Tammy’s Game

Tammy picked up her I Phone and started searching for the man that she saw talking to her friend Mike in the coffee shop. She thought there was a good possibility that they were friends on Facebook. If Mike didn’t set the privacy settings on his profile, there was a good chance she would be able to view his friends lists.  

Tammy was satisfied with his appearance and thought he looked the part with good genes and strong facial features. She could make it work, she thought, she hoped this search was successful, it was the third guy this week that she had attempted to locate. There had to be one that she could turn into the perfect husband.  

Tammy had decided from the time she was a teenager what her perfect man would be like. He would be tall, have dark hair and straight white teeth. His career would come later, she would decide exactly what she wanted him to pursue. Maybe a doctor, a lawyer of she may want him to go into politics. She could decide that later. Right now she needed a plan to get this guy to fall in love with her.  

Mike’s privacy settings were locked up so she had to do more searching. After several hours of trying and creeping on all of Mike’s friends that she could remember she gave up for the night. Tomorrow she thought, she would return to the coffee shop at the same time and maybe lightening would strike twice.  

Tammy went to sleep planning her meeting with the stranger the next day. She dreamed of their first kiss, when their wedding would be, the type of wedding dress she would wear and even the children they would have. 

The next morning when she woke up and hopped out of bed excited to start her mission. She checked the time and realized she had two hours to wait before she went back to the coffee shop where she had seen her destiny. That would give her plenty of time to do her makeup and pick out the perfect outfit to get the strangers attention. She wanted to wear something form fitting that made her look sexy without trying to look sexy. She needed to get his attention but she wanted him to think of her as pure not slutty. Tammy wanted to be pursued as wife material not just a girl to have fun with.  

Tammy took another glance in the mirror and was satisfied with the image and left her apartment to meet her husband. She walked in the coffee shop and looked around and was disappointed that he had not returned. She was dressed to the nine’s and he was not there to appreciate it. She took a seat near the entrance and decided to wait fifteen minutes to see if he arrived. The barista asked her if she would like a coffee and she told him not yet that she was expecting someone.  

Twenty minutes later, he never arrived so Tammy got up to leave.  She was sure that he would come back for coffee and was disappointed. She had to find out who he was. She didn’t want to involve Mike but knew that he would be the only one who could help her to find out who the mystery man was.  

Tammy sat in her apartment trying to come up with someway to approach Mike without him knowing what she wanted. The only way that her plan would work with her future husband was if he wasn’t aware that he was being pursued.  

Another night of sleep would formulate her plan and she would be able to evade any suspicions. Tammy slept like a baby and continued to dream of her future wedding plans. After she felt well rested, she decided to message Mike. She messaged him and ask if he happened to have seen her wallet, that she had lost it at the coffee shop. Mike told her he hadn’t. Tammy then asked if there was the possibility that his friend had. Mike asked what friend and then she described his friend until Mike typed his name. Tammy now had the mystery man’s identity. Phase two of her plan could now be implemented.  

Mark Robinson, Tammy now had a name. She practiced the sound of Tammy Robinson to make sure that it had the proper ring to it. She was satisfied and now started a full blown online search of Mark to find out every detail of his life. His Facebook account was not as secure as Mikes and he accepted a friendship request from her as Natalie King. Now Tammy had full access to his page, she could see his hobbies, the restaurants he liked, and that he had a girlfriend.  

Usually that would have stopped Tammy but she was determined to make Mark hers even if it would take some additional plotting. After all he wasn’t married to her.

With additional research, and a small identity check fee she was able to obtain an address. She would put the gps tracker on his car after he retired for the night.

With all of Tammy’s devices in place she went to her closet to pull out her various disguises. If she was going to make Mark fall in love with her she needed to know all of his interests and she didn’t want him to recognize her while she was doing her research.

Day after day, Tammy followed Mark and learned his girlfriend, Chelsey’s routine also. She liked to have a drink after work with her friend Teresa. Teresa was an additional research but she learned that she was rather promiscuous which would aid Tammy into getting the two separated. She needed to drug Chelsey’s drink so she could snap pictures of her and the guy she had paid two hundred dollars for to embrace and passionately kiss her.

It took Tammy two separate weeks to find the perfect time when her friend Teresa was falling all over some random guy. The guy she had hired requested an additional fifty dollars for having to make two trips to the bar. When Tammy determined the perfect time when Chelsey was preoccupied she put Diazepam in her margarita. Due to the dosage, it took approximately fifteen minutes for Chelsey to start showing signs of drowsiness. Tammy motioned for Train, as he was known on the streets, to do what she had paid him for when Teresa was preoccupied.

After Tammy got sufficient pictures she sent them to Mark anonymously. She was sure to wait a couple of weeks to make sure the diazepam was out of Chelsey’s system. With a dark wig and glasses, she was able to witness their fallout in a booth three tables over when Mark received the images.

With Mark and Chelsey’s break-up, Tammy now was able to dress to impress Mark. His poor heart was broken with his girlfriend’s indiscretion and it gave Tammy the perfect opportunity to comfort. She followed Mark to the The Levie, a downtown bar on the river front. Tammy was attractive and worked out routinely so it wasn’t extremely difficult to get Mark’s attention. She smiled sweetly and acted shy which she knew from her research on Mark that he found attractive. With a few drinks and engaging conversation, Mark took her number.

Mark after waiting the appropriate three days called Tammy and asked her out to dinner. She accepted with a small bit of feigned reluctance to peak his interest more. Her dates with Mark went smoothly due to the fact that she already knew everything about him. With several successful dates it was time to start phase five of her plan getting him to propose.  

Tammy and Mark became inseparable, she met his family and she introduced him to hers. Everyone loved her except for his grandmother. She was in a nursing home and suffered from a massive stroke and was paralyzed on her left side. Marks grandmother was unale to speak but when Tammy held her hand, she pulled it away with a hard look and handed it to Mark. Mark laughed it off thinking his grandmother considered her a stranger and would soon begin to love Tammy as much as he did. He was not swayed by his family’s dog either who growled and steered clear of Tammy.  

Tammy continued to be the perfect girlfriend and was not the least surprised when an intimate dinner at the restaurant of their first date Mark got down on one knee and proposed. She had won, all her plans came together and she would soon be Mrs. Mark Robinson.

Wedding Day:

The church was full with wedding guests especially on the grooms side. Everyone was there except Tammy. Tammy didn’t want to marry Mark or any of the other men she had similarly stalked. It was a game, Tammy’s game, and she had won again. Mark was left at the altar on their wedding day as well as Ted, Vincent and Joshua.  

October 04, 2020 17:35

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C. Jay Loren
03:07 Oct 11, 2020

Oof that ending! Was not expecting that. She’s a serial stalker it seems. It’s kinda scary though because I have heard instances of similar things happening to people in real life... Nicely written. :)


Cheryl Fulks
01:56 Oct 13, 2020

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed and appreciate the feedback 😁


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