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 I was a new student. I saw a girl with blonde, short and wavy hair. I went up to her asking her if she could show me where my class was. With me not knowing where I’m going, she showed me the way. I didn’t get a good look at her face. Actually, I didn’t see her face at all. As we were walking I saw paintings of dark, and bloody canvas hanging up on the wall. The more I looked the darker the room gets. In fact, we’re walking so far in the room that it turned pitch dark and I couldn’t see the girl anymore. “Um. Excuse me, miss? Where did you go? I can’t see you.” I said. I turned around and I saw a light at the end of the hall and the short blonde hair girl was there. I jogged out of the creepy hall.

I made it to the other side of the hall and I turned around to thank the girl but she was gone. She didn’t walk away but like, vanished in thin air. I turned back around and went to class. As soon as I went inside the class I was called into the principal office. 

I was confused. Why does the principal want to see me already? Did I do something wrong?

I walked to the office and there were police there. The two police turned around and moved from the desk so the principal could look at me.

“Did I do something wrong already?” I asked.

 “Yes, as a matter of fact you did. Did you go into the art gallery?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

One of the officers, who was male, asked me. “You do know that it’s against the school rules to go there, right?”

I took a step back. “No, I didn’t know. I was being led to my class by this one girl.”

“What girl?” The woman police officer asked. Her eyes started to squink. 

 “I-I don’t know. She had short, wavy, blonde hair. I didn’t get a look at her face or even get her name.” 

The two police personnel looked at each other then turned around to talk to the principal. The three of them were whispering something. I could only hear part of it.

“I think she saw “THE” girl.”

“Maybe. We should keep an eye on her.”

The two police personnel turned around again and looked at me.

“Who’s ‘the girl’? I asked. The principal said, “We have a legend here in this school. Or a rumor. However you look at it. But only the special ones can see her.”

“Her?” I asked.

“Yes,’ her’.” The woman police officer said. 

“You see,” Said the other officer. “There’s been a rumor that a girl committed suicide by jumping off the roof and landed on the sharp part of the fence went in her eyes. When we got there it was like a blood bath. We turned her around and saw that her eyeballs were missing. And after that she was trapped here in this school as a ,uh, spirit you’d might say.”

‘A spirit?’ I thought. I looked down thinking. ‘If that girl was a spirit, maybe I should go talk to her at the art gallery.’

“Are you alright, Linda?” The principal asked. I looked up, startled.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said in a nervous tone.

“Okay, Linda. Do not go to that art gallery again. You hear?” The principal said.

“Yes, sir.”

“Now go to class.” The principal said.

I nodded and started to walk out the door when I looked back to ask for more information about the girl and they were gone.

“Hello? Police officers? Principal?” I called out but no one answered.

“Huh. I wonder where they went? They must’ve been in a hurry and left. Weird. I didn’t even hear them get up.”

 I turned around to get back to class when I saw “her” again.

The short, wavy, blonde hair girl with blood pouring out of her eyes. Pale with veins clearly visible.

“Um, hello. What is your name miss?” I asked. For some reason I wasn’t scared. I don’t know why. If anything else, I felt sorry for her.

She came closer to me with a mirror. I saw my reflection. But somehow, my reflection turned into the girl's reflection. Not even a second later I felt her go through me. It made me close my eyes.

I opened my eyes and started to see her life. What it’s like. Or was. 

From her point of view I saw a rather handsome man. Dark and mysterious.Black eyes to match the look. His face is covered from his hood. I guess they let students do that during school. (Lucky.)

 I felt butterflies coming from the pit of my stomach. But. why? I don’t even know the guy. I felt something leave out of my body and saw “her” The girl with the wavy blonde hair.

   I walked in front of her to see what she looked like. She had her headphones on. She was listening to upbeat poppy music. I can tell she was not liking the music but wanted to be with the crowd. From the look of her pale (not as pale as before, but still pale,) with rosy cheeks and pink lips she’s more of a calm, like the sound of nature, girl. 

“This is the same girl I saw in the hall? This girl was beautiful when she was alive.” I said out loud. So loud I thought the other students would stop and stare at me like I’m crazy. But no one heard me. One of the students walked right through me and purposely hit the girl’s shoulder.

“Move it, loser.” The student said and laughed.

“Jerk!” I yelled. I felt myself being dragged from where I was standing. “Woah, what’s going on?” 

I turned around and stopped where the girl stopped walking.

“Hey, Nick.” The girl said, but Nick didn’t even acknowledge her. He just went about his business like nothing happened. I felt heart-broken. At least that’s what I’m feeling from her.

I felt more pain coming from her heart as a tall, skinny, professionally dyed, dark red pixie cut hair came into our sight. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a red tank top that matches her hair. Heavy makeup on too. She looked at the girl and smeared as she walked up to Nick.

“Hey, babe.” She said as she kissed Nick. Her eyes focused on Nick now.

