Pretty Pair Ava and Mia

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Bedtime Happy Kids

I can hear the chirping of birds whispering in my ears, the Sun denies his awakening, covers with those grey fluffy clouds, the cool wind makes those tiny steps and get into my wraps that cools my breath, chills my cheeks, makes my eyes to close tight, strengthens me to stay in my ' own dreamy land'.

A little dragonfly enters the window, her spongy wings sways as swings, busses my cheeks that made my eyes opened. Instantly, my bossy brain pinches me to let me visit those unforgettable, lovely days of the two cutie pies (of course it's me Ava and my little sister Mia) Now my eyes are blinking and fingers are wiggling, rush to my bossy brain,

 "Am I fully awake?" I ask 

"Of course, you are but I am not." she whispers 

"For we are travelling to the past apart..." she adds

Unexpected visit to those moments instantly refreshing me, 

"For I need it more and more" I cordially pronounce.

 ‘In my(Ava's) own dreamy land’ 

I could see those pretty girls, waiting in the morning, welcomed the red tiny flowers of cypress vine. We admired the deep blush that spread all over there. Yeah! We almost looked like fairies there. As I was a shrinking violet, Mia was as playful as a kitten. We were thick as thieves.

We little fairies turned aside, where the flowers of 'flaming trumpet' dressed in orange, the stunts of the wind blow that cool our skin, our eyes rejoiced and our hearts overwhelmed,

 "For we love to welcome the flutter of the butterflies." 

" Hey! that's for me" little Mia exclaimed

"Which one?" I asked 

" One wears the black wrap with the fluorescent dots" Mia replied

 " It's mine" Mia jumped and announced

"So beautiiiifullll...." we whispered in unison.

 Not even completed the word 'beautiful', one more lined up to share the crown of 'The beauty'.

 "Wow, I love those wings in blue, which visit for me!" I exclaimed

We two lovelies chased those colourful wings, just to catch and letting off our hands once their spongy moves got over on hands and cheeks.

As we walked and gazed at the sky, "Look there, the sky is lightning." Mia announced

"Hear the thunders following." I declared

We two smelled the petrichor,

of course it determined the sudden visit of the bubbly clouds, transmuted as rain.

"Shall we walk in the rain together" Mia requested

"No dear, then we won't be well, come with me" i responded with care.

As we felt the instant pitter - patter rain drops, we head palmed and ran towards the nearby arch where the flutter of butterflies, romanced with those climbing roses, dressed in white. while the sky was lightening and the thunder started the ceremonial drumming, me and sissy went on with the beats of the every dark clouds. Tap, tap, tap, the million taps at once, match the beat of the music band, we realized the 'Opera' started from ' The sky land' to 'The water land'. our hands swayed from side to side as we felt us, we were the 'bandleaders'. Once nature stopped the 'opera', we started off with the well known rhyme.

"Rain rain go away come again another day little cuties want to play rain rain go awaaaaaaaayyyyy" we sang in courus.

We jumped and sang this repeatedly as we sent off the rain. Soon it turned out to be 'The End', now it was their turn for the paper boats, got dressed to visit the 'water land'. We folded the papers very lightly, so it could swim for a while.

“Ava and Mia's excitement after the rain”

As time passed, the Sun awoke to shine through the calm clouds, the 'Rainbow Nation' started marching with the vibrant outfits. As we knew that soon it turned out to be 'The end', we both moppets, bumped over to touch the shades of the brilliant spectrum that sprinted through the sky. Our lips twitched and eyelids fluttered as we held the awaited paper boats.

We moved on, leaned down and displayed the array of colours. As they knew that was their turn to sail on the 'non-permanent water land, they blew with hope and danced cheerfully.

" row, row ...row the boat..." we sang gleefully.

Once the band of the thunder followed the eye catchy lightning ended their show, the silky breeze made the wind chimps blew while the distant tinkling bell landed into our clogged ears, we rushed to visit the man from the 'Ice land' to be melted with those frozen ice creams.

" I want strawberry ice cream cones." Mia jumped and said. "Me too", I joined her cheerfully.

While the wind was pretty foggy, our sights were wandering for those insects in a dorm mate state.

As the Sun grinned through the droplet of the rain, we clenched our feet on the wet soil .

We held our hands together and made those tiny steps on 'The grass land', our foot drenched and tongue numbed while our hands had been flooded with those melted ice creams. Our tooth

started their tap-tap band and cherished the shivering, the rain lilies grinned and welcomed us on the way home.

While we two sisters greatly admired and renowned nature, the worms were on pins and needles since their burrows had been flooded and placed them like fish out of water. As they came out breathing, we promised that we would not let them be worried and homeless.

"Can I get a stick?" sissy asked

"Stick, stick for what?" I questioned "Ava! We can take all those warms and leave them on the nearby lawn" sissy replied by heart.

We gently turned the sticks to the lawn, they effortlessly moved and burrowed into the muddy and trodden grass. We sent off the warms and spent our time, playing in the sand joyfully as the day was long.

The crows stood frozen, came out from the intense trees shimmering their wings and prepared to be arisen. “Caws, caws...” crows sounded with repetitions, seemed like they were alarming among them to be ready and flew awaaaaayyyy. It was after been raining cats and dogs, me and sissy jumped over to climb those branches of trees which wore the frozen garlands of raindrops. Shake, shake, shake it out. Too many droplets showered at once , leading our way home zestfully.

