Hunk in a Humvee

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Fiction American Drama

A Black Humvee roared its way into a neighbourhood of mom-wagons and Prius. The Humvee stopped near house 43-A located on the seventh street locality of the town. 

This neighbourhood was like any other neighbourhood of the town. Nothing so special about this locality. Everything that you can observe in the regular American community. In this locality, everyone knew everyone. The neighbours were intrigued with the noise of the Humvee that killed the silence in the vicinity. The door opened, and a 6.3 ft figure exited from the driver's seat. The bulky figure closed the door of the Humvee after taking a small bag from it. 

It was Sunday, and everyone was preparing for an evening barbecue hosted by one of the committed community members. Unfortunately, that member lived in house number 44-A. Thus, all were staring at the black Humvee. 

The bulkier figure looked around and saw numerous pairs of eyes looking at him. He smiled and said, 'Hi, I am Sam. Your neighbour.'

'But, there is still investigation going on and the police are yet to clear the house of the yellow tapes.' blurted an overenthusiastic neighbour. 

'No worries. I have clearance for that. I met the detective handling this case. This house belonged to my grandparents.' said Sam

'So sorry for your loss.' said one emphatically. 

'No worries. I am here to replace them as a witness. And I will not stop until I complete the task that my grandparents started.'

'If you get time, join us for the barbecue.' invited another neighbour.

'Thank you. But Sorry. I have some work to finish. Let me settle in and after few days I will host a barbecue.' said Sam.

He went in by cutting all the yellow police tapes and made his way to the bedroom where the mafioso hitman executed his grandparents. 

His grandmother saw a guy killing another guy with an axe in an abandoned parking lot. The man with the axe was surrounded by nine people and it appeared that he was the boss of all. Sam's grandmother accidentally driven to that abandoned parking lot. They saw the killing and she quickly reversed the car. But not so quickly as the boss saw the car and ordered his henchmen to chase them. Luckily, grandma was quick with driving due to years of experience in driving Prius. 

She got rid of those henchmen and arrived back home.

She called the police and reported everything to them. The detective hurried to Sam's grandparents to confirm the event. 

The detective was handling that murder case, and what this elder couple saw and described was true, then this would be the latest open and shut case that this detective ever solved in this limited time. The detective rushed to the elderly couple and cross-examined their story which after two hours turned out to be an actual event.

That detective knocked on the doors of a judge at midnight for a warrant. After convincing the judge for half-n-hour, he alerted the police department for backup. He arrested the man with the axe and that too in front of numerous flashlights. This was a high-profile arrest as the man with the axe was the Consigliere of the well-known east coast mafioso family. 

The arrest shocked the entire city as this was the first time someone has touched the backbone of the most powerful Mafioso family of the country. The Consigliere was arrested based on proof provided by the elderly couple whose identity was kept secret. There was a video that proved the Consigliere guilty of murder. 

The arrest and subsequent decades of imprisonment was the reason that the Boss and the Consigliere stayed away from the killings. But this was personal, and Consigliere asked for permission to finish that traitor with his own hands to pass down a message. That move shocked the foundation of the Mafioso Family.

However, corruption is the menace that still torments the law and order. Money was thrown, Promises were made, Threats were given and rewards were waiting. All of them pointed to 43-A. Plans were made and the execution was completed in three days. 

The video recording of the murder disappeared from the evidence room and the Consigliere was smoking a cigar in his den with the boss of the family in the late evening. 

All was going good when someone called about the arrival of a hunk in a black Humvee. He had some evidence that was apt to re-open the case. The Consigliere was adamant to finish that last piece of evidence and move on. He ordered a hit on that hunk. The boss was itching for a shootout. So, he decided to accompany the hitmen. The Consigliere advised otherwise, but the boss was adamant about finishing the task with a bang. 

The boss also took care of the detective. The detective was now sleeping with fish at the bottom of an ocean. 

The neighbours were chatting around a fire as the locality entrusted them with the neighbourhood watch. They saw three black and innocent Prius approaching 43-A. They taught that it might be the family of the hunk. But that doubt got cleared when the door of the Prius opened.

A sea of bullets rampaged the house, and the exterior was spray-painted with bullet holes. 

The neighbours took cover beside their chairs, and some were brave to run towards their houses. 

After some minutes, the boss exited the car with a Bazooka. It was his itch to use this anti-tank rocket launcher weapon in the town. Every precaution was taken to make this possible. The street cameras were taken offline, and there were five perimeters within a mile circle to protect the boss from police or rival gangs.

The bazooka spitted the most deadly bullet that lit up the entire house only to turn it into ashes. The innocent Prius with the deadly goons exited the locality within minutes. The hunk appeared from the next house and called someone.

'Did you tag it?' asked the hunk to his earpiece.

'Yes, sir. Too Clear to miss with a bazooka.' said the person on the other end of the earpiece.

'Chief, is it a go?' asked Sam

'Yes, my boy. We have that man on camera, and luckily it is the itchy boss and his Cconsigliere. Permission to shoot.'

The drone spitted out hellfire, and the deadly criminals inside the innocent Prius were charred to death. Sam got his revenge. The FBI agent Sam who lost his grandparents was now content with the revenge. 

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