in ‘Tae Kwon Do,’ he usually made short work the Tortfeasors (e.g., bad guys). However, he always tells young boys and girls, in his local Dojo (Marial Arts Studio), try, try really hard to avoid any kind of physical violence, however, if you cannot do that, then, take-out your aggressive opponent (s), and take-them out real, real fast.

Our man Charlie O’Brien, the present Private Eye, just got an encrypted satellite cell phone call from the White house. POTUS, President of the United States, Joe Biden, whom requested Charlie and his A-Team, to assist with an emergency that just came up in Kiva, Ukraine.

He told Charlie, pack your bags, grab Sarge, and your outstanding A-Team, and get to L.A.-X asap. Your tickets are all prepaid, and you can skip the long lines and to directly to the private airliner, marked, United States of America.

What the POTUS did not tell Charlie until he and his Team had gotten into the air in one of the Presidents special jet planes, was that someone had attempted to ‘assassinate’ the Prime Minister of the Ukraine.

Charlie, Joe told him, my cabinet members believe that the Rusike’s are behind this vile action, and we need you to confirm that fact before all hell breaks out in that region.

“I would not put it past those commie pinko’s, and I do not trust Vladimir Putin, any further than I could throw that little shrimp, and that is not very darn far.”

And, then the President added, “IF they go ahead and invade the sovereign territory of the Ukraine, like I think they will, we just might have “World War III” to contend with.”

He also indicated that he thought that a highly trained Russian commando and ‘sniper,’ had tried to assassinate the Prime Minister at a political rally just yesterday.

Then he added, the CIA [The Agency] was all over this, but just could not connect the dots leading back to Putin. And finally, he stated that if Putin and the Commies were indeed behind the assassination attempt, there would be hell to pay for them.

Charlie and his trusty A-Team landed at the ‘Ukrainian International Airport,’ in Kiev, Ukraine, just 24 hours later. And while they were all still half asleep, and had a major dose of flight lag, they went immediately to the site where the attempt had taken place.

Sarge found two 7.62 NATO round cases on a roof top looking down upon the platform where the Prime Minister had stood. That was the favorite choice of bullet for black op’s people (Mechanics), and military snipers, worldwide.

Charlie said to himself, “What if Putin was indeed behind the assignation attempt on the Ukrainian P.M.?” Then he added also to himself, of course, this also could be the work of the North Koreans, who want to destabilize Europe, so that they can invade South Korea, without any interference from the United States and/or the U.K.

Kim Jong-un has murdered thousands of north Korean civilians as well as several of his own family members, whom he was afraid would try to over throw him. It is said that he tied an uncle to a post and fired a R.P.G. [Rocket launcher) right at him and blew him into a million pieces.

The South Korean military would not last a week if the North decided to jump the 48th parallel military zone and boarder between the North and the South. According to the C.I.A. and MI-6, Kim Jong- Un, the vicarious dictator and despot, whom runs the North, was capable of such a heinous crime as this, very, very capable, indeed!

Now back to the Ukraine. Kiev, its capital, is the 7th largest city in all of Europe, and it was founded way back around 482 A.D. Its population, is around 3, 000,000 people. It is very industrious and it has many factories as well as newer high tech businesses. It has a long and very impressive history.

And after the collapse of the gigantic and vile Soviet Union, the Ukraine regained its independence, and decided to keep Kiev as its official capital.

Jan Smoker, an A-Team member, called Charlie on his very secure cell phone. She had just spoken with a C.I. (confidential informant) whom worked in the Kiev central government office, and they told her that the Russian Secret Service agent had flown into Kiev the day before the shooting, and flew out again, the day after the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister.

His name was, Edward Richard Snowden, which was obviously an alias, and his passport stated that he was an embassy attaché.’  Supposedly here on Russian embassy business. Supposedly.

Charlie, Sarge, and Jan checked his hotel room and it was whistle clean, no mess no fuss, you would not even know that someone had stayed in the room. One lucky break, however, was that in his trash they found a little scrap of paper with the date and time, of the Prime Ministers Political Speech!

Charlie sent Jan Smoker, in Cognito [she used the name of Jan Stoble] to the Kremlin, Moscow, in Russia. She had MI-6 the U.K.’s excellent sky service, track down this mercenary.

Then they took him by surprise as he entered his modest little apartment, and rush him to a local CIA safe house. There they got him to confess that he indeed was the one whom took two shots at the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

They did not even have to ‘water board’ him, as all he wanted was a new identity and safe and secure passage to the United States. He had several relatives whom lived in the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, California.

The end.  

January 21, 2022 20:33

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Amanda Lieser
23:01 Feb 03, 2022

Hello! I really enjoyed that you chose to incorporate that song into your piece. I thought that it was unique. This was a very in depth piece that I was intrigued by right away. The one thing that I noticed was the description of the character’s appreciation for people on Latin descent. It wasn’t something I expected. I think that showing and describing more portions of this piece, like his attraction to Latin culture, for example, would have gone over a bit smoother. Thank you for writing it and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


14:01 Feb 06, 2022

Hello Amanda, You are as perceptive as you are kind. Thank you so very much for taking some of your very busy time, to comment on my little Story, and trust me, they were well recieved. I shall read one of your short stories asap. Once again, thank you ever so much. Sincerely, Alan


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