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Adventure Fiction Suspense

Finally!” exclaimed Ella. It was time for trick or treating. It was 6:00 pm on Friday the 29 October 2021. She smoothly got into her halloween costume : a Vampire. The girl had put on a dirty white shirt-dress complete with a cloak and had face-painted her face pale white. She slid on some fake fangs and messed up her blonde, straight hair. She quickly grabbed her halloween basket and went down the stairs. “ Just in time,” her mother, who was called Olivia, said. “ Your sister has just gone out,” she said cheerfully. Olivia had set up a tray of sweets along with a sign: ‘ Just take from the tray’. “Bye Mum , see you later!” Ella said. She ran outside of the house and tried to find some houses to knock on. She and her family lived in a town called Ravenstone and her family ran a hotel called The Illows Inn. Just when she found a house, she bumped into a kid. “Ow,” she said, rubbing her head. “Oh, what are you?” she said cheerfully. “I’m a Wizard,” he said quietly. “ I’m Keefe,’' he said, rubbing his head too. “Oh I’m Ella,” she said, still rubbing her head. She  walked up and knocked on the nearest house. “Trick or treat!” she shouted enthusiastically. The woman gave her a few chewy sweets and gave Keefe the same. They kept that way until they came to another house. “Trick or treat!,” she said. The woman at the door gave her a small lion bar and a few sucky sweets and a toffee. “Woah I’ve sure got a lot,” she said, trying to push the large amount of sweets down. 

The next few hours were the same. Ella would announce Trick or Treat and Keefe would bring the sweets equally into their buckets. Ella soon went home after her buckets were over filling. When she went up to her room,which was in the attic of the hotel, she slid the fake fangs off and washed her face and changed into PJ’s. She yawned. “I should get to bed,”she muttered, “but first just one sweet.” She closed her eyes as she swallowed the toffee that she was eating whole. 

BEEP.BEEP. Her alarm clock went off. She stretched her arms and went to the bathroom to wash her face. After she went down for breakfast, she tried a few more sweets. She put the basket away when she had finished about 15 while reading her favorite book: The tales of the Haunted House. In her room she had books for all seasons; Christmas books, Halloween books, Summer books, Easter books and so on. She especially liked the book that she was reading now, but overall, she loved all her books. When she became full, she decided to take a walk outside. While she walked she saw people taking off halloween decorations and people cleaning the streets from candy wrappers. But Halloween wasn’t really over. Not for her it wasn’t. A chill spooky breeze washed over her and Ella wished she had taken her cardigan, or at least a hat to stop her silky hair from coming in her face. As she walked she saw Keefe walking around. She waved excitedly. Keefe waved, but not as enthusiastically as Ella did. She turned around and went back home.

The next day she had school. She snuck a few sweets( about 3) in her lunch box and started walking to her school, which was called: Ravenstone School for Years 7-13. At break time, she saw that she wasn't the only one, however, who had snuck in some sweets. Ella traded an orange flavored sucky-sweet for a toffee.  

When she came back home, she studied for about two hours, then read some more of her book while eating a sweet. Then, when she came to a squidgy lion bar, she opened it but realized she was too full. After digesting she tried to do some exercise to burn off all the sweets she ate. While studying, her best friend Anna texted her. Do you want to hang out, it said. Sure she replied. Ella dashed down the stairs and walked to Anna’s Compound.But before she went she was going to put the lion bar in her mouth but then realised it was shrivelled and had changed color from a chocolatey brown to a disgusting yellow. She went into a secret room that she had found out only weeks ago and tested it on some caged stray rats. After one bite, the rat went flat on the table. She decided not to eat it. But then, when she got there she saw a pot and Anna tied up to a chair with her mouth taped and, what shocked her most was, Keefe was there. “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING KEEFE,” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “ I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND,” she shouted trying hard not to let the angry tears flow. Then Ella realised what was happening. Keefe was on the evil side. He was the one who put the poison in the chocolate bar. “HOW COULD YOU!”she said before catching her breath. She tried to get Anna out of the chair but as she did Keefe plucked a hair out of her head and ran away. Ella quickly got Anna out of the chair and together they ran to catch Keefe. They followed him until they reached Anna’s house again. Before Keefe could add the hair to the cauldron, Ella ran in front of the pot and grabbed the hair from his hand and threw it in the trash. “There” she said. “ I can still pluck out another one,” he said. “ Just try,” Ella said angrily.  “ If you do, you’ll have to go through both of us,” Anna said standing beside Ella.  Ella nodded. While Anna distracted Keefe, Ella called the Police. Soon the police came and Ella tried to explain what happened. “ So last night this traitor and I,” she said pointing at Keefe, “ went trick-or-treating, and then, I’m not entirely sure about this part, but, I think Keefe told someone to put a poisoned chocolate in my bucket,” she folded her arms. “ And why are you doing this,” the policeman said gruffly. “ B-because there's this evil society that wants to make the whole world blow up, and they said they’d kill my parents if I didn’t help them, I mean what could I  do, let them die?” Keefe said. “ Well,” said the Policeman, “If you don’t want me to put you in jail, then take me to that evil society.” “ Very well,” Keefe said. They walked and walked and walked until Keefe stopped. “ Here,” he said, “ This is where they live.”...

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