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It is Sunday. Not yet dawn. A few peaks of a promising day etch through the darkness of the endless night. A night that sends him into thoughts of her. He tries to escape the lingering memory but no matter. Her presence etched into the very fabric of his being. It's been a month since he seen her and it's like no time at all.

"Is this madness I feel?", he asks himself as he looks in the mirror, then laughs at his own reflection. Touching his face, it is like he is looking at himself from outside his own body.

"Am I here?", he thinks to himself, shakes his head and heads over to the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee. "There is no rhyme or reason, I love her.", he concludes to no one at all, just whoever is listening somewhere out there.

A sudden memory pops in his head.The last conversaton he had with her. She rushes over to his place in her new red convertible and walks right in, without knocking, a smile on her face. Showing him a letter not yet opened.

"Open it, she says. I'm too scared!"

He takes the envelope, ripping it open slowly, and reads the letter silently.

"Come on, don't tease me!", she shouts impatiently. "Tell me what it says! Did I get accepted at University or not?", she looks at him intently for answers.

He waits a moment, savoring her anticipation, smiling, then says, "Well, why would you want to go to this university? Nope, they don't want you!"

Tears well up in her eyes. "I worked so hard for this. I thought for sure they would accept me! My grades are good!"

He looks at her and smiles, "I am teasing you silly! "Yes! You were accepted! Why you want to go to that University is beyond me!"

She snaps the letter out of his hands and looks him in the eye.

"Can't you be happy for me?" She pushes past him as she rushes toward the front door, slamming it in his face.

It is early morning as he walks out of his house and the sun peeks out bringing the promise of a new day. A bright beginning for possibilities. The streets of the city are still and quiet as he walks the half mile to the park, yet today, he decides to stop by the diner for a while, to just read the newspaper and just listen to the chatter of regular people going about their day. The name of the diner is the Golden Gate and as he entered the scent of bacon and coffee fill the room. It is a comforting smell and the warmth of the diner draws him inside.

"Want a booth or a seat at the counter?", the waitress asks, snapping her chewing gum and twirling her hair with her finger.

"A counter seat is fine.", he walks over to the counter and sits.

"Just a coffee."

"Nice day, isn't it?", she says as she pours his coffee.

"Yep. I stop here before I go to the park."

"Cool, nice day to sit and watch the world go by. Just don't get lost in that world!", she laughs. "Want a newspaper to read? I'll go get one."

"Sure, that'll be great."

She hands a newspaper to him. He opens up to the comics immediately to read what Dick Tracy is doing today. He likes Dick Tracy, always has. Yeah, if he was him, he wouldn't be sitting in this diner alone. Dick would find a way to get her back! He smiles at the thought.

He sits for several minutes sipping his coffee and just reading the comics. Paying for his coffee, he exits the diner. "Have fun!", she teases, winking at him.

"Whatever.", he rolls his eyes.

He exits the diner and crosses half a street, and notices a red car. There is no one inside the car. As he approaches, he sees a girl attempting to fix a flat tire. He does not recognize her at first as her long red hair is covering her face. "Need a hand fixing your tire?"

She flips back her hair and he steps back.

"Joe! Is that you?"

"Of course it is. Who else could I be? Need a hand Sally?"

"Sally, how come you are avoiding me?", he says as he jacks up her car." It's been a month since we talk. I care about you, don't you know that? I didn't mean to tease you about your acceptance letter. That's just me."

"I know Joe. It's not you. Yeah, there is some humor in

the way you delivered the acceptance news to me, but at the time I was too intent on just getting in to have anything to laugh about. Forgive my silence. 

"Let me throw this spare tire on and your all set to go. Just don't be a stranger, okay?"

"How about getting in the car with me now?"

"Sure you won't bite my head off?"


"Get in."

"Well, now you can think about me, while I am here and not keep me under your hat."

"We are both too proud to open up, so fate steps in and opens the door for us. "

"Yes, Sally, our silly pride makes us put love under a hat."

"That's a good one, love under a hat! Sounds like Cat in the Hat."

"I wonder what Dick Tracy would do now."

"Oh, why would I care about him when I have you, silly man."

"Yes, silence is silly, isn't it, when words can heal your heart."

Joe and Sally have their ups and downs just like everyone else but a new college for Sally has Joe wondering where he fits into her life.

It is a Monday, Just like any other normal Monday, and the beeping

of the alarm clock reminds Joe that the weekend is over.

He stumbles out of bed and walks over to the bathroom to wash

his face. Looking in the mirror, like so many times before, he takes

a step back and notices something within himself that wasn't there


"Where is Sally? I thought our talk in the park was helping? Ever since Sally started college, she finds little or no time for him.

"I don't want to get in her way. I just really miss the Sally I used to know. Why do things always have to change? ", He thinks to himself.

"I guess I need to get to work too."

