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Living on Easy Street

Living on Easy Street refers to a life free of financial worries, full of comforts and all the luxuries of life. In general a life of ease.

Almost anyone would admit they dream of living on Easy Street. Imagine the wealth providing all the luxurious accommodations to make life perfect. Could be someone worked hard all of their career battling up the ladder until reaching the top to feel like they made it to Easy Street. Or perhaps someone was born into a limitless inheritance so that is all they were accustomed to their whole life. Penthouse views of sparkling city-scapes, endless rolling oceans views or wide open fresh smelling country vistas. Opulent furnishings in architectural masterpieces. Enjoying all the scrumptious culinary delights from around the world. Dressing in only the finest most fashionable creations by famous designers. Driving the fanciest cars or being chauffeured where ever desired. Flying in private jets on a whim.

It is easy to desire that kind of life style and many would fight to the very end or step over anyone they need to in order to attain that level success then be proud to show it all off to prove they deserve the rewards.

But ask some that have achieved that level. Is it all they expected it to be? Is there anything they find lacking? Do they really have it all?

It's not always easy living on Easy Street. Not in my town anyway. Yes, we have an Easy Street. There is only one house there. It doesn't go up for sale but once in about every thirty years or so. Maybe once in a blue moon.

That happened a few years back if I remember correctly. I wanted to go to the open house to see if it would be a good fit for my family. It wasn't. It is only a small two bedroom, kind of run of the mill type abode. Hm, maybe now I am retired it would be a good fit. Then I could claim I'm living on Easy Street when my class reunion comes up.

One would think, one would hope that being where it is located it would be much more than what it is. After all, living on Easy Street should mean living without a care in the world, having it made, being rich beyond compare. It doesn't. Not in this town anyway.

It means living in a modest blue ranch that needs updating with a detached one-car garage. Possibly still paying a mortgage with all the utilities, poor internet connection and expensive cable television. Not much of a yard because the Avery Street neighbor's back yard infringes on the half-block long haven on one side and the North Hennepin neighbor's back yard encroaches on its back yard. But famous Park Street, second only to Second Street as the most popular name for a street in the USA, intersects with North Hennepin and the iconic Easy Street. A triangular oasis houses one home to the front of the dwelling created by Park, Avery and Easy. So that's the world view. Not all that special considering one is living on Easy Street. No penthouse or country view.

Our town is ensconced in the Midwest so no ocean front villa either. There is a river but Easy is at the northernmost reach of N. Hennepin a good eight or nine blocks from that beauty. A little too far for a good view or even the fishy smell. There is a fine dining restaurant within walking distance along with the biggest car dealer in the valley should the inhabitant be ready to trade the reliable Dodge Caravan for a Cadillac Escalade. After all, if you're the one living on Easy Street, it should be easy to do. Didn't you get your government check this month?

What was that you said, Sir? Living in a blue house on Easy Street has made you a little blue? But aren't you supposed to be carefree and happy having it made in the shade? The lot is shady at least. Or is that dead tree I see in your back yard? Not going to be easy getting that down if it is inside your fence. Well, take it easy anyway.

So, you were saying, you are blue because why? All your relatives come to you for handouts because you are the one living on Easy Street. Don't they have government checks?

And your loving wife wants you to tear down this shack size cozy cottage and put up a McMansion more fitting for the name of the street? There wouldn't be enough room for one of those. It would have to extend out into the street and that would take away the grandeur of Easy Street living if Easy Street were destroyed to accommodate relentless renovations. Maybe add another story or two to the footprint? Oh, she is hard to please. But she is living on Easy Street. Shouldn't she be happy beyond compare? And you seem like such a generous, kind man. You are the one, are you not, that made her dreams of living on Easy Street come true?

I see, she was imagining a little more, huh. How about we help re-imagine what a different reality would be? Doesn't she realize how truly rich she is?

She has a loving, thoughtful partner to help get through all of life's challenges.

You are both healthy and able to use all your faculties to stay active.

Your home is charming and welcoming and it doesn't take forever to keep it clean.

You can afford to have help with the landscaping. It has nice curb appeal.

All your basic needs are met and you have enough resources left over for some of your wants. Well, less extravagant wants at least.

You live close to your extended family so are surrounded by those you love on special occasions or anytime you want.

You are active in your community.

You have faith in a forgiving Savior so your eternal hope is secure.

You know what, Mister Living on Easy Street? Listing all these blessings made me realize I must be living on easy street myself. I don't need the fancy address. I already have it all.

March 27, 2024 01:22

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Ty Warmbrodt
03:09 Mar 27, 2024

A very refreshing story that reminds us to be thankful. Well done, Mary.


Mary Bendickson
05:12 Mar 27, 2024



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Bianca Belgravia
13:39 Apr 04, 2024

While I appreciated the descriptive scenes and the shift to second-person narration, its heavy reliance on religious virtue is limiting. Ethics should stand on their own merits, not solely on religious beliefs. Additionally, the slight misogynistic tone (sad husband-trophy wife) and stereotypical portrayals detract from the narrative's authenticity. The undertone of superiority (which I believe comes from unresolved envy) makes it difficult to embrace the reader's recommendations wholeheartedly.


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