The rabbit and my missing wallet.

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Sarah which colour would you prefer pink, blue, orange, red or white? the painter asked me. I said blue is my chose. I could still smell the fresh blue paint as if it was just yesterday. I had inherited a old, wooden and two storey house from my deceased grandmother in a small and beautiful countryside town name Dublin. I was dressed in my white gown admiring the old but beautful house.

I went in the backyard and my eyes caught attention to the discovery of a lovely and small garden planted with carrots on soil bed. The vegetables looked ripe, colourful and tasty. I thought to myself today was my lucky day a garden with my favourite vegetable carrots planted. I was excited and happy.

I love and enjoy eating carrots since as child growing up playing with dolls; my mother would cook the carrots mixed in chicken soup with other ingredients for me.

When I was 6 years old, first introduce to carrot I hated it like any young child hates vegetables. My father had to trick me and play tube tube train to make me eat Broccile but when my mother told me that if I didn't eat carrot I would get blind.

I ate the carrots because of fear of getting blind and I fell in love with it. When I was sick there was no better old trick like good bowl of soup with carrots that made me feel better. Chicken soup is my favourite food whether I am healthy or ill.

The Monday morning when I woke up I could smell the fresh air without the pollution of vehicles and factory gases. I love the countryside so peaceful, beautiful, safe and quiet.

If there one place leave on earth mother nature surely knows she can find her beauty is in the countryside. I couldn't hear noisy people and screaming cars or babies nor I didnt have to fear criminals. I am in love with countryside I will be happy and grateful living here I thought to myself.

After drinking my tea, I went to the garden and watered the plants while I sang for them a slow and soft melody. After watering the plants I remove the unwanted weeds and did a little gardening. The carrots I saw standed firm in the soil it sounded like they were calling me to take a bit, yummy! I had an imaginery taste of the them in my mouth. I gived the carrots a kiss on there stems.

Tuesday morning I got dressed in my yellow dress. I was heading to the supermarket to buy some goceries for my house then I couldn't find my wallet and soon realised it was lost.

My wallet inside containing my bank account card, identification card and some cash was gone. These are my important documents. I was confused , stress and anger.

I search every inch of the house and couldnt find my wallet. I didn't had no money to buy anything but atleast I had my garden with vegetables to survive till I found a solution.

Wednesday morning I woke up and went to the garden with my basket to pick the carrots. I planned to make chicken soup my favourite because I had a pack of chicken wings and eggs in my refrigerator when I first moved in, which I bought. When I went to the garden all my beatiful carrots had disappear like magic. I wiped my eyes to see if I was seeing clearly in disbelieve.

I was disappointed I thought to myself some wild animal or person stole them from my backyard. How would I survive now with all my carrots gone. Thousand of thoughts run through my head. I had no ingridents to cook I would starve for the day.

Thursday morning I couldnt sleep because I was hungry as my belly was grumbling and groaning. I had to catch the thief that cause me to starve. While I peeked through my window there was the criminal hopping on four feet with thick white fur. It was rabbit.

How could I miss that? Obviously it had to be a rabbit because rabbits love carrots. When he came and saw nomore rabbits she hopped back through the forest. While I decided to slowly follow her to see if by chance there was any piece of carrot leave for me to cook.

As I hid behind the tree in the forest, the rabbit hopped into a hole. Inside I saw the mother feeding rabbit feeding her babies. I was impressed and happy even an animal mother knew the value of providing for your children.

When I looked carefully the slight white colour peeking under bitten pieces of carrots caught my attention.

What was this pink colour thing? I thoughed then when I remove the chewed pieces of carrots it was my wallet. I soon realised the day I was gardening is when my wallet dropped from my back pants pocket in the farm and rabbit had moved it.

I was happy I found my wallet and that the mother was only trying to feed her children, so I put away the hatred of being straved. I collect my wallet and went to town. At a supermarket name Zappy I bought some groceries along with carrots for me and the rabbits.

After I came back from the supermarket I went back into the forst and I carried the rabbits out of the hole back to my home. I decided to adopt the rabbits for there protection and let them live with me inside my house because I am sure they must feel cold, get wet or some wild animal would harm them.

The mother even thought I am not an animal expert was looking at me like she was saying thank you and I promised them to buy and bring carrots for them every week because I didnt want them to starve or ruin anyone else garden. The rabbits and I will be happy living together for years. I named the mother Ashley, the children Joy and Mary. They are now my pets and I will love, care and protect them always.

April 10, 2020 19:46

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Zilla Babbitt
23:01 Apr 22, 2020

Here for the critique circle :). Great story! I love the funny sections you have about vegetables and how she eventually grew to love them and grow them. Very relatable lost item, just like real life. I think your main problem is grammar. The words are all there, but there are missing commas and quotation marks which are easy to fix but difficult to read. I also think the parts about her growing to love vegetables would work better after she discovers her wallet is missing: less of an exposition dump, same information, draws out the miss...


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Pragya Rathore
07:37 Jun 02, 2020

What a beautiful story!! It just needs a little work, and then you're all set to win!!! Great, loved this one. Please review my stories too


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