3.22.20 (text)

Darren "Hey. I've been hearing some crazy stuff. R u ok?"

Penny "Yeah. I'm scared though, not gonna lie"

Darren "Don't be scared, what's the point?"

Penny "Not for me, for my grandma, and other old ppl."

Darren "All u can do is take care of urself."

Penny "I was worried about you 2. I didn't know if you got outta there in time."

Darren "I did. Lucky I guess."

Penny "Where r u now?"

Darren "Waiting it out at my parents. There's nowhere else to go."

Penny "It's everywhere."

Darren "Like us. Nasty cockroach plague."

Penny "Do u really not care?"

Darren "I care, but more for selfish reasons. We can't go anywhere."

Penny "Maybe u have been running for 2 long."

Darren "Yup this virus was just for me, 2 stop me from running :P"

Penny "I think it's karma for all of us."

Darren "Sure. We deserve it."

Penny "I miss you. I know I don't have to worry about u, u r so strong. But still, stay safe. And wait it out for everyone else's sake."

Darren "Miss u 2. I will, there's no other option."



3.23.20 (email)

Hello Darlene, how are you feeling?

I have been scared to leave the house and come over to see you. Have you been watching the news? it's terrible, every day more deaths, and so randomly too. They don't seem to follow this old person only theory at all.

Luckily, they have a senior citizen early hours at the grocery store. That is when I go, never later when all the other people can go. There are have been young people all around because they are on Spring Break, and I can't lie, they make me nervous. They have all the time in the world. They can eat crappy food and it doesn't show or get felt. They will be fine. But I was at the beach the other day and a young woman was coughing and hacking up mucus violently. The nerve! What was she doing there, she should be isolating herself in that condition, not potentially spreading it around. I'm so happy they closed the beaches. Now all those kids can get lost. It's weird to not be able to go walk the beach when it is a block from my house, but still, it's for the sake of safety, and I want to survive.

Survive! Oh, think of it! I can't believe we are living through another catastrophe can you Darlene? How many does a person have to go through in one lifetime? And now a global one, it makes me wonder what will come next. I hope I am not around by then to see it.

Anyway, I will walk over in a few days. I have prepared some meals for myself and you. Come over if you want. I can't make any promises when I will get over there. I m working on my courage.

Stay well, all my love

Your sister, Sue

3.24.20 (text)

Darren "How's it going?"

Patrick "Not good. All our jobs have been canceled. The city has closed down. We can't work. We r gonna run out of food."

Darren "U at the farm upstate?"

Patrick "Yeah, we fled. But we have nothing."

Darren "Get started, get creative. Let us know if u need help."

Patrick "Will do, peace out."

3.25.20 (email)

Hey Sis,

I went on a walk today and there was no one. No one to walk passed or smile at. No more social obligations, no more social. I walked through the ghost neighborhood, wondering what my neighbors were busying themselves with behind their closed curtains. Since I had the town to myself I went to the park. It's the strangest thing, all the people were there! No one was "congregating" that's forbidden. But it was amazing, every time I would walk by someone, they would throw up a peace sign like I was back in the sixties! It feels like it means something different now like it is a symbol of the peacekeepers of the earth. Similar but different, because now it is a rallying cry. An alliance. Pro Earth. Ya know what I mean?

Anyway, you should get outside more. Don't be afraid to live! Being out in nature is important for your health just as much, if not more than, confining yourself. I am glad you are being conscious about your health though, and I will be by to visit. I love the food you make. I can bring the wine and maybe some cake or cookies. I don't know, I'll whip something up. Let's have a movie night, to hell with it all!

Love you! See you soon,


3.25.20 (email)

Hey Granny Sue,

I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you. I know your health hasn't been so good. Every time I see a post on Instagram about staying indoors and away from others, I think of you. I am doing this for you just like I know everyone is being conscious for the sake of someone they love. What have you been doing to occupy your time? I heard the beaches were closed, that's a bummer, but I suppose it's for the best. I miss you. I am at home with the entire family. Somehow we were all here, together when it happened. The only people missing are you and Great Aunt Darlene. But you are close so it's nice I don't have to worry as much about you being alone. I do wish you were here though. Please take care of yourself and wait out this storm. We will be up to visit soon. Not all of us, but a few of course.

Love your granddaughter,


(text) 3.26.20

Patrick "If the offer still stands, we could use the help getting the plants in for the season. We are sorta scrambling."

Darren "I'm there man. Lucky flights are so cheap lol"

Patrick "Silver lining at last. Thanks man, I owe u."

Darren "No way. Let's just chill, work and wait out this virus in the country. I can't think of a better place to be."

Patrick "ur a great friend. How's Penny?"

Darren "she's safe at her parents"

Patrick "Let her know she's welcome to come up too."

Darren "will do. C u soon mate :)"

Patrick "thanks again, friend."

Darren "anytime."

March 23, 2020 22:28

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