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I hate working this job. Every person that came into my tent only wanted to see if they were going to find true love or money. I had to make up love scenarios and "predict" how much money they would make. I sighed, walking to the only inn in town, the Sundale. The Sundale was a shabby building, it could often be mistaken for an abandon house. When I first came into town, I thought Molly was lying about the building being an inn. I could see pieces of the building crumbling and rats running on the floor. 

 Safe in my room, I immediately dropped on the bed, sighing. This has been one of the worst days so far, more people had come into my tent because of Molly's new set up. She insisted that the new set up would bring more money into the circus. I couldn't tell her that I didn’t want more people in my tent, didn’t want to fake having psychic powers. The less she knew about that better, especially if my job was on the line. My thoughts slowed as sleep claimed by body. I woke up to Alex walking in. 

 "Hey, it’s time to get up." he smiled. 

 "Hopefully you had a better day at work than I did." I smiled back. 

 "Yes, but no. Molly will be happy, but it wasn’t fun." 

" I get that. Goodnight" I said slipping out of the room.  

Walking downstairs, I waved at Sally for some reason, even though I hate her. I looked in the mirror before I left, my black hair was greasy, and my brown eyes clashed with my purple cape. I sighed as I walked outside, the air was freezing cold. The air turned colder as I walking to the tent marked "psychic”. It became freezing as I entered, turning colder every time I had someone leave. My shift was finally up around midday, but the air had to at least be below zero. When I asked the other psychic how she felt, she said that she was boiling hot. On the way to the Sundale's bar, I knew that something was wrong. The people in town were sweating in the heat, I could see beads of sweat falling , but I was still freezing under the silly cape. One look at me sent Sally ushering me upstairs into my tiny room.  

"You don’t look well, and we can’t have the town thinking that we don’t treat people well in the inn . Get some rest, I will take up your shift." 

 All I could do was nod as she shut the door. Alex had gotten out of bed and looked all ready to go to work but seeing me sent him leading me to the bed we shared.  

"Hey, are you okay? You look like you are freezing." He asked me gently as I opened my mouth, but no sound came out as my head hit the pillow.  

When I woke up, Alex was still sitting down on the bed. 

"How are you feeling? Erin, the other psychic told me that you were feeling cold. It was at least 100 degrees yesterday; you came in wearing that big cape and your lips were blue. I thought you might a have fever, but your body temperature was normal. What is going on? Did something happen?"  

"Alex, calm down. I just got cold while working. Actually, I got colder whenever I sent another person out of the tent. I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like my heart screamed when they left. Its probaly just sleep deprivation or working in that tent for too long. I will be fine." 

"Emily, that’s not normal. Sleep deprivation causes things like hallucinations or makes you pass out. I have never heard of someone getting cold on a 100-degree day, or that you’re getting colder when you finish with a customer and your heart "screams" when they leave. I would say that you are losing your gift or you’re near a burnout."              

 "Alex that can’t be true. It can’t be, you know why? Because I have been lying to everyone that I have psychic powers but guess what? I don’t have them okay? I am just an ordinary girl that is trying to blend into the backround. And it’s not working."  

Alex had his mouth open; he didn’t have anything to say. I was a fake, he had every reason to tell Molly and have me kicked out. I opened my mouth, but he beat me.  

"Emily, how long have you been here?"  

"11 months. Why?"  

"Why are you trying to blend into the backround?"  

"So, you’re not mad at me for being a fake?"  

"No, I'm not. I amazed that you kept it from Molly for so long. I don’t even know she got people to join her circus. Don’t change the subject. Why are you trying to blend into the backround?” 

I sighed, I knew how he would react, knew he would leave and tell Molly the minute he could. But for some stupid reason I opened my mouth. 

"I'm trying to blend into the backround, so I won't be found."  

"Who are you hiding from? It is a family member or and ex? Is there something I can do to help?" 

 I started crying. Alex was so sweet asking me if I needed help. Alex put a hand around my shoulders and squeezed them to comfort me.  

"I'm hiding from a man called Gregory, he killed my mother and father. My sister and I ran away together, but we got separated around the time I came here." I admitted.  

"Emily, that’s a lot for one person to deal with. I know that I couldn't deal with that on my own. You are so strong." Alex gushed, slipping his hand though mine. The lines of his hand stared to glow orange.  

"Alex, your hand is glowing." He looked down, frowning.  

"Emily, are you sure that you’re okay? My hands are not glowing." 

But Alex's hands were getting brighter. I traced my fingers down the lines, maybe I could read his hand? I mean even if I am a fake, but I have learned how to read them. Measuring the length of the lines, the number of lines and the space between them. My brain seamed to seemed clicked into place, one conclusion came to mind.   

"Alex, your wealth will double, and you have found your soulmate. She is 23 years old with black hair and brown eyes." Alex looked questioning, he looked at her like she had 3 heads.  

"Emily, I think that you need more sleep." 

"No, you don’t understand. You know that I faked being able to read palms for almost a year. I wouldn't lie to you about this. My brain feels like it shifted, and I can finally understand what I'm doing." 

"Okay if you say so. I do believe you, but when will all this happen?" 

"Let me see your hand again?" 

Alex extended his hand. I repeated the steps and closed my eyes.  

"Okay, I see that your wealth will double in about a month. Your hand says that you will meet your soulmate at 23, which is how old you are. It also says that she will be around you are about a month.  

1 month later… 

"Emily, Emily." Alex yelled from the doorway. 

"Hmm mmmh?" I replied, not looking up from my book. 

" My wealth just doubled. Do you remember when you said it would? About a month ago?" 

"Wait. Do you think that I am a psychic?" 

"I mean, you said my money would double and I would meet my soulmate last year." 

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!"  

I started crying. I couldn't believe that this had happened. Alex smiled as he lifted me up, placed his hands on my face.  

"Emily, you were right! Both of the things you predicted were true. That’s amazing! 

"But you haven't found your soulmate yet. I can’t say that I’m psychic yet.” 

"Well, now you can" Alex smiled and he kissed me.   

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