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There lived two girls, one named Anna and the other friend was named Katie. They had a really good friendship with each other, between laughing so hard and crying happy tears about the good jokes they had. It shows that they had a really happy life. Katie has blonde hair, blue eyes love animals, and loves to knit. She is friends with Anna and has bad stress and coping issues. She loves her dog, Bongo. Anna has short black hair, she is also friends with Katie. She loves to eat candy because it is a real craving for her. She has brown eyes and always wears make-up. Anna loves her cat, Coco. Also, Anna and Katie are teens. They are both 17 years old. But there was this mysterious night that Anna had always remembered. It was this unusual night and this is how it started. First, what happened was when Anna called the restaurant that she and Katie adore. They always order the fish there with a salad on the side.  They would always tell stories like best friends would do, since they were. One story that Katie shared was when they went to camp together when they were very little. Katie and Anna were buddies for everything and the camp was called “Mary’s Summer Camp. Anna shared a second memory that they had together. Their first time at trick or treating was a good one! Anna and Katie dressed up as the witches from The Wizard Of Oz and they were acting like them too while Anna was Glinda and Katie was the Wicked Witch Of The West. It was really cute! Anna knows and is close to the owner of that restaurant whose name is Mitch.  Katie was then saying to Anna "Oh thanks Anna, this is a real treat. I cannot wait and I will drive there and see you shortly".Anna then replied to her and said "Ok I will meet you there, I am leaving right now. The restaurant's name was "Charlie's Diner". It is a  restaurant with everything. When Anna got there she was waiting for Katie. When Anna was waiting for Katie, she got annoyed because Katie was never late, and instead she didn't know why it was taking so long. She called Katie to make sure everything was ok, Katie did not pick up so Anna left a message, this is what she said. "Hey Katie, it is your #1 favorite person please call me back when you can, I hope you are ok, I am getting worried because it is an hour and I have been waiting for you here, thanks and bye"! The waiter then came and Anna felt bad and didn't want to order without her. It was taking too long, Anna was also overthinking too much, "Everything is my fault, "She probably hates me". It caused her panic attacks while she was waiting, she got angry, felt like she couldn't breathe and it was really hard for her to manage. Then, something happened she was happy because Katie finally called her back, she said: "Hey, sorry I missed your call I was getting a new pet, then I had to take it somewhere, then I saw an art gallery which was really famous so I checked it out I am so so sorry but  I cannot come". Anna was so upset because she thought she could trust Katie and she was close to her. Near the end, Katie does not care about how Anna is feeling. Then, they started to lose their friendship slowly until it was falling apart. This happened by them not talking anymore and because Katie was home and skipped going out for dinner with Anna. She made her wait, got worried, stressed, had panic attacks until Katie finally called but said she was busy. They both decided not to become friends and they think they aren’t well together. Katie is a bully and Anna is always depressed by Katie. Anna would never come out of her room while Katie asked her mom to text Anna’s mom to make plans for them to hangout, when Katie came in when both parents weren’t there, she would start hurting Anna crazy. Anna’s mom thought she should see a therapist because she wouldn't talk to  her and she would just stay in her room forever and ever. A week later, they bumped into each other at a store when they both were picking up groceries for their parents and they did not know they would see each other there. Then, when they left Katie called Anna on her phone and said “Why did you come to the store? This is a store for me and not for you”. Anna was becoming honest with her mom named Kinsey. She told her everything that happened and the difficulties she was having with Katie. She made statements to Kinsey like “I wish Katie wasn’t born! Why does she have to be in my way and ruin my life”. Katie’s mom is Rachel. Rachel and Kinsey made time to hang out. They spoke and Rahel was saying why Katie was correct and shouldn’t be around Anna while Kinsey was saying the opposite. Anna and Katie did not have evidence until…. Anna remembered she had a big SCRATCH with blood dripping down her leg. She also had a recording on her phone of Katie scratching her leg and all the blood gushing. In Anna’s opinion she felt really good, she finally let her feelings out and showed proof. While Rachel and Katie said bye to Kinsey and Anna, Kinsey started looking for therapists for Anna to have when she wasn’t there. Kinsey is 32 and works at a bank all day. A few hours later, Kinsey found a therapist for Anna. Her name was Tinker. Tinker was 28, she has a child close to Anna’s age and is a good therapist. She got good reviews and everything. She charged $65 an hour but it was very worth it. While Anna kept on having sessions she was getting better and better to fight Katie back. - The End-

July 10, 2020 14:46

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Paula Agulnik
17:10 Jul 22, 2020

Really interesting story line. Good that Anna started discussing her feelings with her Mom and also really smart to find a good therapist so that she can learn more about herself and understand her feelings better . Maybe instead of fighting better, they will learn more about themselves and become friends again. Who knows?! Very well written, Ashley Smith .


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