Sunday morning ,a beautiful appartment in the city outskirts. The surrounding area of the appartment is decorated with greenery. The loud voice of children playing can be hear and some old age people are walking and exercing outside the appartment.A normal Sunday for everyone. From the the third floor a music is playing ,inside one room a girl is cleaning the floor while dancing. She is wearing a loose shirt and shorts. She is checking the cleaning work and observing with her brown eye for any dust .she let out a sign noticing everything is perfect and pat on herself proudly.she move to bathroom to dispose the cloth in a bucket . She entered the bathroom and look in mirror, her black hair is tied up in bun and her white colour skin shows beads of sweat. She come out from bathroom with a cloth and seat in her sofa ,she lay back wiping her sweat with cloth after a long cleaning work. Even Sunday become a tired day for her. Her name is Susan Varghese working in Dravis enterpenuer. Her family was poor but now she is working in a great company she can provide money for her parents livelihood.They are settled in a village ,she really miss them but she was busy to visit.so she thought to visit them tommarow as a surprise.Her leave was already sanctioned.she is really hardwork employer. Everyone thinks she may promote as a new PA for Ceo and she also pray for that to happen.she is living along . currently,She just look around her room. Suddenly her eyes stop to a frame. A old photo of students. Her last high school day class photo.But in her eyes,there is only one person that always catch her attention. Jack the head boy who is standings on the top with other students. The black hair boy with blue eye and his lips shows a 100volt smile that can kill anyone. The funny caring boy. The boy who capture her heart like a thief. The picture reminisce about her happy romantic days with him.she take a album from the table beside the sofa. Flipping each photo of their memories. Each photo shows her best days in her school life.she still remember how they meet which cause a smile in her red lips,she was walking in corridor and admiring the dolphin keychain she brought, she love blue colour but someone clashed with her and the dolphin fall down breaking.She was stunned then came to sense when someone tap her shoulder and say sorry when she look to see the accused person she feels like she forget to move ,a blue pair of eye that shows apologies and it make her nod her without knowing.she just feel she can't breathe and ran away from him without looking back.she just shake her head to not to remember that days.she take a album from her table beside her sofa .she flip through each photo and each photo shows thier loving memories and experience in thier high school f days.Suddenly a drop of water fall on the last picture where she kiss him on cheeks.when she touch her cheek,she can feel her tears falling.she missess him a lot. She still remember that day when their romance fall apart .His parents force him to go abroad and they threaten her family to not to see him . She just shrug as she don't want to remember that days,how she use cried by looking their photos .She just hug the album.she can never forget the blue eye which place a mark in her heart where no one can replace him.Suddenly the emotional scene disturb by a ringtone.she pick it up and before she can reply a anxious voice came "Good evening mam, Maria calling it is to inform that Mr.Mark call a sudden meeting today,it is important".she growled and stand up to wear her official dress. She get ready for office and pull over her car fastly.she reach office after crossing traffic jam and she run to conference room while getting near she can hear whispering noise which indicates metting have already started.

She open the door to get inside but what she was not expected to see is the person who is seating in ceo chair. Her brown eye is stuck in that blue eyes. Her ceo spoke " Susan, meet your new ceo mr. jack Sebastian". She came to reality.she thought that she is dreaming. Mark introduce Jack to Susan as his new PA.she can't hear what mark is saying as her all concentration is on the boy who she loved this all years,who stole her heart. Jack who was seating on her chair wearing a blue armani get up from his chair with a soft smile on her face , walk towards her and put a hand forward " Hello susan , congrats to be my PA". She is shock that he still remember her name . Her eyes got widen and don't know what to do. The old day memories start to bring back like a film. She feels her palm is sweating and difficult to speak.But before she can recover from the shock, Jack suddenly hug her and whisper in her ear " when did you start to become nervous suse,I miss you so much suce did you?". Now she is really going to faint. She hear gasp from her old ceo but she couldn't not see anyother thing than him.Before she muster her courge to respond , he move apart maintaining a distance and speak " let's start a new begining as ceo assistant ....." No!!! Is he going to say let be professional and he has already a girlfriend , she can't bare to hear it so she just close her eyes for hearing that bitter words. "... love story, suse" with smile .she suddenly open her eyes and look up to his face which was close to her and his eyes that shows a unlimited love. Before she could respond ,he put something on her hand ,she just look and surprise to see a blue dolphin keychain with a key. The same key chain when she meet him first time. She just look him and smiling say " you have a lot to explain mr.ceo" He speak " We have a lot of time in future because you are mine suse". She look the key chain and smile how he still have the dolphin ,she then hugged him tightly and whisper " I only belong to you blue eye". He pick her up in air excitingly.she will never forget this day and looking forward to thier ceo assistant love story.

August 12, 2020 14:39

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Hanaan H
06:17 Aug 20, 2020

I loved the story but you need to write in paragraphs so it is easy to read and understand, and also write the dialogues in quotes. Good job👍👍👍


Merlin Joseph
13:06 Aug 21, 2020

Thank you for your advice. And I will improve it


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