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ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY TO THE CONTEST!!!!! I'm just wanting feedback. If you work for Reedsy, PLEASE don't take my stories down!! Anyways, I wrote this when I was in Jr. High so it's not one of my best stories, but I hope you like it! This took me a lot of time to write. I love to write. If you want me to check out your stories I will be happy to when I get the chance. I will leave a comment on your story. I am hoping to become an author. Now, enough of my ranting. Please enjoy The Time Changer.

Samantha sat in the dark corner of an abandoned building. She grasped a necklace in her shaking hands as she thought about what had happened, and why she was there. Samantha was a princess from a tiny unknown island in the Netherlands. Her father had died bravely fighting for his kingdom, and people in a war against another kingdom. Because of the loss of her husband, Queen Clarice had raised Samantha alone.

Whenever she asked about her father, Samantha's mother would burst into tears. So, Samantha did the same as always. She remained quiet, was obedient, and only discussed her father with her maids.

Years passed and the war was still going. There had been several attacks near the palace, but the attackers never struck the palace directly. They seemed to be waiting for the right moment. That's why Samantha never let her guard down. That is, until the night before her coronation.

After Samantha turned 17, her mother had announced that she would eventually become the ruler of the kingdom. Then, the night before her coronation, disaster struck! As Samantha was going into her room. The castle guards ran past with her mother. “Samantha!” Her mother exclaimed. Samantha ran over to her mother immediately.

She could tell by the tone of her mother’s voice that something was wrong. Samantha followed the guards and her mother into a hidden safe room.

The castle had been built in the Medieval era. Back then there was only one member of the royal family. Because of this, the castle really needed an update.

The safe room was small, and had one emergency exit that would only allow one person to go through at a time. “Mom, what’s going on?” Samantha asked, as she stared at the queen’s anxious expression. Her mother gave her a look that clearly said, Not right now, I’ll tell you later. She knelt down by her daughter, and looked right in her eyes. "Remember, go right if you have to go through the tunnel. It will lead outside. Hide until we come get you."

Suddenly, one of the walls caved in, the queen shoved something small into Samantha’s hand, and gently shoved her through the exit. As Samantha slid down the emergency exit tunnel, she heard someone shouting in the distance.

At the end of the tunnel there were two pathways leading in opposite directions. Samantha couldn’t remember which path her mother had told her to take. Is it the left or the right path? She thought. Suddenly, Samantha heard a loud rumble coming from the tunnel behind her. The intruders were coming!

Samantha shoved the object her mother gave her into her dress pocket, hurried down the left path, and ran straight into a dark room. Then she locked the door, and ran to the dark corner where she would not be seen.

The intruders ran to the right.

 As Samantha’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, she glanced around the room and spotted a strange door in the center of the room. Suddenly, Samantha remembered that her mother had given her something in the safe room. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a beautiful diamond necklace that had belonged to her mother. Samantha glanced at a strange shaped key hole on the door. It was the same shape as the necklace! Carefully, she placed the necklace charm into the keyhole, and slowly turned it in the keyhole.

As Samantha opened the door, a blinding light filled the room. It became so bright that she had to close her eyes. When Samantha opened her eyes ,she was standing in an old, broken down, and deserted city that looked a lot like her own. Samantha started to worry about her mother, her home, and her people. She thought about it for a while. But, her thoughts soon changed from What’s happening, to I should find shelter. She found an old apartment building and settled in for the night.

The next day, Samantha awoke to a sizzling noise, then a loud ZAP! As she stared at the direction of the noise, a strange light appeared in thin air. Samantha immediately recognized it, it was the portal! As she sat up in astonishment, Samantha heard a familiar voice talking on the other side of the portal. It was her mother. Samantha stood up, ran through the portal, and straight into her mother’s arms. The war was over, her family was safe, and there was peace in their kingdom once more.

After she talked with her mom, Samantha had found out that when she went through the portal, she had gone back in time! “Your father had made that portal a long time ago.” Queen Clarice explained. “We thought it was broken, so we moved it down there years ago. How on Earth did you get it to work again?”

Samantha was about to respond when she heard a loud zap. Samantha heard someone stumbling around in the other room with the portal. Quietly Samantha opened the door and stared at the figure of the man who had come through the portal.

The man was dressed in rags that looked like they had once been made for royalty, but had been torn into shreds in some areas and were now covered in dirt and grime. As the figure stepped into the light, Samantha heard her mother’s gasp behind her. After a few seconds Samantha realized she had seen the man before…


Her father smiled.

December 07, 2020 23:21

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Beverly Riddle
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Feel free to give me feedback. I am trying to find ways to make my writing better.


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