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Far, far away in the depths of space there is a highly developed planet.

Featuring lush vegetation, clean air, with azure water and sky. This world has advanced technology and civilization compared to Earth.

Vega is its name.

The only occupants of this civilization are:

Kats: clever feline-like beings, who have created what they consider to be a paradise. The Kats on Vega- in contrast to their diminutive Earthly counterparts -reach human heights and have kept their four-legged gait out of deliberate design.

They communicate in a variety of ways and languages including English.

In this Nirvana style civilization disease and illness have mostly been eliminated. Every appropriate Kat can live forever by exchanging a worn body for a new one, as new-born are infused through computer transfer and blended with the brains of the aged or the dying.

There are rarely any territorial conflicts, and occupants here generally get along very well with one another.

The Kats have set up a magnetic force field around their planet, Vega, to prevent any extraterrestrial visitors from reaching their home. Furthermore, it guarantees ideal weather conditions by preventing all or any pollutants to be release into their clean and smog free environment,

Vega operates under a monarchical form of governance. The position is reserved for women, and the Monarch has the ability to appoint governors or governesses over any part or island of the world as she sees fit.

As is customary every three months, the present Monarch, Queen Ermine IV, has called the governors to the Great Hall of State for the quarterly meeting.

Her magnificence with black silky fur which is elegantly groomed and presented, she has golden eyes, and wears a diamond neckless. On her head a crown of precious metals and gems: a symbol of her position as word leader.

The event is as usual being televised live to the whole of Vega.

As she enters the auditorium there are audible gasps of admiration and a collective lowering of heads.

She looms above the crowd from atop her pedestal.

"Now I shall begin my talk to inform you all that I have chosen to make a global and radical legal reform.

Black Kats in our world have historically been regarded as superior to all other types.

In the pecking order-so to speak- there follows in order of merit: grey, cream, brown , cinnamon, fawn ...' "

She rolled off a long list and later said:

" white Kats are at number 98"

Which was one behind oriental and one ahead of tuxedo.

As she concluded the lengthy roll order, she emphasized the last one which was the Ginger Kat. which until this time was always relegated to the role of servant. 

"But now, because of our advanced technology, the robot humans will perform all of our menial job, and you won't need to use or hire gingers to serve you. So, whilst the superiority of the black breed is maintained, all Kats of whatever color will now enjoy the same rights and privileges".

Even though more that ninety percent of attendees were long haired blacks everyone in the room stood to applaud by way of a gentle purring sound.

 "And to signify this new development I welcome the new Governor of Orange Country the Very Honorable Les Butterscotch," the Queen said.

At this moment a slim ginger walked proudly across the stage whereupon she curtsied first to Her Majesty and then to the applauding audience. She joined the others on the lower tier.

-Incidentally it was only after Les had transgendered to female that her appointment was confirmed.

 Sitting on the Queens left was her Consort (her husband) a rather aged yet distinguished senior. He was nodding along with her, but she could tell he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Just like a Tom! she thought. It's no wonder women hold all the power in this planet!

Princess Tabatha, the eldest daughter of the Queen, who is next in line for the throne and was on the left of Her Majesty, was at least appearing to be paying attention.

The Monarch then continued:

"As you all should now for many, many years we have hidden cameras around the planet known as Earth; we have filmed and observed with horror the disgraceful way they treat each other, allowing millions to die unnecessarily of poverty, creating diseases like Covid 19, and further completely destroying their own planet by poisoning it with pollution.

We had planned to attack Earth and take it over completely so that we could purify it and give Kats and our brothers their full control.

However, this is unnecessary because the population is destroying itself through internal conflicts and environmental degradation.

When the end of the world date does inevitably come, our brothers will be evacuated and brought here."

"And anyway, as you already know, the cats on Earth are mainly in charge despite their development being halted for centuries to allow the humans to domestic them,

 (She decided not to mention the ridiculously prejudice by some of the human race towards black cats though almost everyone on Vega had learned of this outrageous treatment if they followed the social media site: Meow).

Her Royal-ness then said:

'Many of u have viewed on Katflix the true-life documentary series about mankind and their destructive behavior.

The series would not have been conceivable without the secret filming of human activities carried out by our cat relatives on Earth, who were recruited and imbued with Kat intelligence.

From what I've heard, it's up for a slew of honors."

At this point, Her Majesty paused her speech and then offered,

 "Maybe it will win the Os-Kat, for best true story."

The room immediately filled with a roaring purr of approval.

The Queen's voice rose as she announced,

"And now I have a very big surprise for you."

..... the audience murmured together in anticipation...

 "Our scientists are now able to fully clone all varieties of human robots and program them to fulfill our orders without question.

One of the very many cloned human breeds are called the Munchkins.

 Developed by our experts these are a type of humanoids who are quick, energetic, fun-loving, affectionate and neutered. And computerized to obey your every command - once you get accustomed to their looks you may find them adorable little human-look alikes."

Then, right on cue six tiny earthlike looking dancers came out from the left side of the stage and kowtowed to the Queen and the crowd. They formed a line on the other side of the stage.

 In front of each little human robot is a saucer of milk. As one, they each knelt down and gleefully licked the milk from their saucers.

After the excitement had died down, Her Majesty addressed her subservient Munchkin slaves with the following words:

"Here Kittie Kittie... I mean Kiddie Kiddie..."


The main morals of this modern fable are obvious, but just in case, 3 of them are:

i ) Don't judge a book by its cover (Gingers are equal).

ii) Humankind is destroying itself.

iii) Be nice to your cat, who may already be a Kat!

April 14, 2023 04:28

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Mary Bendickson
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Quite Katty! We already know Kats rule:)


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