Twisting downwards, in a spinning spiral the microscopic blue blob landed daintily on the copper straw. Weaving down through it till the creature reached sturdy flesh. 

Perhaps happily, or just greedily the tiny speck bit down onto her scalp, then the pain came.

A throbbing ache of burning fury that engulfed her scalp, and the speck grew in size.

Feeding on the spiritual energy the spider sent out a fine silken web, leaving some intwined in the girls hair, the now larger speck moved on in search of its next host.

Tiffany fell to the ground, her hand over her mouth, a wave of nausea rolling up into her stomach to threaten every bean beef burrito in her gut. Her head pounded beyond comprehension, and she thought she was about to die. That's when she heard the voice of a man years dead.

Tiffany couldn't take it, it wasn't real, this sudden pain and now…

God she was dying!

“Get a grip! You're not dying, not yet.” The voice said with his normal irritation at her over-exaggerated assumptions. “The pain will fade soon, first you need to break its hold on you.”

“Break what's hold?”

Tiff laid on the ground, her head pressed against it. What was he talking about?

God her head was pounding.

“The silk weavers, one bit you. That’s the reason for your sudden head pain and nausea. If you don't break its hold on you soon you will become part of its life force.”

“So it will kill me?”

“No no, it's not so simple as that. As of right now it is nearly harmless, it is not until it has fed on numerous people that it becomes any sort of a threat. You have a tad bit more of a problem then most because of your spiritual power.”

My spiritual power?”

“Never mind that, quickly now, it's on your crown, just left of the parting.”

“It's still on me!” She panicked a bit.

“No, not it, but it's silken web. Now, hurry it must be broken, we cannot allow these creatures to grow larger then a quarter.”

“What would happen if they did?”

“Well,” Tiffani's head had calmed and she was able to look up, but his form was hardly there too see. “It would lay eggs.”

Tiffany saw a small blue spider scurry across the roof behind him and she frowned, noticing the size of its body, “let's just say we were too late for that, then what?”

“I so hope you are pulling my leg,”the boy from her seventh grade class frowned, but she shook her head. “That would make life so much harder for you. Hurry now, you must get the others out of here. Every link these creatures create, every bite they take, they grow that much in size. You must not allow them to reach the size of a small dog.”

“They get that big,” Tiffany frowned, her eyes watching the spider through her former friends transparent head. Oh she so hated spiders. To think that they could get so big, she shuddered. However the way Dusan spoke made her ask, “what happens if they get that big?” They get creepier! Her mind answered, but his was stranger.

“They turn into moths, and whatever happens we do not want them to become moths.”

Tiffany knew she was asking a lot of questions but her mouth was on auto pilot and she replied. 

“What happens if they become moths?” She liked moths, they were like less pretty butterflies.

“They start killing people.”

Tiffani's eyes widened, she had not seen that. The spiders are harmless and the moths are deadly, great, just bloody great! She could deal with the moths, the freaking spiders she couldn't handle.

She pushed herself up on shaking legs, the nausea still rolling in her stomach. She had failed to break the link, she could see it in the frown on Dusans face. Her friends were in the next room, and millions of tiny blue specks were covering the ceiling, how in the hell was she going to pull this off.

“How do you kill them?” She set her jaw. Hate spiders as she may, she had to do something, even if it was just to run for the exit.

“I don't know.”

Tiffani did a double take at the ghostly form of her friend, “what do you mean you don't know? Can they not be killed or something.”

Dusan shrugged, “I don't know, I didn't figure that part out. All I know is they get bigger until they become moths, and you don't want them to become moths. You have got to get the others out of here before that happens. With enough spiritual energy to become moths, they will continue to grew larger and likely change.”

“Likely change?” This was just getting greater and greater.

“Yes, the blue spider becomes a deaths head moth, which in turn becomes a web spinner—“

“So the moth becomes another spider?”

“No, a web spinner is a… Well kinda like a winged centipede I suppose. Regardless we cannot allow it to get to that phase, nor any of its forms after that if it has any.”

Tiff frowned, her phobia holding her there with him, trying to stall she opened her mouth once more but he shook his head.

“The spiders gather spiritual energy, linking their victims to them by a fine thread of silk so that they can return to you later, once they become moths they cocoon those victims in a heavy silk, paralysis sinks in moments later. Once that creature becomes a moth tiff, you cannot get away. And the hopper, it… It…” He looked away, his eyes low, “it burrows into you while you can still feel it eating away at your insides and.... I'm not sure what it does past that point, you just don't want it to become a moth, whatever you do.”

Panic gripping her stomach tighter, Tiffany raced forward, the chill to his words causing her to gain motion.

Spiders, spiders, spiders! Deadly fucking spiders.

The creatures dropped from the ceiling trying to land on her head as she raced past, but she didn't stop. Didn't stop even once she had made it into the room with her friends, rather she ran smack dab into one of them, watching the shocked look upon his face as he went backwards out the window.

Tiff hadn't quite meant to do that, but she seriously hoped that there was water in the pool today. She feared to look.

Turning her eyes to the others she gave a crazed look. “Run, run fast if you wish to live! For if those spiders land on you, so help me you would have wished you'd went out that window 2.”

As if to help her case Dusan lifted something off the desk nearby, writing on the board in bold letters.

Beware the spiders that drop down from above, one bite shall surely drive you mad. The poison within shall eat your flesh and kill you fast.

For some reason that had people panicking in a way Tiffany hadn't managed and her friends all raced out. 

Blue specks raining down from the ceiling like a downpour. But she couldn't do anymore then watch as one by one they landed, a few hitting their mark while others managed to escape.

Screams came from the few who had been too fast or too slow.

Tiffani looked at the writing on the board, “is it true?”

He smirked, “nope, it hurts like a mother fucker if they bite you, but aside from that I lied. You shall be fine so long as they do not feed anymore then that.” He looked out, “tell them to brush off their head and keep running.”

“Why me?”

“They can't see me, why do you think they panicked so badly when I picked up the chalk?”


“Tell them.”

“Oh… Wipe off your head and keep running!” She yelled, but they were slow on the uptake and so she added, “ Now, damn it!”

Tiff looked back at Dusan once they'd vanished from sight, “why can I see you then?”

“You have spiritual power.” He shrugged, “it awakened when your spiritual energy became threatened by that bite. Now…” He picked up a match, “your turn Tiff, run fast and don't look back.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I'm going to attempt arsenal if I can manage it.”


“Don't get sentimental, it's not like It will kill me.” He glanced down at his transparent form with indication, “now run.”

Tiff reached out to grasp his hand, but hers went through his. She froze, “I can't, I'm… I'm terrified of spiders.”

He sighed, reaching out a hand to take hers back, and this time his hand was solid enough to grip. “Come,” he pulled her, “I'll take you.”

Without another word he pulled her forward, and closing her eyes she dashed out into the moving blue room. 

Suddenly his hand let go of hers and Tiff opened her eyes to find that she was outside, turning she looked back at him standing in the doorway of the spider filled building.

“Will it kill them?” She whispered looking down at the match. 

“I hope so.”

“Can I ask you something?” 


“You don't seem to know if these things can die.” She frowned, “but how is it you know so much about what they do?”

 “Because,” Dusan looked at her point blank and spoke, his words hollowed ice, “the spinner killed me.”

October 20, 2019 18:36

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