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Love by the moonlight…………………..

Raghav and Arti were walking down the beautiful road hand in hand gazing at the wonderful morning sky. The amazing hues of oranges and reds had covered the bright sky in an amazing manner. It was just about time, for the sun to descend from the heaven’s above and spread its light to illuminate the lifeless ,  cold dark world, giving yet another day of hope and warmth to all life forms.

“What time is it darling?” asked Arti to Raghav . “Honey its 5.30 am !”, he replied. The whole environment was filled with melodious chirping sounds of the birds. The cool breeze was caressing the trees like a lover and it appeared the whole nature was welcoming the magnificient  morning sun.

Finally, the beautiful dew drops were touched by the ray of the sun and they sparkled like gold , transforming themselves to eternal wonders of nature. Yes, it was sunrise now and the couple was enthralled on seeing it. They both dipped into each other’s arms , and they could feel the love like  teenagers, even after having married for 10 long years….

They both took out time whenever possible to see the sunrise and it was a moment of great happiness and peace with each other.

After sometime, they both headed towards a nearby tea stall to have tea. “Hey Arti, so for how long are you home this time? “ Raghav was curious about Arti’s stay as due to her busy  work she was mostly on tours and was not able to spend much time at home.

“Oh my dear !! Well I am not sure as you know elections are near and we have finished with the rallies and the advertising , however some of our party promotions are still left for which I might have to leave soon. “

She added , “Though we have covered most of the regions of the city and some local villages in our campaign but still there are some details that need to be looked into. We are damn sure our political party is going to win this time…..but for it still a  lot of work is involved!”.

Raghav patted his wife as he was proud to have a independent and strong woman as her partner who was very clear on what she wanted from life and also on the ways to get it.

“You know what Raghav? Our party is going to win this time. We are 100% sure about it” , exclaimed  Arti with sparkle in her eyes.

“Oh yes for  sure you will sweetheart! You deserve every bit of your success “ – Raghav was equally happy for her.

Though Raghav was happy to see his wife blooming in her career , he was sad as well as he wasn’t able to spend so much time with her as he had expected he would someday.

Raghav was a manager in a big hotel in the city. Arti was a budding politician though she  very active in the field of politics and was fully supported and helped by her father, who himself was a big shot in politics. This time she had stood as a representative of her party and she was pretty sure that with her father’s influence in politics, her own hard work and dedication she will make it.

Her father, had big dreams for her . He was never happy with her decision of love marriage with  Raghav.

“Arti my child! “ Why do you want to waste your precious time on “Raghav” who is not worth you. You are so bright and intelligent and you will have a very bright future in politics, why do you want to spoil your career for marriage? I am sure you will become the minister of the state with your huge potential and you will get much better and talented boys. That Raghav is good for nothing, and he will turn you into a mediocre housewife just raising up children and  will pressurize you to take the responsibilities and burdens of the household. Please do not waste all your talents and dynamism. One day in frustration you might also end your life. That man is no good for you, he wants to make you a common woman, whereas me your father , know that you are meant to shine in the sky! Just leave Raghav or your life will be spoilt” – was the warning given by the angry father to Arti who was very very upset on his daughter’s decision.

Somehow, Arti was too blinded by love and she did not listen to her father and against his advice married Raghav.

As Arti was ambitious and Raghav was understanding enough , he never forced her to give up her career ambitions. He never forced any role plays of a wife or mother on her and she was allowed to live the way she wanted to and marriage never became an obstacle in her path to success. He knew very well that if he had been an obstacle in her way, Arti would have said goodbye to Raghav forever.

They both had a beautiful daughter “Khushbu” after marriage , who was put in the boarding school as Raghav was busy with his hotel work and Arti was busy with politics after joining her father. Her father had good terms with Arti  as daughter but he never accepted her husband as part of their family but Raghav was oK with it.

“So, dad and mom – you will be coming at my school function no?” 8 yr old Khusbu asked her parents.

“OH yes dear surely we would “ both Raghav and Arti promised to her and they also lived their promise.

As Arti had to go for party work and visits and campaigning for their party, she was not able to devote much time to her family and her family was also used to it.

Social work is often a full time job and for a good politician one had to put in efforts and the time which Arti did earnestly.

She had to often help people with their works.  “Didi , please get my child admitted to school”.

“Mam, there are certain funds that need to be sanctioned so whats your viewpoint on it” were the queries that were dealt by Arti under her father’s expert supervision and advice. Her willingness and enthusiasm to help people had made her quite popular.

The nostalgia of the past had taken both of them, they had finished their tea by the stall and the lovely morning was turning into bright daylight and heat had begun to take its toll now. While on their way back in the car , Raghav started to think how the 10 years of togetherness was a long time and both of them were not sure how time just flew. He  remembered the first time when they had met. Raghav as usual was attending the customers at the hotel reception and Arti just came in drunk, and banged the table asking for a room.

“Hey man, give me the keys for the room”, asked Arti angrily. Raghav dealt with her in a very calm manner. “Mam, you are not supposed to come drunk and create a scene in the hotel premises”.

“Oh Shut up you fool!” Do you know who I am ? “ . My name is Arti and I am the daughter of a big politician. How dare you speak to me like this, I will get you fired from your job? “ she was mad with anger and just fainted there on the floor.

Raghav on learning the sensitivity of the situation just rushed to help her and got her accommodated in the most comfortable room of the hotel and made sure she was comfortable.

Next day on learning from her sources about her bad behaviour and help of Raghav , Arti apologized to Raghav and made friends with him. Somehow the chemistry clicked between them and the two of them began liking each other and fell in love. Such was their bond that they decided to get married as well.

…………The car stopped and brought back Raghav from the past to the present. He dropped Arti in her headoffice and came back to his hotel and continued with his work. After staying back for a week Arti left for her tour and Raghav back to his schedule.

Things began going smooth, and few weeks passed.  

As Arti was given the party ticket , the whole city was adorned with huge posters and banners of her party. Most of the people adored her and wanted to elect her as the minister of the state, she had also gained a lot of goodwill of the people.

Tring Tring ……..Raghav was sitting in his hotel ,  suddenly the phone bell rang.

“Hey Raghav, Arti madam has won the elections – shouted Arti’s manager on the phone and madam will be coming any time to meet you.

On hearing this, Raghav almost jumped from his chair. He was not able to believe that his wife will become the chief minister . All his sacrifices appeared to be menial in front of the huge success. Yes he was proud of her and wanted to shine. He was happy that she can be a family to so many people who need her.

Her dedication and hardwork had finally paid off.

GRRR………..came Arti’s car and stopped in front of the hotel. Raghav just hugged her and congratulated her. Arti’s face was shining with happiness , she had fulfilled the dreams of her father and was about to go in for the swear in ceremony , the next day.

“Arti – since you will be leaving tomorrow and we don’t know when will we meet again , lets take a walk by the lake tonight – requested Raghav.

“Fine – lets do it” – agreed Arti.

That night was a special one. It was not only a celebration of Arti’s win but also the couple could be together after such a long time for a walk at the night by the beautiful serene lake. The dark sky was draped by thousands of luminous stars shining like pearls studded on a beautiful black gown. Arti and Raghav walked by the lake hand in hand ,both with tears of joy as well as sorrow. Raghav patted her back and kissed her on her forehead. He was proud of her and it showed in his eyes, yes it was true love and Arti gazed at the beautiful moonlight in the lake ……….

November 20, 2020 08:07

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Ravi Joshi
08:51 Nov 20, 2020

Too beautiful a relationship to be true...seems to be a fairy tale


Alkaa Sharma
10:36 Nov 20, 2020

Thnks so much


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