Water Under The Bridge

My Darling the sun shines brightly in your eyes as the sun rises out of the water. I want to spend every sunrise looking into them. From the first day you came into my life, I have cherished every moment. The reflection on the water takes me back to Bora Bora where we spent our honeymoon. The days and nights were magical with the turquoise lagoons and clear deep blue waters where we scuba dived along the coral reef and hiked Mount Otemanu. You, my dear, worried about the volcano erupting. I remember laughing as I knew it was extinct and not capable of further activity.

My darling, my time with you is amazing, there is no other woman I could ever share my life with. Our days are full of romance and our nights are passionate. Whenever I hold you in my arms it fulfills a need that comes from deep down in my soul. Without you I am nothing. If you were to ever leave I don't think I could go on. Your presence in our home gives me peace and tranquility and calms the turmoil in my mind.

My dearest, Page, your smile lights up a room and continues throughout your eyes. The corners turn down ever so slightly like a half-moon shining. When I look into them I can see our past as well as our future, the day I proposed, our holidays, our cocktail parties. You were never more surprised than when I dropped to one knee in Tellers, one of the most expensive restaurants on Long Island, and ask you to be my wife. The engagement ring sparkled with the multi-facets diamonds shining brilliantly in the natural light. It was beautiful, my darling, and sparkled in your eyes, I could not have chosen a more perfect stone.

My love for you, my dear, was reflected in the ring as well as in the home I purchased for you. The neighborhood was ideal with a mixture of old money as well as new and offered the best schools for the children you would soon bear. You never expected the elaborate intricate crown molding with the detailed old world carvings or the ordinate rod iron railings on the grand staircase. The house was perfect with six separate bedrooms all having a lavatory and walk-in closet. Our four children would be happy there, preferably two boys and two girls spaced exactly two years apart. The bonus room located on top of the garage would make a wonderful separate play and classroom where our children could be homeschooled. They would never be subjected to the judgment of the outside world. The house is perfect, I could not have chosen a more perfect location to raise our family.

I am so happy my darling, you wore the blue gown today that I brought you back from my trip to Paris. The color brings out the depth of your eyes which are the color of the sea. With your blond hair pulled high, and the diamond comb I brought you from Italy, curls fall gracefully around your face which allows me to appreciate your beauty. You are a wonder of nature with such a lovely face as well as a feminine voluptuous body that would be well suited for childbirth. I knew when I saw you in the grocery store working as a cashier that I would have to make you mine and take you far away from the poverty of your youth. Our children would never know your pain growing up without a father, I would always be in their life and take care of their needs as well as yours. 

My lovely wife, your scent of lavender and honey stirs my memories of our vacations in the Hamptons when I would send you to my favorite country club for a massage and facial. You fretted with the special treatment in the beginning and then got used to the attention that went along with your new status as my precious wife. My darling, I would give you the world, adorn you with expensive jewelry, clothes, fancy cars, and a lovely home in a prestigious neighborhood. 

I hope you understand how fortunate you are that I chose you. Could you not see the envy on every woman's face when you were the beauty on my arm when we walked into my country club. They wanted to be you, married to one of the richest most eligible bachelors in Long Island. I could have had any of them.

(But), My Darling, you were foolish. You never appreciated all you had. On my arm, you were treated like royalty when you came from nothing. I picked you up out of your pitiful existence and allowed you to be my wife and all I asked for was your love and obedience. You did not take the vows we exchanged in front of my home church seriously. To honor, love, and cherish, forsaking all others and obeying your husband until death do you part. 

That is why I have chosen this spot under the bridge. I'm sorry I had to tie the cinderblocks to your ankles but it was the only way I could make sure you stayed under the water. I do enjoy your company and plan to visit you every morning to watch the sunrise. I didn't want you to float away. Your boyfriend, that's another story I put him on the other side of the lake. John and I will also get the opportunity to talk as we watch the sunset. I attached cinderblocks to his ankles also so he didn't float over next to you, my darling. My best friend sadly interfered with my marriage and I wasn't going to let it happen again. The night I caught you in John's arms has been a torment. He was always such a good friend that I never expected he would betray me.

After Andrew left his wife, Page, who he tied to the bridge and sunk to the bottom of the lake, he returned home to live a normal life telling anyone who asked about his wife that she ran off with his best friend. Every morning he would visit her at sunrise and return in the evening at sunset to visit John, his oldest, and possibly his only friend, who he positioned at the other end of the lake.  

After Andrew's daily rituals he started rowing toward the shore. He was waiting for the perfect moment to end his evening.  After the moon rose in the sky and the reflection hit the lake at a precise angle, he would see Page's diamond ring sparkle, then his night would be complete. 

November 19, 2020 03:13

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