That one a.k.a. Scoopy saved my life.

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Friendship Sad Science Fiction

“Ooh!! That one. I want that one.” I said without thinking. “Are you sure?” My parents asked. “Yes.” That one caught my eye. Nothing else was going to be better. “Yes, that one.” I said again.


10 Years Later


“Rrrrrrr!” I screamed. “What’s wrong,” My parents asked. Scoopy purred next to me. “I don’t want to talk about it forever and ever!!” I screamed. “Scoopy, come’re boy’.” He walked in my room. He curled up besides me. “Did somebody wash your feet?” I asked. Scoopy purred again. “Turn off your camera please. Scoopy, turn off your camera.” I lifted my head to see that he had turned off his camera. “Good boy.” I whispered. I took a long sigh and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes with blinding speed the next morning. I gaped at the time. It was 12 in the morning. “Oh no!.” I mumbled. I was so close to perfect attendance! Now I messed it up! What was wrong with me! Yesterday I was so close to winning the national championship for my basketball team and now I fail to get perfect attendance! Scoopy came next to me and laid down. It wasn’t necessarily laying down because he was a robot dog. He tried cuddling with me but it was too big. I had to make this day worth not attending school. I went to a nearby park and just sat down on a bench. I looked at the park. There were barely any people because they probably went to school. Unlike me. I just sat, gazed, and sighed all day long. All day long until Scoopy hopped up and down. “What is it?” I asked so dully. Of course he couldn’t talk but he continued to hop like the floor was lava. Then he hopped to a person and the person was obviously surprised because you don’t get to see a robot dog in a park that often. “Oh! Hi there… Umm, what am I supposed to call…” He questioned me. “Oh! Just call him Scoopy.” “Oh! Ok! Oh wow I always wanted a robot dog.” Ok there were a lot of, ohs, in the conversation. “Yeah I got him when I was like, what? Like maybe… 4 years old?” I said. “Oh wow! Who are your parents?” the person asked. Ok by now I just wanted to go because my parents were… well kind of famous. “Well thei- huuf.” I was pushed back by, Scoopy? I was kind of thankful yet kind of mad. “Hey what was that for?” I said at Scoopy. He kept trying to push me back. I wondered if Scoopy got a virus. “Oh! Sorry.” I said and hurried out of the park.

The first thing I did when I got home was run a diagnostic test on Scoopy. Now, I had some “me” time. I took a deep breath and just sulked. I decided to take a look at why Scoopy was acting so weird earlier. I took out the thermal camera tablet. I rewinded to the part when he started to push me back. At first there was nothing wrong with the man until I saw what was wrong. The man’s body and his head was so red and this wasn’t just a regular fever. This was off the chart red. I decided to email a scientist. After I emailed the scientist, I decided to play my favorite game. Fortman. One of my friends was online so I decided to invite them to my party. “Come on let’s win this thing!” I shouted at my mic. “Kay. My goddess ya don’t have to scream like that chill!” My friend said back. After that, I just concentrated on the game only. Of course I won like 5 games but after that, I was kind of bored. Right as I was about to change my game, Scoopy’s diagnosis was finished. I looked at the screen and I wanted to turn back time. Scoopy had a virus and it said it was a C-O-V-I-D-19 virus. I did not know what it was but it sounded horrifying.

I emailed another scientist asking what was COVID-19. There was only one thing that made Scoopy get viruses and it was meeting someone with a virus which meant the man I met earlier had COVID-19 but I first had to know what kind of virus it was. Dang it! I thought to myself. I should’ve asked his name so it could slow the spread if it was infectious. Oh no. no, no,no,no! If the virus was infectious, I could have gotten the virus too! Oh my god. This situation was so very bad. Maybe I had to self isolate myself. Oh no. I had to see what COVID-19 was so I went to my phone and asked the dreaded question. “Hey Bogle, what’s COVID-19?” I asked. I muted my phone. I read, “COVID-19 is an infectious disease that started in Wuhan in 2019.” I collapsed onto my knees. “Oh no. Oh no. I’m gonna die.” I muttered.

When I looked at the numbers it almost popped my eyeballs out. There were 28.4 million cases in the U.S and 508 thousand dead because of the virus. I was certain I was going to die any week. “No. why me! Why me?!” I yelled. Now I didn’t care about anything cause I knew I was going to die. Then I thought about Scoopy. Scoopy was also going to die because he was trying to save me! He just tried to blend in with me. A human.

He didn’t do anything wrong and he still got the disease. In conclusion, the guy I met at the park was the bad guy. Well technically he wasn’t The Bad Guy but yeah still, he caused all this mess that I DIDN’T like. By now the first scientist replied back to me that he was pretty sure it was COVID-19. “Dang it.” I muttered. Now even a scientist said it was coronavirus. He also told me to take a COVID test. So I first had to isolate myself (with Scoopy.) When Scoopy woke up, he looked fine but his left hind leg was failing. “Don’t go anywhere, ok?” I told him. He just nodded to me and purred robotically. So the first thing I had to do in the morning was wash, eat breakfast, and go to a coronavirus testing place.

“Ok, I came here to test if I got the coronavirus or not. Cause I met this guy at a park and he was infected with COVID.” I told a lady in a white lab coat with a mask and a glove. “Ok. Do you know his name?” She asked which was pretty obvious because if I knew I would’ve told her. “Um. No.” “Ok. then I’m going to ask you to cough in your mask. Ok?” I just nodded. Once I coughed, I handed her the mask and she gave me a new one. “Ok you are good to go!” she replied once she put my mask in like a small container. “Thank you…” I whispered. “Hey! You!” The lady shouted. “Yes.” “Hey umm. Can you tell me what he looked like because he is going to cause a lot of pain to the world.” “Well his hair was curly and brown and he had a mocha skin and umm he had a blue t-shirt and his pant's color was grey." “Because… I think I know him.” The lady said.

February 27, 2021 01:44

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Angelina Jeong
05:00 Feb 27, 2021

I think it was a good story but you should elaborate some more details and make sure the story isn't all clumped up


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Somegenius Kid
01:45 Feb 27, 2021

Try to finish my stories end with YOUR imagination!!


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