He quickly gets ready for work and drives his car to the diner

to stop for a quick breakfast. He likes to go to the Golden Gate because everyone is so friendly and make him feel good.

As he opens the door, he immediately feels at home and the waitress waves hello and points to the counter where there are many seats left.

"Hey, Joe! How ya doing? What will it be today? The usual? Let me get your coffee, okay sweetie?", the waitress smiles at him while pouring a coffee for him. "Have you heard from Sally yet?"

"Nope and maybe she likes it that way, but I sure don't!", Joe says


" Don' t sweat it sweetie, she will come around. She is probably

busy with school and stuff. I am sure she misses you too. Probably

waiting for you to talk to her first.", she says as she pats his back.

"You always know the right thing to say. Thanks. I like coming

here. I remember when my Dad used to bring us here on Sundays.

I would always order the biggest stack of pancakes ever!! And my sister and I would have a bet on who could finish it the fastest!", Joe laughs.

"That's great, Joe. Keep remembering the good times. Try not to

worry about her. She knows where you are if she wants to talk to you. Go out and have some fun, okay? "

"Fun? "

Joe just looked at her walk away and wait on the other customers.

Maybe she was right. But his heart felt torn up inside and he couldn't figure out why.

He quickly finished his breakfast and went to work. The day went

by fast enough and he just focused on what was right in front of him and even asked for more so he didn't have to think much. Just work. It seemed to help for a while but every time he looked out the window, his eyes just teared up.

He missed her.

So he decided that he would just call her up and invite her to go out

with him for nothing special just to be together. Maybe a movie or

dinner. Dialing her number, his hands started to shake. "That's odd. How come this number is out of order? This is the number she always had? Did she change her number too?" Let me drive by her

house and see if she is at home?"

As he arrived at Sally's house, there was a strange black car in the

driveway, as he approached the door, Joe heard laughter and Sally's

voice. He gathered up his courage and knocked.

The door opens and a young man answers.

"I came by to see Sally? Is she in?"

"Yeah, she's here, but we are studying. Come on in! Sally? Some

guy wants to talk to you. Do you know this guy? What's your name?"

"Joe, don't worry fella, she knows me. Trust me."

Sally walks up to the door and stops short. She feels embarrassed

as she greets Joe. She can't look him in the eye.

"Sally, can we talk in the kitchen please?", Joe asks.

"Sure, Joe.. I'll be right back Brad., okay."

"Ah, No sweat,, but remember we have a ton of studying to do!"

Joe and Sally walk into the kitchen and sit down at the kitchen table. Joe reaches over to Sally and takes her hand. She pulls back and says, "Don't".

"What's going on Sally? Why have you been avoiding me? We are more than friends. We share so much? It's okay. Just talk to me. I am Joe and I care about you? Who is this clown in the other room? He seems like a jerk to me!", Joe asks Sally.

"Listen, Joe. College is hard. I have so much more homework than

in high school! If it wasn't for Brad I would be totally lost. He is so smart and he is helping tutor me with my chemistry and math. I have to do well in all my subjects because I have a scholarship, remember? 

I need space and I need to focus on school right now, not you."

" Sally, that was cold! There is always time for me and if

you needed help, why didn't you ask me? I am very smart also

and I am good at chemistry and math! Not like that jerk

in the other room. Come on, Sally, how much do you really

know about that guy? Are you sure he doesn't want more than

to help you with your math homework? You are so naive!!"

By the way, Sally, why did you change your phone number? "

"I didn't change my phone number , Joe, I just forgot to pay the bill. I just was so busy that I forgot. Sorry."

Joe reaches across the table once again and says, "Sally, I really

like you. Do me a favor. Take a day off from studying and send

Brad boy packing. I can help you out myself. And besides I

want you all to myself today. Would you like to go out

for a movie or dinner? It's been so long since we see each

other and we can't let telephones or misunderstandings or

even school come between us. We need to talk and spend

time together. Please Sally. Do this for me, for us. "

"I don't know, Joe. I really am stupid about a lot of things. I thought

you didn't care, so I buried myself under my schoolwork to try

to forget you. I look in your eyes right now and all I want to do

is hold you close. I like you too Joe. I always have.. Come here

Joe, I want to hold you."

Sally holds him close and Joe whispers.

"You know Sally, you and I are something. We assume things

and keep love under a hat and let time go by when all we need

to do is open up our hearts and be ourselves."

"Yeah, I know. Yes, I could use your help with math and chem. I didn't know you were so smart.!"

"Well, Sally you never asked. You ran to Brad boy looking for

comfort when it was right here all along."

 Sally walks into the living room.

"Hey Brad, thanks for the help, but Joe is here now and he

is all I need.

"Oh really?", Brad says.

"See ya Brad", Sally says as she shows him the door.

"Okay but if you flunk math , don't blame me. "

"You know something, Brad, I don't care if I flunk math. Its not

that important anymore. I just needed to be reminded

what really matters.

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