Jenna turned the key and pushed open the wide door. Sunlight streamed into the loft apartment. It shone onto wooden floors, then bounced to the cathedral ceilings. A bare brick wall led to a slightly raised platform that was the bedroom. The kitchen off to the right was tastefully equipped with stainless steel appliances and a wooden prep table. The antique fixtures and red checkered back splash added a whimsical touch.

Jenna leaned her guitar case against the wall. She ran towards the huge windows and marveled at the corner park below. Old sprawling maples gave the park a 'lost boy' feel.

Jenna watched a pigeon fly above her and land on the roof. She shielded her eyes and looked up. A row of pastel colored pigeon roosts stood near the edge. She could hear the birds cooing within..

She sat on the wide sill and took a deep breath.

So this was the feeling of independence. The scent of freedom seemed to swirl around Jenna.

Last year her mother had died after a long illness. Jenna had suspended her life and career as a songwriter singer to care for her mom. She had put duty over love and lost her boyfriend. He took a job in Nassau and begged for years for Jenna to come, at least visit.

Jenna had not lost interest, she had never received his letters.

At her mother's wake, Jenna discovered that her mother had intercepted Jenna's mail for years.

Jenna had found bundles of mail from friends, her boyfriend and an acceptance letter from the music school where she had applied. Jenna had always thought she was just not accepted.

She shook off the gloom of these memories and paced around the spacious room. She was going to start living anew.

Jenna spent the afternoon putting her new apartment in order. Fresh sheets on the bed, a colored cloth on the table and fresh towels in the bathroom. Her bright yellow towels blended wonderfully with the light blue tile.

By evening time, Jenna was happily exhausted. The fireplace flames danced across the maple floor casting lively shadows on the wall.

''Okay, that's done.'' She closed her computer gently and stretched her arms. She had written her CV to apply at last to the Music Academy in Nashville. Her life experience did not add up to much. Mostly taking care of her mom, but her sheer enthusiasm would propel her through anything in life.

The next morning Jenna mailed her application and sent along a little prayer as she dropped it in the mailbox.

When she returned home, she found a letter from her late boyfriend's sister. They had never met in person, but had become pen pals when Jenna sent her condolences for her brother's death.

Nora had written to invite Jenna to the Bahamas for a month. Apparently, Jame's landlord had found his foot locker. It had been hidden in a closet for years. James had written his sister's address inside and now, five years after his death, they had written for her to decide what to do.

She had decided to go pick it up and ask Jenna to join her.

Jenna was on the phone before she had finished reading the letter.

"Oh Nora, what fun, Yes, let's meet up in Nassau for a couple weeks!''

Three weeks later, Jenna struggled with her luggage through her door. Her tanned skin and highlighted hair suited her well.

She scooped up the carpet of mail by the front door and flipped through the envelopes.

Reverently, she picked up the large envelope marked Nashville School Of Music.

Dear Jenna Nelson,

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of your application into the Faculty of Music for.......

She clasped the letter against her chest and whispered her gratitude.

Jenna was happy to be home. They had a wonderful time in the Bahamas, getting to know each other and remembering their beloved James.

Jenna's best souvenir though was the leather folder with his lyrics that were found in the trunk. It was beautiful poetry, vibrant yet longing. She couldn't wait to set his words to music.

A few years later, Jenna is backstage ready to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. She had put Jame's lyrics to her music, then gave it to her professor. She was now the latest sensation in Nashville.

Jenna listened for her introduction as the joy of independence and the sweet scent of freedom swirled around her.

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