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Splash. Splash. Thunk. I watch my little grey stone sink into the expanse of the lapis blue water. The sky is filled with the humming of the birds and I know they call to me. They tell me all is fine. But do I know that myself?

I sigh and I pick up a lazurite sitting on the bank. Even the ground below tells me it will be alright. This piece is a keeper.

"Maiya!" A friendly voice calls from the scrambled bushes near the sand. The plants part, revealing a beautiful girl.

I smile. "Hi Susuri. I'm gonna miss you." I hope my aquamarine eyes show it. But tears are covering it all up. It is splattered all on my cheeks and chin. If you look close at Susuri you can see she has tried to wipe hers up.

"Maiya, I-" And she is lost. I fall to the ground with her and we are a pile of tears, lost in the world of what we are to do. "What will I do without you, I-" She shakes more.

"Hey. It's gonna be fine." She looks up at me and I swipe her dirty blonde hair out of her face. She is the person who pulls off a good look even when sad. I can't stop staring...

"Maiya?" I snap my attention back into focus.

"Yes Susuri?" She sounds as if she has something important to say. I look at her. We lock eyes and she whispers.

"Maiya the truth is. There's. Well there's. Something I need to tell you-"

The ferns behind us rustle loudly and a tan woman with dark hair appears. She looks very serious, but that's how my mother always is. "Maiya! Where were you I said to pack your bags!"

"Yeah I did."


"Yes everything you said to."

She speaks away all the possible things you would need in the city. Her voice drones on and I can't keep up.

"Do you have EVERYTHING on that list?"

"Well mother that was a little quick I need to process-"

She cuts me off and I already know it's time to head back to the villa. Susuri gives a pleading look. She can tell me later. Is it that important? Before I can respond, my mothers tan hands are on my shoulders, leading me back through the ferns.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

One hour later my large (and stuffed) black duffel bag is filled with everything a girl could possibly need for college. I am not surprised if there is more. Father is sniffling into his silky handkerchief. He tears up lots. When he is happy, angry, sad, confused. Mother is just still and quiet.

Susuri says mother doesn't care if I'm leaving as long as I do well in studies. It is a joke of course. We both know it's just because she is as worried as a woman can get without breaking down.

You can see her shaking as she puts my last shirt is my suitcase.

"Ok father, mother as you can see," I look over at my mother especially, "I have everything. And I will load it on the boat. But first can I PLEASE go see Susuri before I leave?" My nose starts to sting again and I turn away. Mother and father smile at each other and give a quick "Sure, if you are quick."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Susuri is kneeled down in the peach and black sand. When she hears me she quickly gets up and wipes the tsunami of tears from her face.

"Maiya you finally came back?"

I give a soft laugh. "Oh course. I can't leave to college without saying bye to my best friend. And also, I know you will have an awesome time in the village school with all the other kids."

"Thanks that mean alot but I still have to tell you the thing." I sit down and cross my legs. I would take off my shoes but mother had spent almost six minutes tying them. So instead I let my fingertips feel the little grains.

"Ok," she begins, "I'm just gonna say it. No pre explanation. Ok, I, I LIKE YOU!" The words explode from her mouth like the volcano that we always stare at together here at Honolulu, and she is gone. All that is left are the footprints.

I quickly rise from my position and chase after her. I am faster. We both know that. But she has the smarts. So she has the power of deceiving me.

Lucky for me, she hasn't today, and she is sitting by a coconut tree sobbing. I start to speak but she puts her pale hand up to stop me. And she looks up.

"I understand. I just wanted you to know because it's been bothering me. I know you already like Carlo. Shilas told me." She turns away again and I sit down beside her.

I can't help but give a small laugh. "Ok first of all, all Shilas cares about is drama and she just wants to create it. I do NOT like Carlo. He is dirty and plays with the other kids." I smooth out my dress and continue, "Something you don't know about me is that I am also-" I don't need to finish.

She looks astonished. I am not her but I think I can say she feels relieved.

I have words bubbling up. But all that comes out is, "Yes." I think that is enough for Susuri to grin. From corner to corner.

She leans in and we are one. For 30 seconds the problems in the world are nothingness. We can do whatever we want. We will be different places but we connected.

When we are finished I get her attention and promise her something I cannot break. "I WILL visit. My will to can't change. Is that ok?"

I think a laughing and crying combination from Susuri is a yes that imprints into the deep vessels of my pounding heart.

February 27, 2021 03:19

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Ari Berri
20:29 Mar 08, 2021

This is awesome.


SpaceHuman 🌌
21:07 Mar 08, 2021

thanks :)


Ari Berri
21:34 Mar 08, 2021

No problem.


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Katrina Morales
02:11 Jun 05, 2021

Really beautiful... please continue to write. It was an honor to be your English Teacher.


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