It’s a dark, dreary day in the middle of October. The ground is soaked from the rain that occurred earlier in the morning, and the smell of wet dog greets my nose. I decided to go for a walk since my parents are yet again fighting, and talking about divorcing yet again. In the distance someone is walking, and I cannot make out if they are behind or in front of me.


The footsteps that the person are taking seem to grow closer with every step they take. Birds fly as the steps grow towards me. Fear runs through my veins, and I dash away as fast as possible. My lungs grow weak, and I collapse from exhaustion.

Whomever that was seems to be following me, and I panic again. Adereline courses through me, and I break for it. The cold air hitting my body, and erupting in pain while the wind whips me around.

My body screams in pain, and aches because it has never went that fast. The footsteps grew closer, getting louder and louder with each painful step. The steps are screaming at me and growing, while my breath starts catching up to me.


Deciding this would be my best option, I get up and run away from the person stalking me. If there was any chance of me making it out, I would need to run and run all the way back home to where it would be safer than out in these woods. Something catches my attention though, and keeps me glued to the floor.

The trees are blowing the opposite direction of where I stay, and the wind is not blowing my hair whatsoever. Something is not adding up, and nothing is making any sort of sense at all. Feeling overwhelmed by this new discovery, I walk away slowly from where this trickery is taking place, and watch the whole world fall in front of me.

WHAM! I ran straight into someone, and they stumbled backwards onto the ground. A look of pure confusion is on his face, and I have no idea what just happened. Is he hurt? Did I push him down?

“What the heck was that?” He said out loud, and gets up slowly. His face shows that he did not know what had just happened.

“Hey! I’m sorry, I was scared and didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay?” I ask, and wait for a response from this mystery man.


No answer.

“Hey, I said I am sorry.” I say again getting closer to him. And reach out to grab his hand.

“It’s cold out here, I better head inside.” He says and ignores my friendly gesture. I decide to follow him, since he seems to know this forest better than myself. The footsteps return, and they are right next to me.

I freak out, and make a run for it again. The man once again fell right onto his face as I ran right into him. It was a weird feeling, like one of those dreams that feels so real you wake up and slowly realize it was only a dream. Only this time was different, I went right through him which unknowingly knocked him down.

“What the?” He yells into the air. “What is happening to me?” He adds while gathering himself up off the ground.

“Are you okay?” I yell looking back at him. He doesn’t even seem to notice me, but goes on with his journey to outside the woods.

Deciding to test this new experience out, I walk right behind him and run into him to see what happens. Once again, I go right through him, knocking him down which results in a bloody nose.

“I’m so sorry, that wasn’t supposed to happen!” I scream and attempt helping him up but nothing happened when I reached out to him. Something is wrong, and whatever it is needs to be solved.



At home, nobody is home, which is strange since I left my parents were in an argument and threatening divorce yet again. Maybe they went out to look for me, but didn’t think of waiting for me. Looking around my house, it seems different. Something is off, and I cannot put my finger on it.


There’s new furniture, a new fridge, a new everything. Feeling overwhelmed, I run and smack right into a young woman causing her to fall.


“I’m so sorry! Why are you in my house?” I scream at her, but get no response.


“What was that? Hector are you pranking me? Knock it off!” The young woman yells and looks into the kitchen.


“Huh? What?” A voice says, I am guessing that Hector.


“Babe, did you try pranking me?” She accuses him, confronting him.


“Jenna, no. I was making snacks for the movie, but thanks for assuming I was going to prank you again.” Hector says and grabs the snacks he was preparing, then walked out with Jenna behind him with some drinks.


“I’m sorry babe, something weird went on.” Jenna apologizes to Hector, who forgives her with a quick kiss.


My mother must have left me a note or something, and left Jenna in charge but Jenna invited Hector over. Yes, that is it.


“Where are my parents?” I ask and get in front of the screen, blocking the movie that is playing on the screen.


Neither of them try making me move, or yell at me. It is like they can see right through me. I go to the bathroom to try cleaning up a bit, so my parents wouldn’t be mad at me for making the house dirty.


Walking to the bathroom, I noticed that the pictures on the wall of my whole family are gone and replaced with random photos of random people who I cannot recognize. Getting closer to the picture, I see no reflection in the glass. That’s odd, maybe it is a type of glass that doesn’t get reflections.


The whole bathroom had been moved around, and nothing was the same. Moving around, I can see where things had been replaced, and where things have been taken away.


“That’s funny Jenna and Hector, real funny. Put it back to normal before my parents come back and yell at you! It’s bad enough that you have a boy over.” I warn them and look at where my reflection would be. There was nothing at all, maybe it is a mirror that doesn’t show reflections.


“Who is pranking me? Seriously guys, it’s not funny.” I yell and run back to where Jenna and Hector are. “Jenna! Hector! What sick jokes are you playing?” I scream at them and stand on the table where the snacks and drinks are.


They did not react at all, and Jenna is starting to look more and more familiar. “Hey, Jen? Remember that Jones girl? The one that got murdered?” Hector asks her with concern in his voice.


Jones girl? Are they talking about me? Am I dead?


“Yeah, why?” Jenna answers back, and gets a bit stiff. “I went to school with her when we were a lot younger, and she disappeared after awhile.” She says and instantly I remember who Jenna is.


“Didn’t her parents used to live her?” Hector asks, and immediately looks sad.


“Yep, they were so nice.” Jenna says and gets back to the movie. Were nice. What is that supposed to be?



Now I am searching for a newspaper, or a computer of any kind. Something is wrong, there is no way that I am dead, or something happened to my parents. I am not dead, and neither are my parents. Someone is pranking me, and it is a sick prank.


The computer that I find does not work at all for me, and newspapers are not a thing anymore I am guessing since I cannot find one at all. “Hello? Can anyone hear me?” I say into nothingness and cry until the tears don’t come anymore.


“Cecilia, you need to go home.” I hear behind me, and it is my neighbor June. June was older, and always helped anyone who needed help. “Go home, please Cecilia.” She whispers and walks away.


“This isn’t home.” I say and wait for June to come back. “June, please. I am not home, this place isn’t where I live.” I whisper and wait for someone to give me answers.


Walking down the hallway to where my room is, something stands out to me. My room is no longer there, and was filled in with concrete. Who would do this? “WHAT? WHO DID THIS?” I scream and hope that Jenna or Hector hear my screams.


Anger filling my veins, I go into my parents room and go through the drawers. Only, my hands disappear when touching the dresser. “Look in the box.” I hear a voice whisper quietly behind me.


Obeying those orders, I pick up three pieces of paper that were in the box and read what was on them. “You need to go now, they know.” The voice says again.


“They know what?” I ask and turn around to see if someone was standing there. Nobody was there, and a chill runs down my spine.


“You know.” The voice says again, and leaves me with more questions than answers.



October 31st, 2006 Obituaries:

Cecilia Jones, cause of death murder, a funeral will be held on November 7th, 2006.




July 22nd, 2007 Obituaries:

Suzanne Jones, cause of death murder, a funeral will be held on August 12th, 2007.



April 12th, 2008 Obituaries:

Paul Jones, cause of death murder, a funeral will be held on April 23rd, 2008.





Jenna Hart-Stevens has been charged with the 2006 murder of Cecilia Jones, the 2007 murder of Suzanne Jones, and the 2008 murder of Paul Jones. 

No word yet of any motives.

October 29, 2019 15:26

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