High School Horror Suspense

My name is Willow Knight, I'm 17 and today is the day, the big party, my first house party with my best friend. I'm wearing my dad's hoodie and jeans, she's wearing her nice sundress with her hair up all pretty like. I sat on my bed watching her curl her hair. She really was beautiful. Brown hair, black skin, brown eyes that shimmered in the sunlight. She was singing her favorite song, and I lied there listening to the lyrics.

"Có lẽ em đang vui bên người khác

Trong một vòng tay ấm áp

Có lẽ em đang say trong ảo giác

Từng hờn ghen như bừng cháy lên," 

Which in English is,

"Maybe I'm happy with other people

In a warm embrace

Maybe you are drunk in a hallucination

Every jealousy is like burning," 

She sang the words beautifully, in Vietnamese though I didn't understand what she was singing, her voice was still beautiful.

Some popular guy at my school is hosting the party at his house and for whatever reason, I got invited. I sat on my bed, my best friend, Adrea, was blabbing about how awesome the party was gonna be and how much fun stuff we would do. I wasn't all that excited, to be honest with you, but I'm already in the car driving to the kid's house.

To give you more background on Jason, he is a 23-year-old unemployed white guy, with blond hair and blue eyes, and to make things worse, he plays football for his college's football team. How basic can he be! His parents are lawyers so he has his life made. And maybe I'm being too harsh on him, but he's just not a good person! Even if I like Andre, it's not just that that makes me mad he's 6 years older than us and he also drinks, smokes and has a new girlfriend every week. He and Andre have only known each other for 2 weeks; at the mall, and he would not stop hitting on her. That day, the entire time they were talking, I stared at him, anger filling my eyes. I only know him because of my older brother, who was in school with him.

While we drove my friend played some V-pop, even though she knows I hate it. I sat there, staring out the window, then I felt it, a kick for butterflies in my belly. "Something wrong?" Adrea asked, I looked at her and said, "Other than your taste in music? No." she scoffed then giggled, continuing to twist her curls around her fingers, I laughed then we finally got to the house.

It was a big house, probably about 5,500-6,000 square feet of space. The exterior walls were made of red brick and tile, it was a beautiful house, anyone would be lucky to live there. Inside we were greeted by a hallway of teens our age smoking, vaping, making out, or just hanging out. there was alcohol, I did dare touch it, almost everyone in my family has had trouble with alcoholism, my grandpappy said, "It'll make ya go mad I tell ya, that's what happened to that there uncle of yinzers." My uncle is in jail, for attempted murder when under the influence of crystal meth, not alcohol, but my grandpappy didn't know that, my mom always said, "His heart can't take it." The whole house was decorated like if you gave a ten-year-old 10,000 dollars to spend. I didn't like the house much, It reeked of beer, sex, and vomit. The only thing that I believed to be really nice, is the beautiful glass chandelier.

Jason popped his head out of the kitchen and hugged Andre, I glared at him. Andre giggled, I blushed and walked away. The whole night the two of them were being all couple-like. Was Andre dating this asshole? Once I first thought about it the more it made sense. I sighed, I've liked Andre since we met in sixth grade…

I walked toward the table with the alcohol and grabbed a drink. I don't know what I grabbed, but it made me feel like my tongue was gonna fall off. I took another sip, but 1 turned to 2, 3 to 4, and so on. I lied on the couch quietly looking at the ceiling when a girl saw how drunk I was and picked me up, I fought back thinking she was Andre saying, "You're dating that ASShole of a guy, aren't you?" The girl was confused but my drunken babbles turned to cries and from there everything went blank. I remember my health teacher talking about alcohol, and about how it can make you, "blackout," but I'd never witnessed it first hand.

I woke up to the sound of winning sirens beaming through my ears, my head was pounding and so was my heart when I looked down. I was lying in a puddle of blood. I stood up, my legs felt numb, I looked around me. over 40 dead bodies of people at the party lied on the floor, all of them bleeding out all over. I looked down at my hand, and in my palm, I held a large kitchen knife. I stood up and walked around for a while. The longer I walked the more I noticed.

I had killed them. I walked upstairs to Jason's bedroom, in the bed lied Andre and Jason, the skin was torn off their faces, their blood was on the wall, writing the words. "I loved you, you loved him, so if I can't have you, no one can. Signed, Willow." My heart dropped, I walked out of the room, and walked around more, not a single living human. I heard the door downstairs open, I ran back to Jason's room and washed my name off the wall, I made a path of blood to one of the people who were there, stabbed myself in the stomach, and lied in the hallway.

A police officer walked upstairs, each step he took, my heart pounded faster and faster, he saw me lying on the floor gasping for breath, "SOMEONE'S ALIVE UP HERE!" the cop yelled, flipping me on my back, he wrapped my belly with cloth, and then I was put in the ambulance. When I got to the hospital and my wounds had been treated, the police officer asked me, "What do you remember?" I sighed and looked down, "He was insane all I remember is his crazed eyes staring down at me."

May 09, 2021 18:13

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