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Over a vast land in the Terai region of Darjeeling, there was a governmental dairy farm. The place had a pleasant and pristine environment smeared with tranquility. The farm was sandwiched by the forest on one side and the tea garden on the other side which spread far and wide. The farm's office employed ten to twelve people to look after the official works whereas for other groundwork like milking the cattle, feeding them, looking after them, the office hired local people from nearby villages on daily wages. One such person was Budhua, of around forty five to forty six years in age. Budhua lived with his only son Surya who was the first graduate from his village. Surya's mother had passed away when Surya was just ten years old. Before him, no one had gone to college, and most of his friends had not even finished school or had passed the school final exam. They either joined the tea garden as workers or worked as farmers or workers in the city. Surya had continued his study with all his willpower and perseverance against all odds. By nature, Surya was calm and friendly but talked significantly less. He was indeed a gentleman with an honest heart and had been always helpful to others.

Surya's best friends were his books and nature. He could spend the entire day with his books or just spent time sitting along the bank of the bubbling river Balasan.

Meanwhile, a young, handsome and smart person called Rajesh had joined the dairy farm as a junior officer. He was from Kolkata, and after arrival, he was a little disappointed with the solitude that the place presented him with bereft of all the comfort and pleasure of the City of Joy. They had given him a beautiful, well-furnished quarter within the farm with all amenities and luxuries. However, he missed his life in Kolkata, especially the evenings and night-clubs as after the sunset, there was nothing much to do for a young man like him.


"You know how much I love you!" said Rajesh. "I'm not leaving this place only because of you; otherwise, how many job offers are coming to me, you know?" He continued, "I'll take you with me if I have to go." Surya stared at his brother Rajesh. No, this young man had done some magic on him. If not, why did his mind always drag him to his brother despite everyone's prohibition! 

Surya got his first job in the dairy farm on a request made by the Office superintendent, Mr Subimal, to the Officer-In-Charge for the post of Computer Operator for the past few months. The Superintendent had requested the Officer-In-Charge to appoint Surya for the position. Apart from this job, he also had an additional duty to look after Rajesh after office hours. Soon, he had developed an attachment with Rajesh and had been connected through an unknown bonding with him.

"Do you know how many movements are going on in the world about homosexuality? In our country, laws are changing now. Homosexuality is no longer a crime. Now a boy can love another boy, can live together like a husband and wife." said Rajesh. "Have you heard about gay sex? Two boys or men can have sex between themselves, which is known as gay sex." Surya did not understand these things. All he knew was that he trusted and believed in this young man. Probably that's why just two days ago, when Rajesh had bemoaned his loneliness on his birthday and requested Surya to stay for the night, he couldn't refuse.

After office work, on his thirty-first birthday, Rajesh took Surya with him to buy the cake for celebration from Siliguri. It was the first time Surya could ride pillion to someone on a bike. It was fun and scary too.

"Rajesh Bhaiya (elder brother) rides the bike too fast." Surja had thought while holding on to Rajesh from the back with both of his arms tightly in fear. On the way back, the two of them entered a good ice-cream parlour. Rajesh showed him the menu card and asked him which ice-cream he would like to have. Surya never had tasted such savouries before. It was a simple Kulpimalai (ball of ice with milk flavour in edible colours) that is circulted on cycles or vans during summer in his village which he had access to, after saving some money. 

It was evident that Rajesh bhaiya had an excellent taste for food and surprised him with many delicacies that Surya had never seen or heard of before. He had talked about Rajesh, and their new bond of friendship despite their professional hierarchy with his father. Surya's father had always been worried about his son, as he could not fulfil all his requirements because of poverty.

"Just see that your job gets permanent. Then we will have no trouble in our life. Obey your officer, particularly your Rajesh bhaiya. Try to comfort him with your work and service. Whatever they say, try to do that wholeheartedly and honestly." Surya had been lost in his thoughts when Rajesh called him for the dinner.

Rajesh was setting the dinner table for the night. There was a big cake at the center, along with various delicacies and drinks. Surya never had tasted alcohol before, so he was hesitant when Rajesh offered him the same. Sensing his dilemma, Rajesh had cajoled him, "Won't you drink for me today? Take this as my birthday return gift from my end."

"Okay, but please give me a little." Surya had requested.

