Thriller Science Fiction

November 11th, 2575

"I can't believe I'm late…" I murmured as I tried to walk as fast as I could with my heels.

I stopped myself before a red light. I wanted to scream for it to change. Just when it turned green, someone bumped me.

"Hey, watch where you're….!" The youngster in front of me looked angry, but…

For some reason, he stopped the sentence. I wanted to punch him.

"Aren't you the one who should be apologizing?" I told him.

"Wait a minute…" he looked confused "I did bump into someone, didn't?"

"That's not funny, young man. Apologize! I'm even more late for work because of you."

He didn't even look at my direction. just looked around for me… despite the fact I was right in front of me.

"Where is he…?" He just scratched his head.

"Do you also refer to your mother as he, you brat?" he scratched his head. I breathed deeply before shouting "Are you…?!"

"Don't bother. He doesn't hear you." I heard a female teenager's voice from behind me "or hear you."

"Are you this guy's friend? Come on, is he both blind and deaf? It doesn't seem like this to me."

As I looked back at her, she looked like a teen, no doubt, but surely not a modern teen. More like someone from 2 centuries ago.

"Well, he is blind and deaf when it comes to you."

"Very funny, you weirdo. I don't have time for you." I just left them.

On my way I saw a clock, it was 9:15.

"Geez, those teenagers these days…" I murmured "and that girl… Does she think it Halloween? Damn, I don't have time for that!"

I rushed to my office as fast as I could. But something was weird. No one greeted, even though I greeted them, in the elevator people crushed me to the wall like wasn't there. It totally wasn't the right way to treat a new employ. I rushed to my boss's new office and opened the door, panting.

"Sorry, boss, some weird kid ran over me like I wasn't there." My legs were spreading. It couldn't be more impropriate.

"How strange," he said, "How the door was open?"

"It's not April Fools' Day. You passed that age, don't you think, sir?" Like hell, I cared how I looked at that moment. The old geezer.

"I told you, he's blind and deaf to you." I heard a voice behind me.

"I told you…!" Wait. Since when was a weird teenager from before there? "How did you get here?"

"Well, the more time passes, we're even easier to ignore."


"The forgotten."

"I'm not here to solve your mommy issue," I said to her and then looked at my boss once again.

"You see, there are so many people on Earth, and the world can't contain them all, so they are forgotten."

"More like ignored…" I yelled at my boss, who didn't even bother to look.

"Well, as we become forgotten, no one can notice us too."

"Forgotten… Forgotten… Forgotten… by who?"

"By history."

"Since when history has a memory?"

"Well, you are erased from everyone's personal history. No one remembers you, has photographs of you, has anything related to you… It like you never existed in the first place."

"If I don't exist, how did I eat today, and got dressed today…?"

"The eraser is kind enough to not wander off in the world with our pajamas."

"How considerate… Wait… Eraser?"

"The one who makes us disappear."

"This must be a dream…" I sighed. What else could it be?

"In a way… I guess."

"Fashion never was your strongest suit was it?" really, I just couldn't bear her clothed.

"Back my time they were really popular, but you know, 213 years passed this then."

"You're here after 213 years?!" I wonder if it was my feeling or my got bigger.

"Well, yes."

"Everyone you know died, and you're the only one alive?"

"I can't say I'm alive… she looked at the floor "I can't do anything… You didn't even open the door, did you?"

"Of course I…"

Thinking about it, there was a man who held to the door while someone else entered. Could it be…?

"What can we do?!" I freaked out.


"You tell me I can live like this for another 213?!"

"Even more."

"There must be away, there must be a way…" I went back and forth.

"The eraser said there's one thing you can do… but not one succeeded."

"What is it?!"

"You need to go back in time, to the 21st century."

"Like hell I can do that."

"The easier will assist you. All you need to say is to call his name."

"What name?"

"I can't say it, but I'll spell it to you: D O K E T."

"Doket? Sounds like a dog-cat." I laughed. But my laughter was disturbed by a voice.

"Who said my name?" I couldn't tell where the manly deep voice came from.

"She does," the girl pointed at me.

"Who are you to call my name?"

"My name is Nelda."

"Nelda, what a weird name."

As speaking voice without a mouth wasn't weird at all.

"I want to go back to the 21st century!" I said.

"You? A woman?"

"Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?" another one of those men they think they can do everything better women, ha?

"Well, it isn't the equal world you know today." the voice said, "Women aren't men's equal yet."

"Weren't they equal at the time?" I learned that it was actually the 20th century when equality began.

"It was better than it was a century before, but the process ended just at the end of this century."

"So, what am I to do?"

"Back at the time, the world was divided into countries."

"Yeah, yeah, I know that."

"You need to lead the world to a new way, to a world where humans care more about the surroundings, humans and non- humans alike."

"And if I fail?"

"In a year for now, all humanity will be gone forever."

"Until the next one succeeds… right?" I was trembling.

"There won't be a next one. I am tired, I can't continue no longer after today."

Great, the destiny of the whole world is my shoulders. Why am I stupid?

"From today on, your name will be Sophia Martin. Good luck. Search for me. I am sure you will recognize me by my voice."

Before I could say anything I found in the middle of the sea.

"Help!" I shouted. Damn, that stupid eraser. "Help!"

From me behind me I heard a splash. From the huge ship in front of me swam a man my age. He wore a fine suit, but it surely didn't disturb him.

"Are you alright, miss?" he held my hand.

"Doket?! Is that you?!" I asked the man with the so familiar voice.

"Are you fairy by any chance?"

"A fairy?"

"How else could you know my surname. Maybe an angel?"

I smiled. Was he searching for a girlfriend by sending me here? Oh well, it doesn't seem that bad idea.

"My name N… Sophia Martin."

"Liam Docat… But why won't we get back to the ship? I'm starting being cold. Hold me, I'll lead you."

I held his hips, and he started to swim, taking me with him. On the ship, few men with suits waited for us. A sailor through down a ladder, and we both climbed. As we were up, only two left.

"It's not the wisest idea to jump to the sea, you know," said worryingly 50 years old with dark skin like Dogcat. I mean, Liam "Couldn't you wait for the ship to get closer."

"You know Liam, always loves to act like a knight." Said a freckled man, with red hair and pink skin.

"The only knight in the year in 2040, aren't you?" The old man didn't sound amused.

"That's me." Liam laughed and looked at me, "Now, really, how did you know my name?"

"She surely read the name on your suit." The red hair laughed.

Looking at him, on his suit really was written DECOT. How stupid of me.

Anyway, I found Docet. And wow, he is surely handsome. I surely won't mind sparing with him for the rest of my life…

"You talk about changing the world, ha?" said the older man "What about taking responsibility on yourself, before being responsible to the world?"

"I guess you're right, dad." Liam smiled shyly.

Liam's father sighed and went from there.

"Why won't we dry ourselves?" he held my hand.

"Surely a great idea," I smiled back.

It seems like my sweet romance is about to begin. But hey, I didn't forget why I came here. Don't be surprised to hear my name soon!

October 26, 2019 12:40

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