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Part 1 - 

People see vampires as disgusting blood sucking monsters. But I am not that. I'm a fashionable teenage vegetarian vampire who faints at the sight of blood. My name is Luna Nightshade. I've been a vampire all my life. Obviously. Sorry, I get nervous when I talk to strangers. I have brown hair with streaks of white in it. My eyes are a purpley violet colour. And I'm moving into a small neighbourhood for my humans in the real world project. All monsters have to undertake it. I have been around humans before, but I've never interacted with them before. I'm not sure what to expect. I just hope I make some friends. My fangs aren't too big and should be easy to hide. They're just some long pointy teeth. I have a bit of an accent because of my fangs, but that isn't a big problem. I have to go to a human school for one week. Five days. Without anyone finding out that I'm a monster. If they find out, I fail. But if they don't I pass. The aim of the project is to prepare us for a very human manipulated and organised world. Where monsters aren't normal. Where we have to hide who we are and what we do because of old wives tales. Tomorrow is my first day. I hope that I pass.

My first day. I get up like normal and do my makeup. After 15 years of not seeing yourself you get used to doing your makeup with no reflection. I choose out my outfit. A cropped light pink shirt and white denim shorts. I brush my hair and let it fall softly down my back. I’m ready. I pick up my backpack and start walking toward the human school. I look around me as I become more integrated into the human neighbourhood. Everything looks so perfect and neat. Prim houses line the streets with little gardens. I smell the air. Finally, it doesn’t smell of monsters. I love being a monster but they don’t smell very nice. A girl who looks about my age is also walking toward the school. I try to catch up with her and say hi. I catch up to her. She looks me up and down. 

“What do you want?” She says with a snarl. 

I frown at her. What did I do to her? I quickly keep walking, muttering some kind of excuse under my breath. I feel her eyes burning into my back as she wonders what I’m doing. I keep walking fast until I get to school. I pass the monster boarding house. Where I will stay for a week. There are other monsters here but they’re all older than me. I walk past it and walk in through the doors. As soon as I get inside all eyes turn to me. I’m a new kid. First day jitters ruin up and down my body. Kids stare and point. Mostly at my hair with the white streak. I rush past them all and run into a boy who’s about my age. I manage a quick sorry, before I run off into a classroom. I shut the door behind me and heave out a huge sigh of relief. This is much harder than I thought it would be. I put my bag down and sit at a desk. I start flicking through my books, wondering what humans study. Do they study ancient vampire emperors like Cleo Di Patra? Well, Cleo was a human, but only the monsters know that secretly she was a vampire. Only vampires know who other vampires are. Otherwise we would be hunted and burned at the stake. Thank goodness I’ve got this assignment in the bag. Well hopefully. If I fail, I don’t just not pass, but I could die. Because I have betrayed my colony m=by giving away the secret that we’re vampires. Oh! All these fears! Ah! I rack my brains. I need to forget about all this. I start to sing. Singing has always calmed me.

Don’t you worry little one

Everything will be alright

Tomorrow is a new day

And with every step 

You’re growing

And with every mistake

You’re learning

I stop mid song, to the sound of clapping. I turn toward the door, The boy I bumped into before is standing there. I go red and try to cover up my face. 

He comes toward me.

“Don’t stop, you have a beautiful voice, don’t let me stop you.” He holds out his hand to me. 

“I’m Jake,”

“Luna,” I say nervously, trying not to focus on my accent.

“I like your accent, where are you from?”

“Um,” I try to think of a place that I sound like. Where? Where? “I’m from Spain.” I quickly make up. 

“That’s cool. I’ve never been to Spain. I want to go there though,” 

“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” I gratefully say. Thank goodness he’s never been to Spain. Otherwise, I would be in trouble. He sits down beside me. 

“What class are you in?” 

“I’m not sure, you see I just moved here and it’s my first day,”

“I can show you around the school if you want?”

“Thanks Jake, that would really help me,”

I smile at him and he smiles back at me. A teacher walks into the room. 

“Ah, nice to see you’re bright and early Mr Crestini, and who are you?” She says, glaring down her nose at me.

“I’m Luna Nightshade; I’m an exchange student who’s staying here for a week,”

Jake turns to whisper to me. 

“You just said you moved here though,” I gulp, I’m so confused. I don't even know what’s real and what’s fake anymore. Hopefully this week will be over soon and we can just go back to our old lives. The teacher seems happy with my made up story. I’ll have to explain it to Jake later. I hope he understands. Should I tell him I’m a vampire? But that could put my whole life in danger! But if I keep it from him then he won’t want to be my friend anymore because I lied to him. Ah! This is so annoying! So many decisions to make and so little time! I shake my head and rid myself of those thoughts. I have to be strong and keep a positive mind. I know it sounds corny but it’s the best I have at this current moment. 

Chatter fills the air and about 20 other kids come walking into the room. Class is about to begin. 

October 28, 2020 21:40

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