They took a few sips together, then Rajesh cut the cake and put a little cream on the lips of Surya. "Your lips are juicy and sweet, I swear." Surya was taken aback by this new approach of Rajesh.

"I was joking, brother. Have a piece of cake now" Rajesh pacified the visibly shaken Surya. However, this gentleman was everything for him now and he had never come close to anybody like this before. Whenever he looked into the eyes of Rajesh, there was a deep sorrow, which he found hidden under the ever-smiling expression of hisd face. Surya thought for a while and then took the cake and put a soft kiss on the cheek of Rajesh. It transferred the cream from his lips to Rajesh's cheek.

"Thank you, Surya, for this," replied Rajesh with a smile, taking the cream on his right thumb and transferring back to the mouth. "Now come for dinner. It's already late, and the food is getting cold." It was a grand dinner for Surya that he will remember throughout his life. He thanked his Rajesh bhaiya for the treat immensely. Rajesh forwarded another glass, and Surya took that after a brief hesitation. Soon Surya had consumed a lot of alcohol before going to bed. He became unconscious, and Rajesh took him in his arms, proceeded to the bedroom, and laid him down. He changed himself and turned off the light and lied down next to Surya. Rajesh had already decided what to do. He came closer and closer to Surya.

When Surya woke up in the morning, it surprised him to see himself and Rajesh was lying naked on the bed. Tears came to his eyes. He wanted to run away from there. He cried in pain. Rajesh also woke up and came closer to Surya. He hugged him and said, "I love you very much Surya. You are everything to me. I want to spend my entire life with you. Believe me." Surya couldn't say anything, and he bowed his head over his knees and remained as he was. A period of six months had passed along with Rajesh and Surya had just swam through the tides.

One day Surya noticed that Rajesh Bhaiya was absent from office. Surya went to his quarter in the evening to inquire if he was ill, but found that the quarter was locked. He couldn't ask the senior officer about this directly, so he asked Mr Subimal, the office Superintendent, whether he had to continue his evening duties at Rajesh Sir's quarter or not.  

"Hey, you don't know? I'm so sorry. Mr Rajesh went to his home in Kolkata. His marriage has been fixed." Informed Mr Subimal.

Yes, marriage, that's what Surya had heard. Rajesh Bhaiya had never told him anything about it! Surya was simply stupefied. Whenever Rajesh has asked him to stay overnight, Surya had never declined. How many stories, how many caresses, love, and emotions they shared. Gradually Surya learned to recognize himself. Yes, he is gay. He likes boys, and that's why he never felt attracted to girls. He had developed selfless love, undemanding care towards that gentleman, who had completely changed his life. During this short period, he also understood that what his bhaiya did to him almost every night was not entirely out of lovde but an attempt for carnal satisfaction. Sure, that sounds pretty rude to be true but it was the truth. Rajesh had dragged Surya beneath him on the bed countless times to satisfy his desires. Yet Surya had endured all that for so many days because whatever happened he could not deny that he had been fallen in love with his Rajesh bhaiya.

 Whenever Rajesh became upset or felt lonely, he cried in his presence, with Surya taking Rajesh in his arms, and bosom like a mother caressing her child and tried his best to comfort him. 

Surya's mind was out of his control, and he could not sit at his workplace after hearing the news. He couldn't even cry in front of everyone. Soon his eyes had welled up in agony of a deep seated loss which he found hard to explain.

There were still three hours left to get off from the office. He left his seat and went straight to the washroom at the back of the office. He entered and closed the door and then started crying aloud. "Was everything that bhaiya told him so far a lie?” Surya asked himself.

All his existence had become a blatant oxymoron. Bhaiya had used his body just to get temporary pleasure. No, Surya couldn't take that anymore. He felt his head would explode into a thousand pieces. He left the toilet. He seemed to lose consciousness. He ran towards the adjacent grain field and let his body collapse.

After a week, Surya had joined back in office. He had been very ill for long. The doctor did not find any significant reason for his sudden fever and illness. He had said that Surya might have suffered a trauma that may have affected his mind and body. Anyway, Surya had recovered on his own through his indomitable will and determination. However,t when he came to the office, he heard a couple of news that swept him off his feet.

Firstly, his job was no more. It had seemed to be a waste of time for them to keep him and they had appointed a new person from the head-office in his place. His replacement was to join the work from the next day and so thisy was Surya’s last day. Mr Subimal explained the calculations and settled his accounts. Surya took the money and bowed to him.