“Hey.” He pushed her back as if he’s tired of touching her while whipping off the red lipstick off of his lips. The girl sure loves red. 

From the look of it they seem to be the most popular kids in school. Everyone is whispering about how cute they are.

I didn’t think so. Not the way they’re treating the poor girl.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. Well, going through my shoulder I guess I should say. I turned around and saw a girl who had buzz cut hair.

“Hey, Candrea, don’t mind them. They’ll break up soon. I promise.” Candrea looked down, tears falling from her eyes. 

“You always say that, Tiffany . Every week.” Candrea’s voice broke and rushed into the ladies room. 

She took a razor out of her pocket to cut her right wrist. Since she ran out of room on her left. Before she could do it she heard the popular girl come in with a group of her friends.

“Hey! Stay away from Nick!”

“I’m sorry.” Candrea apologized. She quickly hid the razor behind her back but it was too late.

The popular girl saw a razor with both old and new cuts all over her wrists.

“O.M.G! She’s emo. Ha, ha!” The popular girl laughed. Her friends laughed along with her. The popular girl took the razor from behind Candrea’s back and pretended to cut herself while mocking Candrea.

“Oh no! I cut my wrist too deep. Maybe I’ll die! Ha, ha.” 

I wanted to go up to them and kick her bratty butt. But I can’t even move. I’m just a shadow. All I can do is watch the whole scene play. Then it hit me.

“This is your memory.” I said. Candrea finally had enough. She already made a note for Tiffany and her so-called “family”. But from what I can feel, I can see why they’re just “family”. Candrea’s memories of her drunken father hitting her aunt. Candrea doesn’t know why. Like, why is he taking all his anger on his only sister.

Candrea’s tears started falling to the floor.

“Aw. We made the emo cry. Boo-hoo.” The popular girl said.

Candrea ran out of the bathroom while the popular girl laughed. 

“Hey, don’t you think that’s going a bit far?” said one of her friends. I could tell they were upset too, after seeing Candrea cry.

“Nope. The emo needs to leave my man alone.”

She’s not even dressed emo. Candrea was wearing a pink skirt with a white shirt with a blue denim jacket.

The girl that asked her if she went too far finally said. “Ya know what? I’m leaving this group. You’re a real jerk to her. You saw those cuts . Those are REAL!” The girl started to yell.

“I agree. Oh, and by the way. I had her friend video tape you.” The other girl said.

“Busted.” Tiffany said. 

Tiffany ran out of the bathroom and the popular girl started chasing after her.

“Too late! I also posted a pic of you sleeping with another guy. Ha!”

Tiffany stopped and posted it on every social media out there. She even showed it to Nick and the teachers.

“No wonder why Nick’s been pushing you away. In fact, he was going to ask Candrea out on a date. And dump you.”

Everyone came out of their classrooms. Even Nick came out with the teachers. Nick walked up to his now ex-girlfriend.

“Okay. That’s messed up. First you cheated on me with a random guy you met at MY birthday party and now this? I’m done. You’re too much of a jerk.” Nick said.

“I’m going to find Candrea.”

“Woo! Go, Nick!” Tiffany cheered.

‘Wait. How am I still here? I thought I was supposed to follow Candrea around?’ I thought to myself.

“Candrea! Where are you?!” I yelled. I ran as fast as I could trying to find Candrea.

I felt her pain but it wasn’t emotional pain. It was.

“Oh no!” I ran as fast as I could to find her to see if she was okay. Then I remembered about the fence. I made it but I was too late.

Candrea’s head was pierced by the sharp edge of the fence.

“Candrea.” I keeled down crying.

“Candrea!” Nick, along with other students and teachers, came to find her dead body too.

“Call the police. Now.” Nick’s voice broke. Nobody did anything but stare.

“I said NOW! I want that slut pay for what she did to this poor girl!”

“We already called the police. They’ll be here soon to pick her up. We’ll bring Candrea’s death to justice. I’m sorry, Nick.” The gym teacher said. Even put his right hand on Nick’s shoulder.

The police picked up the now unpopular girl and put her in the back of the police car.

“I didn’t do anything! She did it herself!”

Nick didn’t care though. He finally was able to pick Candrea up and saw that her eye sockets were pulled out.

Nick didn’t gag like everyone else, he held her in his arms for the first and last time. Ever.

“I am so sorry for everything I put you through. Not once have I ever ignored you willingly. I was embarrassed to even see your beautiful green eyes.”

 Then I woke up from sleeping in class. I looked around and saw my teacher calling my name. “Go to the office now.” Said my teacher. ‘Oh, boy’ I thought to myself. As I got up I saw Candrea. She looked at me and smiled and said. “Thank you for listening.” Her beautiful green eyes were in her eye sockets this time. I smiled and thought ‘You’re welcome, Candrea,” Then as I walked to the office, Candrea disappeared to heaven.

(Sorry for it being dark. Nightmares makes me write and this is the clean version.)

July 03, 2021 08:41

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