Drama Sad Suspense

This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

Chapter 1: Death’s door 

Lorne Ferron’s life changed drastically the day the mafia head, his father died. The life he originally had planned for himself, all his dreams, could only be dreams now. As the only heir and the only male in his family left besides his deceased father. Lorne was left with no other choice. 

   Lorne had just turned 23, two years of his life partying at college had come and gone. A new life of business and living up to the legacy his father made lay ahead , a winding road with the only end of said road being Lorne’s own death. To say that Lorne was intimidated was an understatement. He had never wanted to be like his father. To be honest, Lorne had spent the past 2 years of his life being the complete opposite of his father. While, he had partied his father had grown weaker, wearier the strong man he once knew deteriorating before his eyes. Now, from where he stood he realized it didn’t matter what he did, what life he wished he had. 

   Lorne would always end up here, from the beginning he had no choice. Lorne had fought his reality so intently just to end up in the same spot. In front of him sat a pristine coffin, that in mere moments would be lowered into the ground. Lorne felt cold and as the wind blew he shivered, no one cried they didn’t dare. Other than the wind only a slight shuffling of feet were heard. Lorne watched as they lowered the casket, his mother wrapping her hand with nails sharp like talons around his forearm piercing him. Lorne swallowed patting her hand as blood trickled silently from his arm. 

   He watched the grave digger cover the casket with dirt and shuddered. Lorne was not mafia material, he didn’t handle death well. Though he doubted many people did. But unnecessary fears plagued his mind, the thought that his father was still alive and suffocating inside that box was more haunting than any other one he had previous. It was only Lorne’s fear, they had made sure before they had made preparations. Before he could tumble into the rabbit hole of his inner ramblings, someone called his name.

  “Lorne, excuse me. I’m sorry. Boss.”

Lorne stood straight, shoving his shaking hands into his pockets to hide them and faced one of his father’s underlings and favored bodyguard. His mother’s hands falling from his arm as they clasped together. She stood warily by his side, eyes glassy and seemingly far away. 

“Yes Nate?” Lorne felt intimidated Nate was older than him by 10 years, he worked directly under Lorne’s father. If anything this position should have been Nate’s, he was worthy, and Nate wanted nothing more. Nate, who was whom his father always wanted Lorne to be, a man worthy of the mafia life. All Lorne had ever wanted was a normal life, a life free of guns and new fears that come with being in the mafia family. That also being a head family was a whole other pressure Lorne wasn’t ready for.Lorne exhaled slowly and held Nate’s gaze stone faced even when Nate smiled.

  “I just wanted to say. You can count on me, 

 I hope that you can trust me to keep you safe. I am a man of the mafia, but I am your bodyguard first.” Nate’s words were genuine, there was no way Lorne could deny that. Lorne was envious and naïve to everything mafia. He had loved his father but never got to know him as a dad, only as a boss and a leader. Lorne had always been too weak, was all his father seemed to say. Which not only made Lorne want to work harder, to not only follow in his fathers footsteps, but to be a better man than he was. To be a man nothing like he was, even if he was destined to be a mafia boss.

   To not only make his family proud, but to keep them safe. “If my father trusted you with his life. I have no reason not to trust you. Being the new boss I have responsibilities I don’t yet understand, I’d appreciate your help. We’ll help each other.”

Nate’s smile widened and he held out his hand, the gesture wasn’t foreign to Lorne, but he was still shaky. Lorne put out his own hand and placed it in Nate’s. The handshake was firm and formal. As the moments passed , Lorne grew increasingly overwhelmed.

What exactly was he getting himself into? 

    Lorne could feel the panic settling in, his heart beginning to race, feeling dizzy from taking frantic breaths. Lorne swallowed hard and turned away from

The funeral scene in front of him. From today forward he’d leave his apartment, and an old librarian job behind. It seemed like all the little joys in his life were being stripped away bit by bit. Lorne closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, until he could no longer hear his heartbeat in his ears or feel his hands and body endlessly quivering.

   As he calmed and the shivering quelled a new emotion took its place, a frustration greater than any other time previously in his life. His mother’s hand returning to curve around his forearm didn’t help. It felt like his body, his emotions and his mind were all against him. The remaining mafia underlings surrounded the area, feeling like they were shrouding over him. The only others there were Nate, Lorne, his mother and the grave digger. Lorne was being selfish, he knew and there was no longer time for that behavior. Like a switch clicked on it pushed those feelings to the back burner. He let his frustration and urge to be stronger as an individual take over. A personality he had shoved down so far that it made Lorne feel like someone else. A part of him he had thought let die resurfaced. He no longer shook and it caused any light in his eyes to snuff out. 


Chapter 2: Moving Forward

Two months passed in a flurry, a blur, Lorne was drained mentally and physically working nonstop and was learning new information every day. Still to his utter resignation he was sucking up the information like a sponge, feeling like a part of him was meant to be a leader. It agitated him to no end, but in the end. He sat at his desk, sleekly black and obnoxiously large, suit clad and all like a true business man. Yet to have blood on his hands so to speak. 