'Ava and Mia's love for Mom'

As we were constantly on the go with nature, it was time for 'peppery and gingery' food as our stomachs were growling. We were nearing mom in the kitchen, rushing around madly, checking every nook and corners to fill our stomach before breakfast. "Moooommmmmm, we are feeling hungry...." we shouted

"yeah!! ready, ready. Me and dad are waiting for you angels." mom replied instantly.

Garlic breads with scrambled eggs and spicy hot tea were served for us. There is nothing that could replace mothers love. She wiped us with the set of towels hurrily and dried before feeding us food mixed with love.

"Love you Mom." we mentioned

" Me too, Angels." mom smiled and whispered.

"I'm your first love." I pronouned

"Mom! its me." Mia responded

"I love you both." mother consoled

"No mom, It can be just one." Mia urged

As we were awaiting her response, "you both represent my eyes." mom replied affectionately

"And I am eternally yours, my smart Ava and cute Mia" she whispered

We showered each other with hugs and kisses repeatedly.

"Love you Mom." Me ad Mia chanted as we know that she was our best friend forever.

'In the garden'

Once we had our breakfast, dad noticed the soft hearted moringa plant, that would never stand straight and fight against the thunder storm. There it had been bent and leaned with the branches that had gone, we with our dad tied it along with the neem tree which could the support for long. We collected the ripped chikoos and guavas which had fallen, the puffy long tail squirrels left them, which might have caused us pollen. We urged to bite those sweet chikoos and guavas. "STOP, it would cause infection, You should avoid these fruit in the current climate" dad sent us a warning.

Her face turned red and eyes shed tears, i agreed with regrets "Please dont cry dear," i murmured in her ears as my heart pains with tears. I rushed to the other side where the tall papaya tree stood straight, grinned and offered those sweet yummy fruits. "Miaaaa...Papayas are here!!!" I shouted merrily.

She grinned from ear to ear and ran to the terrace to reach the tall tree.

"Ava, wait for me, its my turn, i will pick it now" Mia shouted merrily.

As we always competed with each other in collecting the fruits from the trees, I allowed her silently as i know that i made her happy. Mom served us with tiny slices of fruit.

"Hmmmm Yummy Yummy, soooo sweeeeet" we whispered and ate them complete gleefully.

Our keen ears received the oink, oink sounds of the piggies in the neighboring sty. We moved to the garden, where the stout bodied piggies murmured with their pinkish wet stouts in hungry, swineherd rushed with the basket of fresh curly cabbages and greens sliced. Of course, it was a strong down pour that cause the delay in feeding the piggies.

'Ava and Mia's noon'

As we learnt that the fallen moringa leaves were rich in iron, mom cooked and served it with the brown rice and she prepared the moringa flower's receipe too. "Yeah, we know our mom is a "MasterChef". Our regular visiter during lunch time joined us for food. Of course, it was none other than a sleeky squirrel.

Once we finished the lunch, we gazed through the windows where the children panicked as they unlooked for monkeys. We too frightened for a while, soon our fear turned into laugh, the monkeys slipped and hanged over upside down with their acrobatics for long. Not only the monkeys, we too got into action, imitated them for a while, they had run to escape and gone.

‘In the chapel’

The sound of the chapel bell rang,

“It’s time for the prayer.” our mind alarmed.

"Ava, Mia ... Be ready, hurry up." dad alerted

We refreshed quickly and my sissy brought the candles to light, i took the garland made of jasmins cheerfully. On the way to chapel, one could not miss the elderly Mother, resting in the wooden chair. Her misty hair and divine face were the most admirable sight. Her mouth was chantting prayers with rosary, her face was as brightened as the 'halo'. I voluntarily took one of her hands and kept on my head since her eyes were cloudy. 'Good evening Mother!' we whispered "Very good evening my children!" she responded

As one of her hands was on my head,

"God bless you my child!" she blessed Now it was cute Mia's turn, she took her hand from my head and shifted it to her head.

"Bless me Mother." Mia asked

"God bless you my child!". Mother delivered with smile.

I could remember that days never pass for us without he blessing. She never miss to bless us all with her wobbly hands inspite of her old age(must have crossed 100 years) We entered the chapel with smile while the others were still queued for her blessing. We started our prayers ``Thank you, Lord, for your blessings. In our memory, we would never demand in our prayers, as we had many reasons for rejoicing.

Once we were home and finished the dinner, we were waiting for mom. Of course, everyone knew that the mother's lap was the safest and happiest place to sleep peacefully. As we realized that our day today work almost went on and repeated with nature, we would never get bored or worried of those repetitions.

‘In my bed’

" Mom I want noodles.", an Instant voice sounds. Me and my bossy brain realize that we are fond of those lovely days. My mind was flooded with those thoughts of wonders as I knew that those were never returned tenders.

" I am coming dear..." I whisper


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Abinaya Ganesan
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Just reading this fills my heart with warmth!!! I'm so in Love with this!!! Congratulations!!!!


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Thank you Abinaya.


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George Danie
17:43 Jul 21, 2021

Really wonderful. Expressed your lovely memories in a beautiful way


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Thank you Danie.


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Enjoyed reading...


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03:20 Aug 04, 2021

Thank you Sheeba.


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Kyle Rogers
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Three words: I love it.


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Thank you Kyle.


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