Fantasy Fiction Mystery

  “Do we really have to work on Halloween, Bryan?” Asher asked.

   “Yes, we do Asher. The deaths in the town are unusual and you know unusual things are our speciality.” Bryan answered.

   “I am aware of that, but since it is Halloween, you know it is going to be harder than usual.”

   “We did it a lot of times on Halloween and nothing had gone wrong.”

   “Nothing has gone wrong. Are you kidding me? How about 3 years ago, we almost killed an innocent teen who dressed like a werewolf. Or 2 years ago when a family almost walked on us while we were killing their neighbour who was a witch. Or…”

   Bryan cut him before he could end his sentence. “Okay, I get it. The hunts on Halloween can go south easily and you hate them. But we don’t have another choice. We had to find this vampire and kill it before it kills someone else.”

   “I just wanted to be sure you remember the other Halloween hunts.”

   “I made a mistake once and you never let me live it down.”

   “Once, you say but I am sure I can count a lot more than that.” Asher teased.

   “Just shut your mouth and get in the car Okay,” Bryan grumbled at him. He was done with this annoying conversation. He got in the driver’s seat and slammed the car’s door.

   Asher got in the passenger seat with a satisfied smirk. He really hated Halloween hunts and the only thing that brought him some sort of happiness was getting on Bryan’s nerves.

   After Asher got in the car, Bryan started the engine and they set off. It was going to be a very long day.

   After three hours’ drive, they finally arrived at their destination. They went to a motel to stay the night. After they got a room, they went to the police station for investigating the deaths. They spent two hours questioning the people around the area. In the end, they found two things in common. The first one was all of the victim’s blood was drained, and the second one was all of the victims went missing after a party. Strangely no one new moved to the town.

   They were walking down the street while discussing what their next step will be.

   “How are we going to find this vampire?” Asher asked.

   “I don’t know. If someone out of town didn’t move to here, that means the Vampire should be one of the locals.” Bryan answered.

   “Yeah, but if that is true then that means this person has been a vampire in their whole life or they got bitten by a vampire and transformed.”

  “Both options are possible but there are two questions we need to answer: ‘If they had been a vampire all this time, why they started to kill now?’ and ‘If they got bitten where and when did it happen?’”

   “I guess we will find out the truth when we catch them. Right now, we had to focus on where we should look for them.”

 “All of the victims went missing after parties. So, I guess we should search the vampire at parties.”

   Asher noticed a poster on the wall and said pointing the poster. “It seems like we are on our lucky day. Look, there is a costume party tonight.”

   “Well, I guess we are going to a party tonight,” Bryan said.

   They decided buying costumes for the party would be better because the last thing they want was to draw people’s attention. Asher dressed as a lumberjack and Bryan dressed as a cowboy. Maybe just maybe, this time everything will go smoothly.

   When they arrived at the party, they separated to cover more ground. They talked with people and searched the crowd. After an hour they met up again.

   “Did you find anyone acting suspiciously?” Asher asked.

   “No, I didn’t and since you are asking me this question neither did you,” Bryan answered.

   “Awesome. We have to wait for our vampire to show up in these silly costumes.” Asher grumbled.

   At that moment someone caught Bryan’s eye. A woman who was dressed as a vampire was chatting with a man dressed as Danny Zuko. She made an eye connection with Bryan and then whispered to the man’s ear. The man smiled and they made their way to the outside.

   “Hey, do you see that woman who is in a vampire costume leading that man out?” Bryan asked pointing to the couple.

   Asher nodded and said, “I think we found our vampire.”

   They took their stakes in their hands and went after the couple. They found them laughing while walking to the parking lot.

   “Hey, you stop there!” Bryan shouted.

   The couple turned to them the smiles on their faces disappearing. The woman was pretty annoyed by the interruption. “What do you want?” She asked.

   “We know what you are. You better step away from the man” He answered.

   “You have no idea what you are doing.” She said and added, “You better leave before you ruin this night for all of us.”

   “I don’t think so,” Asher said. Revealed his stake and told the man who was with the woman “You better leave man.”

   The man smirked and knocked Asher in the blink of an eye. He took the stake out of his hand and threw it away. He tried to bite him but before he can do that Bryan attacked him. The vampire was more powerful than him and they lost the element of surprise. In no time he was lying on the floor next to Asher.

   “It looks like you are on the menu.” Vampire said.

   “Step away from the hunter.” Woman said.

   Vampire turned towards her and pressed her into the wall behind her and said, “If you want to take his place all you had to do was ask sweetheart.”

   “I am not planning to.” She muttered then a force pushed the vampire away.

   “You are a witch.” Vampire said. Then he turned into a bat and flew away.

   At that time Bryan and Asher got up from the floor. The woman was staring at them like she wanted to kill them. “What were you two idiots thinking?” She asked. “Because of you two intervening, the vampire got away.” She yelled at them.

   “We were looking for the vampire just like you,” Bryan answered.

   “Yes, and you suspected I was the vampire and instead of being sure about that you tried to confront me and tried to kill me.”

   “What should we do sit and wait for the vampire to kill someone else?” Asher asked.

   “Of course not, but maybe you should have a better plan than attacking the person you believed to be the vampire.” And she added, “Now the vampire is gone, and God knows where he went.”

   “Okay, things didn’t go as you or we planned but we still can track the vampire we can work together.” Bryan offered.

   The woman let out a dry laugh and answered with a dead serious face, “Not in a million years I will work with you two idiots who ruined my hunt. You better stay out of my way because next time I will not be this nice” She stormed out to her car.

   “If this is her being nice, I don’t want to see her when she is not nice,” Bryan said.

   “Well, we can add this to the list of horrible Halloween hunts,” Asher said.

   “Really dude, we get our asses kicked by a vampire who ran away and got scolded by a witch aka huntress and you complain about Halloween hunts.”

   “I told you it was a bad idea, but you didn’t listen. Now we have to go after this vampire and watch out for the angry huntress who would gladly kill us.”

   “Okay if I ever want to go on a hunt on Halloween again don’t let me do it.”

   “Welcome on-board mate.”

   They laughed and then walked towards their car. Tonight, was like every other Halloween night horrible. Like it was not enough now they had to go after that vampire before he kills more people. Maybe they will run into the huntress they just met. Who knows maybe they can be friends despite the bad start they made.

October 30, 2021 01:15

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