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So much dirt is accumulated on my Dad’s portrait! It took almost half an hour to clean his photo frame and the album. And of course, it is not unusual to get so much rubbish accumulated, as I have touched those after a gap of 2 years. Today, it’s his 8th death anniversary. Last year, I was so busy at an onsite project that, I could not spare time for this specific day of the year.

I am feeling guilty that today, till this time of the evening, I have not yet started the prayer for my Dad. Incidentally, today was the grand official announcement at the Office, of my promotion to the most prestigious position of the CEO of the Company, as the token of appreciation that the annual target of profit of the Company is overshot by 100%. The board of directors is sure that mainly because of the implementation of my 5 principles, in my capacity as the VP Operations, the great result happened, in the Company, at the time where all the competitor Companies have under-performed.


The Company where I am promoted as the CEO, has adopted the following 5 principles of operations, for the whole team: a. Set priority for actions – b. Whatever you do, do on time – c. Maintain honesty today and every day – d. Give 100%, on whatever you do – e. Keep on improving, every day. My proposal was accepted by the board of directors of the Company for making these 5 principles operational, for the whole Company.

At the moment, the board of directors attributed to the 5 principles and started appreciating the efforts to implement the same, my mind directly went to the past moment of 30 years back of a particular Monday, when my Dad’s tear-drops kept on falling on my head, ears and shoulders. Actually, literally every day, he used to keep on demanding exactly those 5 principles, in my behaviors, as I used to badly deviate from those, even after his repeated reminders, I would always reach my School late; would often waste time by being busy, doing things which were not required; would always take the back seat and would put sticky bubble gums, at the backs of my innocent classmates; would not at all put efforts to do my School home works and would snatch the already done home works of others, to copy etc.

My Dad used to maintain so much patience, all the time, even after my so much disobedience! But, on that particular moment on a Monday, he became so angry that he shouted at me very loudly with all the bad words, gave some slaps on my cheeks and after completing all those, badly repented, for what he did. “I am so sorry, my dear child! But see, you badly missed the bus today, only for 5 minutes. So, always be on time. And, always follow and respect these 5 principles…..” At that time, I just ignored that momentary event, like many other usual moments and forgot.

Today, at this time, when I am badly remembering my belated Dad, whom I lost untimely, I am feeling that the moment when he lost his temper, was indeed a special moment. Dad explained me lucidly, with real examples, for at least one hour, on each of the 5 principles that he believed on and practiced. Never before, he explained so elaborately. I tempted to ignore, but the genuine silvery tear-drops that I felt coming out from the heavy heart of my Dad really made some big change inside me, silently. Because, such incident did not get repeated, again.

I started being punctual in my School and also in completing my home works. My classmates did no more get harassed by me, because of my sticky bubble gums and chalk pencil pieces. From being the back seater, I got converted to be the front seater. I started getting star grades, in all the subjects, instead of being ‘just passing out’, in the exams.

The gradual changes for continual improvements continued in my College, in the University, in my PhD and are still continuing in my Jobs.

In between, unfortunately, I lost my Dad, forever; but, his 5 principles continued to remain alive, with me, all the time. Due to the work pressure, gradually I stopped remembering my physical Dad, but his 5 principles have not only been alive, but also have been shining more and more, years after years. Whatever successes have chased me till now, are because of these 5 principles, advocated by my Dad, in the past.

I joined my present Company only three years back. In the last three years, the profit of the Company is increased by 100%, despite of all the odds. And from the position of the Senior Manager, I got promoted as the VP and as the CEO, today.

On this special day of remembrance of my father, I am remembering him especially for his every day talks on these 5 principles. I feel, I have missed him badly.


The special moment that had occurred 30 years back, even though was ignored badly, at that time, is rechristened now. This current moment is one of the most special one, for me, because I have decided to make the most special memory lane for my beloved Dad, at the big Drawing Hall of our house. The only difference is that now, I am able to cherish the most, the memory of the yesteryear’s memorable moment, for the first time, as if discovered, of late. I am sure, my Dad will forgive me for whatever I had done so far, to keep his memory up. But, I have strictly followed and have shared with others his teachings, in the practical world and have got hugely benefited and helped others to get the benefits.

At the top of his big photo frame, the following lines will be engraved, permanently:

“Let everyone embrace the following 5 principles of operations:

a. Set priority for actions – b. Whatever you do, do on time – c. Maintain honesty today and every day – d. Give 100%, on whatever you do – e. Keep on improving, every day.”

October 03, 2020 02:42

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Claire Clayton
15:12 Oct 09, 2020

Great story! I liked the character! Try to develop more the original prompt. It got a little lost and I was not completely sure which memory changed because of a new discovery about their past.


Khagesh Mahanta
17:09 Oct 09, 2020

Thanks Catherine, for your comment, observation and suggestion.


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Raymond Kelly
15:48 Oct 21, 2020

I do like the idea, but I second the notion that it strays from the prompt. If you had kept the concept but explored the prompt in a more detailed way, I feel like you would have ended up with a much better story. All around, though, a decent job.


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Sucheta Halder
19:11 Oct 08, 2020

the plot wasn't quite intriguing. the sentences were well written and conveyed the feelings.


Khagesh Mahanta
06:14 Oct 09, 2020

Thanks for your feedback.


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