"Do you have anything to say?" Asked Mr Subimal, as Surya had not left for home.

"May I go to Senior Officer's cabin to meet him for the last time?" Requested Surya.

"Wait. I will just ask him." Mr Subimal said before he went into the Officer-In-charge's room.

"You can go." Mr Subimal had come out to inform, soonafter.

Surya entered the elaboratedly decorated room of the officer-in-charge.

"Come in, Surya. I was thinking of you. First, let me know about your health. And yes, we all were happy and satisfied with your work here, but you know what, it's a government sector, so we have little to do. I tried my best from my level to get your job permanent." said the Senior Officer.

"No, sir. I have learned a lot by working here, which will be my genuine treasure for the future." Said Surya, bowing to him.

"Be well and stay healthy. Don't get upset, surely you will get a good job in a better place. My blessings will always remain with you." Said the officer as Surya left the cabin.

The second news was that Rajesh bhaiya had returned from Kolkata with his beautiful wife. Both of them were in love since their college days. However, due to some misunderstandings and conflicts between them and their families, Mr Rajesh had left everything there and had come here to work in solitude. They had sorted out all differences and had settled everything. His father-in-law is quite rich and a successful businessperson. His father was also a high-ranked government official. Surya heard Rajesh would be back to Kolkata again. So today a farewell party had been organized in honour of both of them.

They had brought a large cake in the office. Both the bride and the bridegroom had entered the office immaculately dressed to join the party. They were in the most marvellous attire and were looking attractive and regal. Even for a moment they did not leave the other’s side. At first, Surya could not think of what to give to the couple as a gift, then he called the office bearer and asked for an envelope. He filled the envelope with all the money he had recieved through his last salary and glued the envelope to hand it to the bride.

"Congratulations to both of you.” He announced. “ There is nothing to give as a gift to you so please accept this small token as my heartiest wishes and good luck." Thereafter, he returned to his place to collect his itineraries left on the table and drawer.

He felt insulted and disgusted from inside. His inner self constantly asked him whether he still loved Rajesh or his desire for another man besides himself on the bed forced him to surrender easily to Rajesh.

He thought again and again, if he was a girl today, then! Then he could have easily dragged Rajesh by his collar and took him to the police for the crime of rape and a false promise of marriage. But he wass a boy. This agony , though excruciating could not be shared with anyone and he had no other choice but to bear in in his mind and heart for the rest of his life.

Suddenly Surya's thoughts got interrupted by a scream. The couple had cut the cake. So that was a joyous scream. He saw them putting the cake into each other's mouth, and everyone else clapped.

 Rajesh came to Surya a little later and put a small envelope into his shirt pocket. "This is for you. Be well, and yes, thanks for everything."

The silence after that was palpable.

"Rajesh? Come here, what are you doing there, honey!" Called out Rajesh's wife.

"Yes, my sweetheart, I am coming." Rajesh ran towards his wife.

"What a feeling of uncontrollable love!!" said an office staff.

Surya came out from all that and took the path to his home. Suddenly his hand went into his pocket. That envelope was there. He took it out and opened it. A five hundred rupees note was lying inside.

~The End~

August 15, 2021 03:30

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23:11 Aug 25, 2021

Spondon, I like your story - it is well told. If you do not use an editing tool - may I recommend using the Grammarly App. It is great for picking any editing that is needed.


Spondon Ganguli
08:12 Aug 27, 2021

Thank you for your kind help. I do use Grammarly app, the free version. I'm thinking of getting purchase the full version. Money constraint in this Covid situation and lockdown. I am grateful that you liked my story.


15:58 Aug 27, 2021

Your welcome Spondon, I understand completely about the money constraint at this time. I took my time purchasing the paid version of Grammarly as well. Please do so for yourself when the time is right. Happy Writing!


Spondon Ganguli
05:58 Feb 19, 2022

Thank you so much for reading my story. I'm obliged. I will surely try to follow your suggestion.


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Spondon Ganguli
12:41 Aug 22, 2021

In my story, the protagonist (Surya) was confused about his physical and sexual emotion) where as the second character (Rajesh) belongs to the category of few people in our society who try to exploded and use them sexually for their own desire and play. These people do exist in our society and you cannot deny. As an author, I try to showcase that only. These people are never loyal to anyone and young boys like Surya get victimised by them.


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