  Lorne’s father was a more hands on boss, Lorne had realized. It was apparent especially after a stunt his underlings pulled over him within his first few weeks. They had kidnapped him, and buried him alive. Lorne had experienced nightmares for weeks and had never been more livid or more frightened ever.   Unfortunately these sort of situations could happen to him, it was a test to see what Lorne would do. This was his greatest fear, and any enemy could use this against him to make him talk or rat out who he conspired with. Lorne was irrationally aware how serious his job was, but wasn’t this a tad bit extreme?

  Lorne noted, His relationship, no longer mere friendship, grew between Nate and himself faster than he had ever intended. Nate protected him and taught him with patient resilience. The pieces of Nate moved together like a puzzle, showing Lorne himself and trusting him with his being. That made Lorne smile, he had never been good at making friends, sub par he’d say. Lorne couldn’t deny his loneliness and his longing. Though he hated to admit it, he was happy, truly and helplessly like a idiot. Nate was his first companion, someone he could get used to being around practically 24/7. Privacy was now nonexistent , he supposed though it could be worse.

  Lorne rubbed his tired eyes and rummaged through his desk drawers, until stumbling upon a book, or to be specific, six metal binding notebooks. As he scanned he realized they were filled front and back, his father’s name stood out stark on the first page. Lorne swallowed and skimmed through the first couple notebooks with a shaky exhale. They were filled with information on all the people who worked underneath him, people his father considered family. As he read his vision grew blurry, 

June 12th: 1999;

  I have gained the greatest gift since my wife. I am going to be a father, I was certain for years that would never be possible for me,. Especially since I met my wife later in life. But we got our miracle, I cannot wait to meet you little one.


December 12th,1999

We found out our baby is a boy. I’ve just taken over the family business from my father. Things will be much different, but I’m doing this for my and my family’s future. This will be the big family I’ve always dreamed of, and give my son big brother’s and people who will always look after him and protect him even after I’m gone.

   People I can trust to keep not only me but my family safe. I don’t know what I would do with my life without them, and without the mafia. It is a gruesome reality but there is beauty in it, you just have to look.

April 22, 2021

One of my greatest fears has come to fruition, I’m sick, wary and adamant to not leave my family. But life has drew this hand for me, I’m unable to avoid it. My son who I’ve grown apart from and have been hard on for some time now, will have to grow up fast. I feel sorry I did not want this for him, not this early. That and I know this life is not likely to give him as much happiness that I wished for him from his beginning. 

  My wife who I’ve loved from the moment I met her will become a widow in her 60’s. I feel so immensely sorry to leave them. I thought I had more time, once I retired…I just want to let them know I always think of them. Everything I do and have done is for them, and that I will always and have always loved them. Though I was terrible at showing it. 

This will be my last entry. 

- Jonny Ferron 

Lorne’s chest was tight, his lungs in a vice and his hands gripped so tightly onto the 6th and final journal. Guilt was eating up Lorne, he ducked his head tucking the journal against his chest. His eyes shut tight as he heard a knock on his office door.

  “Boss, can I come in?” 

Nate’s voice floated in under the door, concern coloring his voice.

“C-come in.” Lorne’s voice cracked but he wasn’t crying, he had yet to properly grieve. Lorne hadn’t properly done anything in years. He half assed all that he had ever done. Of course Lorne loved his father, he knew that, and his dad had known right? Tears snuck into Lorne’s eyes again as the door opened and closed with a slick click.

“Boss, is everything okay?” Nate’s voice was closer, a hand laid itself on Lornes shoulder.

“No, and can you.. can you be my friend right now? We are off duty right? , we should’ve went home hours ago. I need my friend right now.” The words tumbled out of Lorne’s mouth disjointedly. He was wishing he had hugged his father more. That he had been more open and told his father he loved him more.

  The journal fell from Lorne’s shaking fingers as he turned to face Nate, his blurry vision growing blurrier. “Lorne, tell me. It’s just you and me here.” Nate uttered, giving Lorne his full attention. Lorne exhaled shakily.

“Did you know my dad wrote these journals?”

Nate nodded squeezing his hand over Lorne’s shoulder. 

“Yes, for as long as I’ve known him. He was writing in one every day, sometimes several times a day. Whenever he got the chance. Why?”

Nate’s eyebrows furrowed and his thumb rubbed over Lornes shoulder.

 “D-do you think he knew? That I loved him. I mean.” Lorne was trembling, trying to swallow down the emotion in his voice. 

Nate smiled bending down, wrapped an arm instead around Lornes shoulders. 

“Yes, of course he knew. He always bragged about you. Every accomplishment of yours like they were his own. He loved you so much, your mother too. “

Lorne sniffled and leaned into Nate.

