It feels good to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Yes, you feel like having the world at the tip of your finger. I never thought on a good day, I will be caught in a web that I know it's not right but how did it happened? Will then be the question. Living a carefree life has always been the goal!

I never for once thought that carelessness isn't just doing things with no act of seriousness or care.

It knowing what is wrong but not having an idea of it.

Knowing that it's wrong not to look before crossing the road whether busy or not, still want to do it. Maybe lack of idea of the impending danger.

It having the knowledge of what road accident is and some possible causes and still, not taking note of it.

It's knowing about the "lights" Yes! Those lights on the streets and highways but forgetting why they are there.

It's knowing about those men, those in *grey* still failed to know why they stood on those roads.

It's all happened as if I was on a movie set. I was waiting for a reply so I could get my lines correctly. Yes, I have always thought things like this never meant anything. But...

"April 1st 2018 was a different day entirely"

Funny as it may sound, I was under the handiwork of alcohol and like seriously, the music was high!

I was on top of the game!

I was on speed too.

Andrea..... ****

I have always been the spoilt brat" Like they will always call me because of my way of life. I never saw what people say about me as anything. I live my life to the fullest. If you are in Chicago, you will know what I mean. Life in the street is one life that both the rich and the poor measure up.

Breaking rules and letting it go without being pulled down for it was a game played by the strong and mighty.

I, Andrea was caught up in the web of life in the streets of Chicago, a state, and one of the largest cities in the United States of American.

*Crime* is to do anything found illegal and punishable by law. How dumb was I to have forgotten so fast. Oh! I remember, maybe because my father used to and still is one of the most influential in the state. I could do it and go past it without being questioned. Of all lights,

These three lights were different. They were part of the rules in the state. "Obey" was the word!

It's there to guide you, it's there to let both the Pedestrians and the drivers to move with caution. They call them:

"Traffic lights "

Three beautiful colors




These lights are there with each having an important role to play. Andrea, how could you forget so soon? This I asked myself when it was done on me that I have erred. There are things you don't joke with, there things the government do not let go without getting it put in the right place. For this law, it was as old as the state Itself. Don't break the traffic rules. Those who do, will go behind bars* how could I not remember?

Don't answer calls when on motion

When you are behind the wheel, if the red light is bright, stop!

If the yellow is bright, get ready to hit the tyres! And if the green is bright, go! These were the rules. Andrea! I screamed my name as I saw them through the left side of my mirror heading my direction.

Yes! Two burly men.

The tall fair man was with a baton the other one I couldn't differenciate him from the black uniform. He was as dark as night. In my car, I felt I was never gonna get out of the trap I am caught in. I broke the law!

It not right to go one lane. It is dangerous it has claimed so many lives how come I couldn't remember all these? I was coming back late at night after a friend's birthday party. It was fun filled. I was in my new Benz I got #30million when converted in Nigerian currency. Like I said earlier, I have never hit the wrong button when it comes to acquiring things I wanted because I had anything I wanted at my Beck and call. Oh no! What I failed to get straight was their are crimes punishable by law. And in this state, Chicago, Breaking traffic law was one of it. I wasn't supposed to have forgotten about it. I'm not a citizen but I was meant to know the law. Yes, I was born and bred there.

They came in full force bagging on my door open this damm door!

I heard the dark man say with no smile on his face and his eyes bulged out in fury. Oh my God! Am into a deep shit. I was dragged out like a bag of grains and my hands behind me immediately with handfuls. "Come with us, come with us! The dark man said. I couldn't say a word I don't know, I have no idea what I have done.At that point,I was looking at my Benz, my beautiful "baby" Being tolled like a condemned "rickety car". They bundle me into theirs with my hands behind me in handcuffs. Please! What have I done? What have I done?

This question came repeatedly because as of then, I forgot that I didn't only broke the traffic rules but drove in the wrong lane.

Oh! Could this be the influence of alcohol I took? I had a lot to drink at the party and I was rushing home to meet up with something very important I left undone which I had only before 7am the next day to get it done and dusted.

How could it now be possible? I have ruined it all!

Please! Please!

They drove me far some miles away from the scene.

I really had no idea I had offended and broken the law!

All I could say as I was been dragged along the slippery hallway with my hand still on handcuffs was

Please! Let me go, please, let me goooooo!

It wasn't intentional!!

July 27, 2020 22:01

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13:49 Aug 06, 2020

I really enjoyed this character. You did well conveying the anxiety and confusion one becomes under the influence. Great job!


Abigail Slimzy
17:03 Aug 06, 2020

Thanks for making out time to read.


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Abigail Slimzy
09:36 Aug 20, 2020



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Abigail Slimzy
20:04 Nov 13, 2021

Thank you❤


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Tvisha Yerra
02:25 Aug 06, 2020

Love the story!


Abigail Slimzy
17:20 Aug 06, 2020



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Isabelle ~~
02:40 Aug 03, 2020

Nice and amazing story! I really like it :) By the way, would you mind checking out my new stories? Thanks.


Abigail Slimzy
17:10 Aug 04, 2020

Thank dear.


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Abigail Slimzy
22:36 Jul 27, 2020

When it happens, you know it but at that moment, you are lost of idea(s) how you find yourself in that shit.


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23:19 Jul 27, 2020

Great job! Oh, would you mind checking out my story ‘A Poem By A Star’ if you have a chance? Thanks! Again, nice work!


Abigail Slimzy
00:28 Jul 28, 2020

Thanks dear. Alright I will.


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