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                  LIFE TURNING POINT

Charles was an energetic young boy who loves to learn a lot. He was born to a family who followed strict values in life. Being in a military family, he had no interest in doing service to the nation. But he measured the values in living a good delighted life. But he doesn't concern about anybody else in life. 

That was an autumn morning, he was packing his things for his college picnic. But his father and mother warned him not to go for any trip or anywhere in that situation around his place. That was because of one bomb blast that happened three weeks before in a shopping mall in their city. Charles was not ready to hear anything from them. 

"Charles, Charles, this is an unnecessary trip at this time." Mary told him. He didn't respond to her advice. 

"Are you listening to me, son?"

"Mom, that is over. The bomb blast happened three weeks before. Daddy serves the nation. I know that. But please let me to enjoy this youth life."

"Hear me Charles. The situation is not fair at present. You can go for such excursion after two months when we find peace everywhere."

"Mom, don't worry too much about it. I'm going for the trip."

"This is your father's order, Charles."

"Let him serve for the nation. I don’t mind it. Please don't put me into such kind of things now."

Mary remained quiet for some time. Charles packed everything and said, "Mom, I'm taking some money." He was thinking something for a while and told her, "Don't inform dad anything now. Take care. Bye mom."

"Charles, be careful. Bye."

He hugged and kissed his mom and took his motorcycle and moved from there. 

Charles' father Colonel David was a great man and the whole family served for the nation in various posts. He was a known officer for the whole nation. He became famous in his service for his service. His father and also the grandfather did the same. So David had a will to send his son too to military force. But Charles was not at all interested to join in army. 

Charles reached the college and joined with his friends. "Hey Charles, how did you come? Did your father allow you to join for the trip?" asked Kennedy. 

"No Kennedy, he didn't allow me. But, he went to office before I wake up. So I explained it to mom and escaped from there. Where are the others?" 

"Come, all are waiting for you near the bus."

"So, we'll blast this trip" Charles said.

"Yes yes, come on."

They went near the bus and all of his friends jumped in joy when they see Charles there.

The staff representative came and took attendance and the trip started. The trip began with worship song and prayers. Then all the students started to enjoy and made fun. Charles felt very relaxed. He too enjoyed with the friends. Finally they reached their trip destination in 2 hours. All shouted in joy. Everyone stepped down from the bus. That was a big park and many other schools too came for picnic there. The representative announced the students about the rules and regulations about entering the park. Then they stood in queue and moved inside with the tickets. Again they started to enjoy there. 

After sometime, there was an announcement in the park. 

“Hello all, don’t panic. If you find something unusual please don't touch it. If you see some bags or boxes or any parcel means don't touch them. Inform us immediately. Everyone slowly leave the park in queue. Don't panic."

The announcement came so. Charles too heard it and shouted that, "Oh, my God! Some bomb blast is going to happen."

"What are you telling, Charles?" Dennis asked him. 

"Yes, this announcement note means that only." Charles replied. 

Everyone started to run towards the gate. But within next 10 min, two bombs blast inside the park. People screamed and tried to ran away from the place. Many people got injured. Even there was no death, many got injured. Ambulance, fire service also arrived. Charles and his troop were in safe place and his friends started to help the people who were injured. 

"Charles, Charles, come here. Give a hand to us. Don’t stands like this watching everything." Martin called him to join with them. But Charles didn't go with them to help anyone because he was in great shock. His friends were taking the people to ambulance. Everything was cleared by the evening time. But the news became viral and Charles got a call from home. 

"I'm in the place only. But nothing hurt me. I'm fine mom." He cut the call. 

Again he got another call. 

"Charles, where are you?"

"Dad, I'm in the place only. But I'm fine dad."

"Me and my force too reached the place. Where are you here?" 

He told the side he was and his father came and take him with him. He was with the father and his father's force was serving the people and Charles stood with them. Media too arrived at the spot and when the media interviewed Charles' father, Charles too stood with him. Everyone appreciated the duty and service of the whole team. But, Charles too became famous by standing near to his father without knowing anything and without doing anything. His news turned viral for his doing. He was praised by the media like that he helped the people who were injured with his father’s team.

Charles tried his maximum to explain that he didn’t do anything to the people who were affected. But no ears listened to it and believed it. By the news, he felt ashamed inside his heart that his name became viral without doing any good deeds. He was not in the way of the father. But the life and the name changed and gained the fame without any hard work in his life. His college too appreciated him when he became the news.  

The name of his father and grandfather and the whole family turned the life of the young boy Charles. Sometimes, the name and fame of the forefathers will save the life. But this incident turned Charles’ heart and he promised his parents that he too will service the nation and will join the army soon. David and Mary felt really proud when they heard such a promise from their son Charles.

September 04, 2020 17:41

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Ari .
21:57 Sep 09, 2020

A little piece of advice: In dialogue, people don’t usually call each other by their first names. Not often, anyway. It was difficult for me to understand why Charles suddenly wanted to join the army when he was so adamant about the opposite at the beginning of the story. I was also confused as to how people made a connection between him and the park bombing if he wasn’t even present at the previous attack. Aside from that, I would also like to point something out so far as narration. It was a little hard to visualize the story, so for...


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