The Lonely Cactus

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Once there was a lonely cactus 

He sat in the desert and cried all his water out. 

“Please desert sands 

Won’t you bring me a friend. 

Any friend? He asked out loud. 

He grew tired and weary of waiting around, but before the moon arose for the night, along came a tortoise to the cactus’s delight! 

“Oh tortoise, oh tortoise, up here if you please! I asked the desert for a friend and here you are right in front of me! So tortoise will you stay and be my friend today?” The cactus asked with such glee, hoping the tortoise will be just as pleased! 

“No I cannot. I am sorry dear one, but I have to get to a safe spot to lay my eggs before the sun comes up again. Now excuse me if you may, I must be on my way.” So the tortoise slowly crept away and left the cactus alone again. 

The lonely cactus awoke very sad. He felt even more alone after his tortoise talk the other day. 

He sat and cried all his water out once more. 

“Please desert sands 

Won’t you bring me a friend. 

Any friend?” He asked out loud. He sighed a big sigh. The day grew long and there was nothing in sight. 

Until before the sun went to bed, a crow perched upon the cactus’s head. 

“Hello up there handsome young fellow! I asked the desert for a friend and here you sit upon my head. So I must ask, have you come to be my friend? I hope the answer is yes and you will stay to play.” The cactus grinned from ear to ear. The crow so surprised from the voice that he got quite defensive and seemed rather displeased. 

“Me? A friend with someone in the likes of you? Gosh please, oh my, you made my day with such a laughable joke. A crow and a cactus friends, ha! No way!” The crow poked fun and joked on and on, causing the cactus to frown and feel bad for even asking. 

“Well cactus I must be on my way, I am starving and haven’t had food all day!” The crow took off with not another word. The cactus didn’t seem to mind his absence until the night came and gone once more. 

The cactus watched the desert sands move about in the wind. His heart was heavy and so sad. He felt his eyes get filled with water as he realized he was still all alone in the hot desert. 

He sat in the desert and cried all his water out. 

“Please desert sands 

Won’t you bring me a friend, 

Any friend!” He asked again in hopes his wish will be granted this time around. Though it seemed as hours went by, the cactus waited and waited. He tried not to panic or get too upset that perhaps he was not meant to have any friend. 

Along blew a tumbleweed, it stopped short in front of the cactus. The cactus got excited and smiled real bright. 

“Hello down there! How’s the weather treating you? I asked the desert sands for a friend, and here you came, rolling right in! So are you the one who has been sent to be my friend?” The cactus shouted. He waited for a response but heard nothing. Perhaps he is shy thought the cactus. 

“It’s nice to meet you.  What game do you like to play?” The cactus waited for a response but nothing happened once again. He sat waiting patiently but before he could say another word, the wind blew through and took the tumbleweed with it along the desert land. 

The moon came quickly and the cactus sat wide awake thinking maybe he should try to be more friendly. He yawned a quick yawn. He did his best to settle down and get some rest. He wanted tomorrow to be his best. 

A swift coyote came running through. He stopped next to the cactus howling up at the moon. When he took a break the cactus decided to speak. 

“Hello my friend, I want to say thank you for that beautiful howl. I asked the desert sands for a friend and here you are singing beside me. It was very lovely too I must add!” The cactus spoke as friendly as possible to his new a acquaintance.

The coyote shook in disbelief and finally responded, 

“A cactus speaking to me? How odd, how strange, my...I must be dreaming.” The coyote barked. 

“No, you are not. So coyote will you stay and be my friend?” The cactus asked with such wishful thinking. 

“I’m far too busy, besides I have a pack that counts on me! I simply cannot stay in one place with a cactus of all things.” The coyote went about without waiting for the cactus to say something else. 

“I’ll never have a friend.” The cactus cried and he cried so much that he fell fast asleep. 

The sun did not wake him the next morning. In fact he was so tired from all the wishing. He thought it be best to simply rest for the rest of the evening. 

“Excuse me, excuse me, are you okay? I need a safe place to hide if you don’t mind me staying here today.” A small, cute, yellow lizard approached the cactus. He stirred all so slightly to the small voice whispering. He slowly rose from his slumber. 

“Who’s there?” He asks at last. He lifts his head up high. 

“Me, down here! My name is Dexie. I need a safe place to hide! You are very pointy and seem friendly. May I stay here so I can keep the bad guys away?” Dexie smiles shyly up at the cactus. The cactus was surprised but filled with joy. 

Finally, the desert sands heard him and granted his wish for a friend. The cactus promised Dexie, the bearded dragon that he would protect her from any harm that would come near as long as she promised to stay his friend. 

She made a promise with great delight. Dexie was more than proud to call him a friend for she also needed one just as bad! 

“What’s your name?” She asked him later. 

“Oh... I don’t have one I’m afraid.” He told her. She looked up at him confused. Then with a giggle she came up with a name that was fitting but clever. 

“How about Pete? Pete the Prickly Cactus!” She said. He thought about and said it out loud a few times. He smiled a wide smile. 

“Pete... that’s not half bad. I think it stinks.” They both laughed and the rest of the day they played some games until the sun went to bed and the moon was shining over head. 

The cactus gifted Dexie water when she needed it and some shade under his arms when she got too hot from the sun. He used his sharp needles whenever danger came about. They came the best of friends! 

Dexie brought games and stories every day to the cactus to cheer him up. They shared lots of good laughs, fun games, and sleepovers. 

The cactus finally had a friend. Every night before bed; the cactus was sure to always thank the desert sands for sending him one of the greatest friends a cactus could ask for. 

The End

May 26, 2020 17:52

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