The new girl

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Bedtime Fiction High School

“Did you hear about the new girl?”

“Which one?”

“The one that has dark brown hair all in curls all the time,” 

“Oh that new girl, yeah I did,” 

“Did you hear about what she did though?”


“Well, I don’t know this as a fact but I did overhear Sarah Jane, tell Mia, tell Luca W, tell Hannah, tell Liam, that she spray painted under a bridge,” 


“Yeah, apparently it was all over the news,”


“Well she got caught,”


“CCTV cameras, an officer was watching and arrested her for vandalizing,”



“I'm surprised they accepted her here, isn't this a prestigious co-ed school?” 

“Apparently not if they’re letting in people like her,” 

“Maybe she didn’t do it?”

“What are you saying?”

“Someone could’ve framed her, you never know,” 

“Good point, but then again who would look exactly like her?” 

“Maybe she has a secret evil twin?”

“She’s an only child, Jasmine,” 


“Maybe she set herself up?”

“Why would you get yourself in trouble though?”

“Well maybe she didn’t want to go to her old school, so she set herself up to be caught so that her parents would have to move her to a different school?”

“Maybe, but we best stay out of her way, I’ve heard that she's quite snappy,”

‘I heard that she wasn’t nice,”

“I heard she drowned her cat;s kitten,” 

“Maybe she had a hard childhood,”

“It must’ve been pretty traumatic for her to do all that though,”

“Yeah I suppose,” 

“What classes does she have?” 

“Don’t know, but let’s hope she isn’t with any of us,” 


“Hey are you talking about me?”

“Not at all, we were just discussing our,”

“Our classes for the new term,”

“That’s it, what teacher do you have?”

“I have Mrs Freddy,”

“Good luck then, you’ll need it,”

“Well I better get going,”


“Maybe she isn;t as mean as they all say she is,” 

“I mean she didn’t seem mean at all just then,”

“Maybe it’s just rumours?”

“You know how people can be,”

“Yeah but are we spreading the rumours by talking about her like this?”

“No not at all, we’re just having a friendly catch up about one of our new classmates, besides we need to get to know her better,” 

“We can’t judge her if we don’t even know her, can we?”

“I guess not,”

“Maybe she didn’t do all those things that people say she id,”

“Like what?”

“::ike drowning her kitten, or filling her mother’s boots with the baked beans she didn't eat for dinner one night,” 

“Perhaps she had it tough and so she take sitout on those around her if they upset her,” 

“Or she could just be a ard kind of person, because that’s a thing too,”

“We have to go to class now, are you in her class?”

“Let me check. Yeah I am,” 

“Good luck then, and tell me all about it at lunch,”

“Of course,”

“Good morning class, we have a new student joining us today, please welcome Freya Gray,” 

“Welcome Freya,”


“Hey do you have any siblings,?”

“No, why?” 

“Just wondering, so no evil twin or anything?

“Npoe, just me and my mum, it always has been, my dad walked out on us when I was three,”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,”

“It’s ok, I’m used to it by now, besides there are plenty of other good people in this world,” 

“Sorry for me asking this and please don’t take offence, but did you spray paint underneath a bridge?” 

“Yup, but only with good reason,” 

“Why did you do it?” 

“Well there was swearing there and I pass under it everyday in the subway, so I thought, well why should everyone have to look at that, so one night I snuck out and sprayed over it,” 

“That’s a big risk to do that you know,” 

:Yeah I know, it’s how I got caught, I didn’t know there were cameras, if I had I would’ve never done it, but the worst part was me not telling anyone and then getting into trouble for it the day after,” 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“If you had a secret that big, would you go around telling everyone about it?”

“I guess not,” 

“I had to keep quiet about it, I was trying to do the right thing, I guess i just didn’t do it in the right way,” 

“Yeah, maybe next time you should speak to the council,”

“Good idea,” 

“Did you speak to her?”

“Is she as mean as they say she is?”

“Did she spray paint the bridge?”

“Yes, no and yes,” 

“Wait so she isn’t mean?”

“Not in the slightest, and she only spray painted the bridge to cover up some swear words,”

:that explains a lot, but what about those other things, did she do any of those?”

“I don’t know, I never asked her,” 

“It might be rude to delve in too deep thought,”

“Yeah she said her dad walked out on her and her mum when she was three, she hasn’t had an easy childhood,” 

“That's terrible,”

“We should try and help her,”

“She can;t be as bad as they all say she is,”

“Especially not when you say she’s really nice,”

“Well I didn’t say that exactly, she just spoke to me,”

“Still we should find out more about her,” 

Okay, everyone finds out more about Freya by the end of today, and at the end of the day we;ll hold a meeting to decide if we should include her in our friendship group, deal?”


“Sounds good to me,” 

“Alright, it’s settled, let’s meet after school and discuss our findings,” 

“I have to go to my next class now, alright, you have her in your next class don’t you?”


“Make sure to sit next to her and try to make small talk to see how she handles it,” 

“Will do,”

“Alright let’s do this thing,” 

“She could be really nice,”

“Good luck everyone,” 

January 13, 2021 12:00

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