It had been twenty-four years since she’d last seen it, but the place looked exactly the same. The memory she had flash back to where it begins. A woman who started her journey in searching of who she really is and her purpose in life. A woman who looks life differently because the world is unfamiliar to her and the life she had push her to the limits that made her to become the woman she is. Struggles in life, the hardship she encountered and the failure she had.

           Often times she asks herself, did I make my purpose in life? Or did I make a difference to a person’s life? A lot of questions that made her question her existence and see herself unworthy in God’s eye. That night tears fall from her eyes and realizing that she’s living her life full of scars and lies. The journey she had in finding who she is was not that easy. She finds herself having breakdowns and giving up but one thing is for sure, life has its own ways to let her continue and smile because she had someone up there who tells her it’s going to be ok.

           Someone came to her life, whom she thought would make her realized the love she’s searching for. Love indeed encompasses all but little did she know that destiny play its part in discovering the greatest lesson in life. The test of her faith was tested, between emotion and duty. Discovering that the love she’s searching is in God. Her life is the reflection of the woman that God’s love. He never judge, he continue to love and receive her back. The woman she was twenty four years ago was now the woman who was brave enough to stand and face the world. A lot of things happened but the love she had makes her special.

           Going back to the present, as she walk inside the room, she remember the girl sitting in the corner, who was crying and asking God to remove the pain she had. The fear she saw in the eyes of that little girl who knows nothing but the innocent things in the world. She wished to tell that little girl who keeps everything to herself that she is now the girl who was strong enough to walk beside God. As she walk again and look at the door, the paper was still there, remembering the words she wrote. That’s where it started, the word that change her life. Reading it again and then she smiled.

The flashback continues, the girl laying on her bed, made a note and wrote something from that little book she had. It was actually a note for herself, a conversation she had from the book she was holding. It became her light, her happiness and her comforts. Something that no one knows but just a relationship she built between the two of them. Isolating herself from the reality of the world and living the life she had at the moment. She continue to read the book she was holding, and something caught her eyes, and it is something that she noticed, a very unique words she created. She was wondering what this could be and she come up with the idea to juggle the words, to group into something meaningful and useful. Then she found it, a message that no one knows. Life isn’t easy for she knows that many will not believe but what if this message will simply put a significant change to one’s life and then she continue doing it.

           A person knocks on the door and then she was shocked for she knows that the place to where she was is an empty vacant place. It was a long time ago that the place was preserved and then she slowly open the door. A man suddenly appeared and she looked in his eyes and they met in the middle of the place to where it started. He started to talk and said “I guess this place is just still the same” and then he smiled. The woman was wondering who this man could be for she know nothing of him. She started to ask, “Who are you?” and the man laughed and he said “I know about you” and you know about me. The woman still didn’t understand what he was talking. We’ve known a long time ago, we are bound to meet in this place, to the place which is a very special between us and I think it’s all worth the wait because I found you in this place.

           The words you created for me is a very sweet word that lifts me up and the same thing with you. I was in the middle of life crisis when I read the words you left in this door. I think these words will always reminds me that I was the person who I am right now. When things get wrong and when I am in the middle of giving up then I always look the words you left in this note that you put in this door. Funny it is that I have known you for a very long time yet you don’t know me. When you cried, I was there without you knowing. When you’re happy, I was happy without you knowing. When you smile, I find myself smiling. When you’re angry, I wish to comfort you and give you hope. I was there all along and that made me realized that you’re truly indeed a special woman designed by God. She was silent hearing all these things and she was amazed how things works according to the Will of God. She lifted her eyes and look at him and she smiled. She pick the paper she posted in the door and at the back of the paper is the word that says you have come this far, you have showed your best, you always come up with something unexpected and that was all that mattered.

November 21, 2020 01:22

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