There is Nothing. There is No One

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Contemporary Horror Thriller

It has been driving for a few hours and she needs to get out and stretch. She sees a sign for the state park, and does not hesitate to exit. Although it is just off the main highway, once you turn in, the traffic noise is diminished. It’s as if she has entered a different time, a different dimension. The small parking area allows for maybe 3 or 4 cars in front of the closed horse sized gate. Behind the gate a wide gravel road stretches and bends, telling her it leads somewhere without revealing any other information. The gate is closed, locked even. Is the park open?  Ah, walk just a little to the left of the gate and there a small foot path invites you travel. 

Large trees line the sides of the gravel road, thick enough that you can not see through nor walk through them. Everything is alive, the colors are vibrant. You can feel the energy, it is charged, vibrating, pulsating.  There is nothing, there is no one. 

The quietness of the surroundings leaves the wet dingy yellow pebbles shifting noisily under each step. It is cloudy and misty, and it has been raining on and off all day. Only a .5 mile walk to the mansion. She thinks for one second, should I? But is reassured as one woman with her little dog has just departed. There is nothing, there is no one.

Spirit is all around, all 5 senses are activated by the richness of the wooded environment. All is peaceful. Deep breaths in and out. There is nothing. There is no one.

Walking on, the road and trees are all that can be seen. The road curves, and curves again, but still only the silence of the trees and the crunch of the gravel. There is nothing, there is no none.

Then, there, a bit ahead on the left, a large white building. The gravel road leads right to the steps of the mansion. As the road straightens, each side is lined and balanced with large oak trees, evenly spaced, one after the other. The grounds have opened up, the trees that were so close before have now receded. A cared for and maintained lawn now lies between the gravel road lined with oaks and the forest. You can picture old horse drawn carriages, parading to and from the mansion, single file. Steering to the right, at the end of the straightaway, coming about to deposit a guest or 2, then continues on, veers left and is back on the road.

But there is still nothing, no one. Just old memories from pictures history has shown us of Colonial times. Just the feeling of the past, long forgotten. 

There is no path to follow to go around to the back, but she goes anyway. She is sure there is a view to be seen. She is not let down. She climbs the stairs on the back of the mansion, to be protected from the rain that has begun again. It is a large covered deck, waist high wall, except in the center where the wide staircase is.

But what is learned is that the mansion is on top of a hill. Sloping down almost immediately below the stairs is a large, lush, and green field, spotted with trees and clusters of trees and bushes. It is flanked by the forest, and past the field, a river. Too wide to swim but the opposite shore can be made out.

She breaths. It is quiet and peaceful. The rain is light almost noiseless where it falls. There is nothing. There is no one.

A flash of white appears from the left and below her!

She now sees it is a dark tan male in a bright white shirt and bright white pants with wild hair and dark eyes. He has echoed her exact path to the rear of the mansion, but he does not ascend the stairs. He walks on passing the stairs, turning right at the corner of the mansion, heading toward the front. He disappears as quickly as he appeared. He seems in a hurry. There is nothing. There is no one.

She descends the stairs and is headed back to the gravel road. She goes back the way she came, at the bottom of the stairs, she goes left.  For some reason she is walking with her head more down than up and when she is at the right side of the mansion she feels the need to look up. It is the dark male in white coming toward her at a quickened pace! She can tell his intent is to harm, but he passes her on her right and continues to the rear of the mansion. Right before he passes her, she can see that the zipper of his bright white pants is open, allowing for his semi erect dark tan member to be exposed and free. There is nothing. There is no one.

She quickens her pace. Despite her mind telling her to run, everything in her says not to run and knows that she should not try, there would be no point. The car is .5 miles away on the other end of the gravel road surround by first the open field which leads to forest and then closed in by the woods after the straightaway. There is nothing. There is no one.

She has reached the straightaway and via her peripheral vision, she sees him come from the left. It has taken him seconds to walk behind the mansion and is now headed toward her at a fast pace. She is ahead, but everything in her tells her not to run. He is gaining, but everything in her tells her not to run.

She keeps looking back, he is right there, but everything in her tells her not to run. She can feel him targeting her genitals, but everything in her tells her not to run.

Into the deep curves of the forest lined gravel road, she turns her head to check again. He has turned around and is heading back toward the mansion. She is confused, and is not relieved, but still does not run. Into the next curve she takes another glance back, he has returned, and has increased his pace again. She still does not run. Neither does he.

She knows she is close to the gate, the car, safety, a way to put considerable distance between them.

One more look over her shoulder, he is closer.

She can see the gate! The little footpath, now on the right, the car door, the engine, she drives off.

There is nothing. There is no one. 

July 03, 2021 17:10

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