“I miss him. And I feel so wretched. I…I can’t do this. I’m not Jonny Ferron. I-I I’m still a pathetic kid. I can’t do anything right. I’m not ready for all this responsibility for all of everyone here, their lives. If anything happens I won’t be able to do anything. I-I I feel like I’m suffocating, Nate. If I mess up this time I could ruin or end so many lives…oh my god. Nate. I’m nothing like my father and I won’t be able to live with myself if..“ Lorne prattled on, tears slipping down his face, his body shuddering.

Lorne’s body and mind were going into mourning, his entire being shattering. 

   “Hey, hey. It’s okay. You’re okay. Look at me. Look at me Lorne. You are not in this alone. I’m here. Just look at me and take deep breaths. Calm down and then we can talk and I’ll hug you all you need. Whatever you need,I’ll do, just like I promised.”

Nate held Lorne closer and calmly until Lorne’s breathing even out and tears fell like torrents down Lornes face, 

“You have no clue what you are capable of. With work and time you will be an even greater man than your father. And remember you aren’t alone. I will always be here to help. Always, even if you get sick of me. Everything will be okay. You’re a Ferron after all, if anyone tries to hurt you, I’ll protect you until my last breath.”

Lorne nodded and took the initiative to hug Nate tightly,for only moments before pulling away with a sniffle.

Lorne’s smile mirrored Nate’s.

“I wish I could thank him. He grew a family for me and my mom. I spent so long being selfish and childish that I forgot to stop burying my self in the negative aspects of my life. To see the positive laid out before me, I made myself alone. I secluded myself, afraid to be open. Now I can’t imagine a day without everyone. But especially you Nathan Stevens, thank you for everything.”

Nate grinned sheepishly eyes seeming to shine with tears. 

“It’s my job, a job I signed up for my whole life. If I had to start over, I’d choose this life again. You’re the brother I never thought I’d have.” 


Chapter 3: The end of a new beginning

1 year later:

It was the phone call to end all phone calls. 

A call with a threat, the scared emotional part of Lorne was pushed aside. Nate was in trouble, he needed the irrationally angry, somehow level headed tyrant boss Lorne knew he could be. For those who’d dare to kidnap his best friend, a lesson needed to be executed. 

  This said persona made Lorne stand straighter and his presence to be ever so intimidating. The large oak doors he pushed through hit the walls with a reverberation that shook the main floor of the main house, all the other mafia members, scurried to the front to stand in front of him. 

  Lorne had bulked up over the last several months. So that helped his presence immensely and his hands trembled differently this time. His body vibrating with an anger barely subdued. 

“Nate has been kidnapped. He is family, along with ordering his return. I’m joining the mission, and we will not return home without him.” Lornes voice was deeper than usual and his gray eyes were stormy and his teeth clenched. He gave a nod of dismissal and watched everyone hurry to get everything around. Time was ticking, Lorne got himself ready as well and met the rest of the men outside. In total, including himself there were sixteen men in this mission. There was four inconspicuous black cars leaving a circular driveway in the middle of the night. These people were his family and it had grown more apparent with their time spent together. 

  Like clockwork they moved and reached the location Lorne had been told to meet at. As soon as they got out of their vehicles and closed the doors, their guns were out. Lorne noted that it was too quiet, eerily so. 

   Lorne swallowed taking a corner too quick and almost fell. Suddenly though, he heard a echoing, the clack of several guns hitting concrete he assumed. When finishing his way around the corner he saw a small light, and a banner a obnoxiously large banner. Lorne was thrown but on his way toward the small light and banner set down his gun. “Nate? Nate, are you here?”


“Happy birthday Lorne, my legacy was always you. I’ve never been more proud or loved anyone , except your mother more. Happy birthday son. Take care of our family for me.” Jonny Ferron’s voice echoed in the underground parking garage and Lorne froze. The sound of a tv clicking off sounded and the lights above him flickered on. 

  Lorne could hardly contain himself, his cold persona pushed aside he rushed toward his family, and his newly found brother. Nate had given him the gift of his last words from his father. His father had given him more than he could ever thank him for.

The end 

June 23, 2022 18:51

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Graham Kinross
12:14 Jul 10, 2022

It gets a bit Taken at the end. This seems like something that could keep going. Do you prefer to just have it as a one off?


Chelsea Mckinley
18:13 Jul 10, 2022

I’m not sure what you mean by taken. :) but I wanted to continue it and ran out of words . This isn’t my usual genre I like to write so I was hesitant but it was fun. So I’m considering continuing it but I’m not sure. Thank you for the comment though ;)


Graham Kinross
08:33 Jul 11, 2022

Taken is a film, a thriller about a man’s daughter getting kidnapped. It’s good to work outside your usual genres. If you write a sequel then let me know.


Chelsea Mckinley
18:03 Jul 11, 2022

Oh okay. Yeah I know that movie, I didn’t realize that initially . I haven’t seen that movie in years. If I do I’ll post my next one so you can read it. Might be some romance in there too I’m not quite sure yet.


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